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Love Comes and Goes

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Chapter 1

     A young boy named Lacan was sitting in his room when his mom called him down for supper. 
     Lacan dropped his toy and ran down the stairs. 
     He sat down at the table and looked at the porridge. 
     His mother looked at him.
     “Lacan stop staring and eat.” She said.
     Lacan took one bite and spit it out.
     “Ma! It’s too hot.” He yelled.
     “Fine Lacan, don’t come crying to me later that you are hungry.
     “I won’t mother.”
     He ran out the door and his mom looked at him and smiled. 
     Lacan ran over to his friend Elly’s house. 
     He knocked on the door. 
     Elly’s mom came to the door.
     “Is Elly home?” He asked.
     “Yes, come on in. I’ll call her right now. ELHAYM!” Elly’s mother called.
     “Yes mother,” She said as she walked down the stairs. “Oh hi Lacan, want to play outside?”
     “Yeah sure Elhaym.” He said.
     “MOM! Tell him to stop making fun of my name.” She said as she giggled.
     “Be careful you two!” Elly’s mom said.

     Elly and Lacan ran outside to the farm. 
     Lacan tackled a cow down and ran. 
     Elly started cracking up. 
     Lacan pushed a bull and it started to charge at Elly. 
     Lacan jumped and pushed Elly out of the way. Then the bull ran into the fence. 
     Then it rose up and charged at them. Elly closed her eyes and screamed. Then Lacan raised his little arm up and then punched the bull. 
     The bull was out cold. Elly opened one eye and then she looked at Lacan and blinked.
     “Lacan, what happened?” She asked.
     “Uh I don’t know.” He answered in a low voice.
     “Well whatever it was it was cool.” Elly said. 
     “Lets go before Farmer Bill comes.”

     They both ran away from the farm and went back to Lacan’s house. 
     They both ran up to his room and played with some toy robots. 

     “Mine is named Fei!” Elly said.
     “Mine is named Van Houtener” Lacan said.
     “Ok lets fight.” Elly said.
     Elly and Lacan played with the toy gears for a while and before they knew it was nighttime.
     “I think it’s time for me to go home.” Elly said.
     “Ok I’ll walk you home Elly.” Lacan said
     “Ok.” She said.

     Lacan and Elly reached her doorstep and said goodbye. 
     Lacan walked away from her house and walked back to his house. On his way, he stopped and looked at the moon. 
     It looked like there was a dark figure on there. 
     Lacan stared at it and it disappeared.

     “LAAACAN!” His mother called.
     “Coming mother.” He said as he took one last look at the moon and ran inside. 
     Lacan lied on his bed and looked up at the ceiling thinking of Elly. 
     He couldn’t get her off his mind. 
     It felt like he knew her before but he didn’t know where. 
     Lacan closed his eyes and went to sleep.


~ End ~