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Intertwined Souls
By Nephalim

Presented by: Xenogears: God and Mind

Disclaimer: Squaresoft owns Xenogears and its characters.
Rating: PG-13

     Ice-cold gusts of wind cut through their thin, soaked rags of clothes like razor-sharp knives and the rain continued to come down on them like troublesome needles of water when they ran for their lives. It was the price they had to pay for rebelling against the rulers's iron oppression and manipulative religion that enchained free will, the last sunbeam of hope for a human's soul. Ever since their first opposition their endangered, doomed lives constantly staggered between life and death as they were hunted down like defenceless preys.
     A group of strangely dressed people holding a large throne pursued them like an approaching shadow of death. Not even your most traumatizing and sickening nightmares were capable of bringing forth such a disgusting creature like the one on top of the throne. It made you rather want to poke your eyes out than to behold the horrible sight of this living cadaver. A cruel and sadistic smirk disfigured his ugly, misshapen head even more when he unleashed luminous, pearl-white sparks of lightning ether. The small lightning sparks of ether quickly enlarged and turned into deadly, jagged tentacles of lightning ether that darted towards the fleeing duo and succeeded in hitting one of them.

* * * * *

     An excruciating pain riddled both her body and soul as she knew that it was forever too late for her. Her fatally wounded body crashed to the wet, stone-hard ground in a heap and the eerie red of blood started to flow from several heavily injured parts of her body.
     Abel's frantic grief and panic-stricken despair were reflected back in his scream for her and in an instant he was with her. She felt his trembling arms protectively encircling her as if he was determined to keep her from sinking away in the unknown, unfathomable vale of death. Abel held her tight in his shaking arms while he incessantly begged her to live in a way that made her soul bleed even more than her body. The last time she could ever hear, see or feel him...Tears escaped from her eyes when this heart-rending thought flashed through her mind.
     No...She couldn't allow herself to wallow in her own selfish, cowardly anguish! Her life was and still is tied together with other people's lives, especially with the most beloved gem of her heart...Abel. With the last leftovers of her strength that were quickly oozing away due to her enormous loss of blood she would send the encouraging light of lively hope in his mournful heart again.
     "Abel...! Live...!"
     With huge efforts and with blood coming out of her throat she managed to throw out some of her final words that were longing to be freed before they would fall in the bottomless pit of everlasting oblivion.
     "Abel...I will you..."
     Her lips moved but her voice was so weak and inaudible that it erased her most important message to him. Only a waterfall of blood poured out of her throat when she desperately fought to release her last ray of hope and love to him. It was too late...Her precious words of hope and love turned into undying tears which never expressed sadness would be locked up forever in her heart and weigh on her soul for an eternity.
     An incredible mental pain that she had never experienced before completely defeated her when she felt how her crying soul was torn off from the earthly life when she could see herself lying in Abel's arms while he continuously shed tears for her. But even now, only one thought incessantly twirled in her mind while she was ascending to the place that humans feared the most, to the land of the ultimate unknown.
     "Abel...I will you..."

* * * * *

     "Elhaym...Please stay with me...Please don't leave me..."
     His faintly smouldering flame of hope died away together with his words as he buried his tear-stained face in her beautiful russet hair while he still held her in his arms. He continued to cry while he closed his eyes as if the unbearable cruelty of reality wouldn't be able to touch him when he did so. He kissed her on her lips for the very last time but he only felt the bitter rust taste of blood. The terrible, heartbreaking image of his beloved that he saw when he opened his eyes would be carved into his soul forever.
     She was already dead. Her eyes were closed and all the life and expression were drained from her once so heart-warming and kindly smiling face. Blood still streamed out of her throat and dripped on his hands, on his cowardly hands that couldn't save her, and her inerasable blood would adhere to his hands forever.
     "Oh Elhaym...I wasn't able to save you...It was all my fault!"
     He sobbed harder, tears painting red streaks on his wet face while he continued to shoot merciless, self-reproaching arrows of accusation at himself. Without her, his life was only an infinite, loveless void...he didn't want to live anymore...
     He looked up at the grey, disconsolate sky that looked exactly like a mirror of his own hopeless loneliness while at the same time the triumphant, sadistic gazes of Emperor Cain and his Gazel servants pierced through his soul. The following moment he felt how flashing, serrated streaks of lightning burned through his flesh. The last thing that was able to reach his memory before everything went nightblack was that his profusely bleeding body collapsed on top of Elhaym's.

* * * * *

     "I'm going to hell."
     He was moving away from the earth and knew that the ghastliest fear that was slumbering inside him would soon awaken to last for a terrible eternity. Even if he, Elhaym and their fellow-sufferers had succeeded in freeing themselves from the enslaving yoke of Emperor Cain's domination during their earthly life, even then they would never be able to escape from the ruthless fate that they would be forever grinded down in the afterlife.
     Like Emperor Cain said, there were only seats for the chosen ones in God's paradise...And there was only an unknown agony awaiting the ill-stared ones in the immeasurable cage without escape possibilities that was the afterlife...And it was because of his pathetic weakness that Elhaym's future drowned in the horribleness of death...
     "Oh Elhaym...You gave me all the loving goodness that resided in your heart...But the weak coward that I was I could never do anything for you..."
     Suddenly a creepy, multicoloured vortex swallowed him up and a few seconds later he was flying with a dizzying speed through its sinister, endless corridors. It felt as if he was inside the body of a pitiless snake that would eventually devour its unlucky prey at that prey's final destination. But eventually the long, creepy vortex tunnel spat him out and he landed in a seagreen environment with a rippling, watery floor. He discovered that he was stark naked and a bitter mixture of embarrassment, fear, sorrow and loneliness made him feel more vulnerable than ever.
     But then a strange, indescribable serenity and heartfelt hope soothed his troubled soul when he noticed an odd, ivorywhite light with fluorescent, yellowgreen edges that was shimmering at the aquamarine sky like a gorgeous jewel. But the unbelievable truth he saw when he looked behind him really stretched the limits of imagination...

* * * * *

     They could barely see each other's nude forms through the blinding mist of tears before their eyes...But this time it were tears born from a profound, enrapturing joy...A gigantic tidal wave of unbounded happiness engulfed them when they threw themselves into their arms. All the tormenting sadness inside them quickly ebbed away when they let their tearful lips met while they held each other tight.
     "...Abel...Elhaym...It's time..."
     They awoke from their fairy-like dream and were transported back to reality when a mysterious voice coming from the shimmering light interrupted their loving moments together.
     "Who are you? Are you God?" Abel asked a bit frightened.
     "Yes and no. I'm some kind of universal energy...In one word...The Wave Existence...I'm the source of all living things but all living things are also the source of my existence...I'm also a part of you..." the enigmatic voice explained.
     "What...What do you want from us? Why is it time?" Elhaym asked in a surprised tone.
     "Precious time is shrinking even as I speak, so I can't explain much. Your destiny is to liberate all of us...You have to cut off the puppet strings that enslave all of us...yourselves, the whole humanity and...even myself. You must leave the Path of Sephirot now...Step into your next lives and make the future shine for all of us..." the Wave Existence answered while both the audibleness of its arcane voice and the brightness of its luminous shape were flowing away.
     "Wait! There's more I need to ask you! I can't fulfil such an important destiny on my own!" Abel exclaimed with a voice saturated with despair and insecurity.
     "On your own, you are only the pained, piteous half of an incomplete and broken heart...But you will always be together with Elhaym...Together you are one...You won't be on your own...Your intertwined souls are forever destined to be together...But you really must go now..." the Wave Existence said right before both its appearance and voice completely melted away.
     Strange phenomena entered the realm of reality again when a single, snowy white wing sprouted out of Abel's back and the same wonder happened to Elhaym. A sweet, encouraging smile decorated Elhaym's beautiful face when she gently took Abel's hand. They were only the imperfect halves of a true, two-winged angel so they had to held each other in order to fly up to the sky where a new future was waiting for them.
     "Even if all the misery of the world falls upon us...As long as we are together, we won't be crushed!" Elhaym said while she continued to smile at Abel.
     Sparkling hope had found the way to their intertwined souls and hearts again. They knew that no calamity, distance or time would ever be powerful enough to defeat their immortal love for each other.

Author's notes: In the game, Abel called Elly "Elhaym" and not "Elly" in the scene where emperor Cain killed Elly so that's the reason why Abel also calls Elly "Elhaym" and not "Elly" in this fic. If you don't believe me then go watch this scene again or read the Xenogears script and you will see that Abel called Elly "Elhaym" instead of "Elly" in that scene.

Oh, and Abel and Elly were lovers at that point in the game. You can see that they were both grown-up and about the same age in the scene where emperor Cain killed Elly.

Please keep in mind that English isn't my native language, so I apologize for any bizarre sentence-structures, spelling-mistakes and grammatical errors (hopefully I didn't mess up too much...). If you took the time to read this fic so far, I would appreciate it if you would let me know what you think of this fic. Even a simple "I like it" or "I dislike it" is enough for me. I don't mind if you don't like my story but then tell me why you don't like it so that I can improve in the future. Don't be rude though, I really did my best to write a good fic and it took me a whole while to write this.

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