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The Connection
By Omega

Presented by: Xenogears: God and Mind

Contains Final Fantasy 7 and Xenogears spoilers

     As the black materia slid into the crystalline cocoon of Sephiroth, the meteor was summoned. If this destructive force were allowed to reach the planet, all life would be doomed. After the meteor was summoned a massive change occurred in the northern crater, the ground giving way to the life stream. With this energy suddenly surrounding them, the weapons awoke, giant monsters of immense power free to purge the world. Jolted from his place on the hillside Cloud fell into the glowing green pool that was the life stream. Sinking deeper and deeper into the life stream Cloud's conscience began to merge with the planet. He began to see images, giant humanoids fighting each other.

     "You're seeing the planet's memories." Came a familiar voice. Cloud recognized the voice almost instantly. "Aeris, what is this?" "It is one of the great battles of the earth, they are called gears. This battle is at the end of a war between two great powers, Solaris and Shevat." The broken and destroyed gears appeared to be a billion fragments of a broken mirror. The scene changed in front of their eyes from a scene of total havoc to one of quiet tranquility, a small village just settling down for the nights slumber. Suddenly a gear landed in the village square and was attacked by more gears. "This is one of the most important moments in the planet's history. This night marks the beginning of a young man's journey to save the Earth." She said as the two of them watched the bloody scenario to its conclusion at the destruction of the village with a small light being given off from the burning rubble.

     As Cloud watched in horror the scene changed once again. This time to a cave, he saw four gears fighting. A blood red gear with six wings of light. A white and emerald gear without arms, but wings sprouting from its head. A green and white gear with a katana. And a red gear with whips coming from its arms and a feather from its head. The battle continued until yet another gear came. From their point of view neither Cloud nor Aeris could tell what had caused it, but the blood red gear and changed color, and so too had the 5th gear to enter the fray. This last gears appearance changed from that of a normal military gear to that of a great black one, with black batwings sprouting from the back of the gear. The two gears began to fight, the black gear attacking, and the white one dodging. The white gear attacked and landed on its mark. After several hours the fighting stopped, the black gear sacrificing itself to a large machine. "That was the creation of the true Xenogears." She said "Xeno Gears?" he repeated quietly to himself.

     Contemplating on the possible meaning of what was going on, Cloud didn't even notice the scene change one last time. This time the scene was not in a recognizable place, there didn't even appear to be land. What they saw here was nothing less than a spectacular battle, Xenogears was attacking a giant life form. "Cloud, you must know that this is the final battle in which gears will be used. This is the battle between Xenogears and Deus. The damage caused by this battle will result in the crater from which you fell into the life stream, though that wont happen for thousands of years." Watching blow after blow being dealt from one superpower to the other he couldn't help but wonder what would happen. After what seemed to be forever for the two, the battle finally showed signs of ending. Deus had started to slow down and Xenogears was moving at full speed, at during the long fight Cloud had noticed that there seemed to be singing of some sort. When at long last the battle was over, the singing stopped. "The angels songs, they've been taken away." He said. "Yes, but don't be sad, they may be gone, but the world is safe."

     The visions that had been plaguing his mind had now ceased, Cloud and Aeris were left alone. "What you have seen took place thousands of years ago, the world was in great danger, and a hero arose to save it. It's now your job to save the world, but for you to do that we must part again. You have already been in the life stream far too long, go save the world, we will have all eternity together, stop Sephiroth then all you need do is wait." Cloud floated up out of the life stream and drifted ashore next to the small village of Mideel.


~ End ~