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By Inquisitor10

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     Footsteps echoed throughout the dark room. He paced around the confines of his chamber, waiting…waiting… How much longer could he last?! The wait was becoming intolerable. A clock was ticking somewhere, enhancing the anticipation. The man's steps fell in time with the tick-tock of the clock. Soon…soon… It would not be long now. The room was barren of any sign of life other than the young man that paced anxiously back and forth. The clock was still ticking. The man glanced at it in irritation.

     A door! He saw it and it was open! He started toward the door, his pace quickening. Inside he saw dreams, pictures that began to melt his stone heart. He started jogging, which turned into a desperate sprint to reach the door in time. Maybe, just maybe… Just as he reached the door it slammed shut, barring his entry. Silence, save the clock. The man stopped and looked at the door. Thoughts swirled in his head like a maelstrom and his emotional barriers were erected once more. He turned his back to the door, now fading away, and began to pace once more. It would not be long…

     The clock ticked. When would that accursed thing shut up?! His irritation turned to anger, fueled by the scorn he had just received. He would have his turn…soon… He began to see visions. The walls were stone and green ooze crept through the gutter. The air was putrid and stuffy. Rats chattered far off. A man rounded the corner.

     The walls wavered. Now! The man threw himself against the walls with all his might. They shook, but did not yield. Again! The clock seemed to increase in volume and speed, driving him mad. He had to escape! Again! Again! The walls began to give way! Light! The light flooded over him. It surrounded him as water surrounds us when we dive into a pond. It was done! He stretched his muscles and cracked his knuckles. As ether residue flared around him, Id looked into the pale face of the battler and smiled.


~ End ~