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Nightmares of the Fallen
By Larkin Purduax - a.k.a - three6outlaw

Presented by: Xenogears: God and Mind

Aight, people. This fanfic is inspired by this site. It a first person story also. Anyways, it's my first fic so don't hunt me down and stab me in the head with your homemade 'Crest of Nisan' if you think this sux. So here it is, enjoy…

     Darkness. I strained my eyes to see, but it was useless. "Where am I," I said out loud. Silence. I couldn't even hear my own voice. I tried to stand and realized I couldn't move. That's when I began to panic. "No! What is this place?! I want out! Let me go!" Suddenly I was ripped from the darkness and landed in a muddy field. Rain pelted me hard. I could now open my eyes. Thick clouds covered the sky, but I knew the sun had long ago set. I jumped to my feet and looked around in every direction. Not far away I could see three men facing each other. I took a step forward. Then the lights came. The three of them began to glow. The man in the center put off a light blue glow as the other two put off the same red glow. "Huh," I whispered as I began walking again.
     After a few seconds I was close enough to make them out more clearly. The man on the left was wearing thick black and blood red armor. His entire body was covered in it, head to toe. The man in the center was dressed in normal clothing. He had black hair with long bangs. The man on the right was the strangest. He had long crimson hair that fell over nearly his entire face. The lights then faded. The man in the center said something, but I couldn't hear it clearly. The armored man's eyes began to glow red as he turned to the crimson-haired man. "HEY," I yelled, but before it left my mouth I was ripped from the field.
     Now I could feel pain. Excruciating. I could hardly move. I had to use all of my strength to open my eyes. I found myself in the arms of a masked man. "Fa…father," I whispered. I lost consciousness before he could respond. I immediately woke up on a dirt road. I was running. The sun was shinning down and I was surrounded by trees. I looked to my left and saw a red-haired woman running along side me. "El…," I was cut of by shouting from behind me. I looked back and saw a group of people giving chase. The lead man looked like he was wearing a skull looking mask. The woman beside me yelled something, but it was drowned out by a loud shot. Once again my reality shifted.
     "What is this place," I whispered as I stepped forward. I was standing in front of a window overlooking a large city. Vehicles were driving up and down the streets and people walked in and out of the large stone buildings. I saw my reflection and realized I was wearing a tuxedo. "Kim? Are you okay?" I heard a woman behind me say. I turned around and saw the same red-haired woman, but she was dressed differently and very well groomed. "I…" Gone. Darkness. "Not again," I shouted. "Let this end," I yelled at the top of my lungs. "What," the woman asked. I leaned past the painting and looked at Sophia. "Nothing, Elly," I replied. "Oh, okay," she said. I leaned back and lifted the brush to the painting. "Almost done," I said. The my eyes were flooded with the darkness.

     I was back where I started, but I couldn't remember where I had been. Where was I? Where am I? What's going on? I couldn't think of anything. It was all a blank. "No… What's…my name," I whispered. Not even my name. Had I been here all along? Was there ever anywhere else? Then the pain began to come back. My arms and legs, my entire body began to bleed. The pain increased until I wanted to die. All of a sudden a man in black and red armor appeared in front of me. "Who are you," I asked. "You," he replied. "What," I asked as I took a step back. "You…are too weak. You are not ready," he said. "Ready for what," I asked. He laughed. With a wave of his arm a crimson-haired man appeared in front of him. The man's face was shrouded by his hair. All I could see was a sadistic smile on his face. "Go," the man in armor said.
     The crimson-haired man lunged at me. On reflex I jumped into the air. The man went straight under me and sprawled onto the black floor. I landed behind him and spun around. He was already on his feet and running at me again. I sidestepped just as he reached me, then jump kicked him in the back of his head. He grunted and fell once again. I dove on top of him and began punching him in the spine. He left out a low laugh then reached back and grabbed me by the hair. He then flipped me over and rolled on top of me. I slid out from under him and jumped to my feet. We were now face to face. I reared back and swung my fist. He grabbed it, ducked down and plunged his fist into my gut. I flew twelve feet straight up and came crashing down. The man stomped on my back then kicked me across the ground. I coughed up blood as I rolled to my feet.
     "Slow," he whispered as he walked over to me. I stumbled backward to avoid him. "Don't run," the armored man said. I turned my attention to him which was a fatal mistake. The crimson-haired man spread his legs for balance and put his hands together. He then tightened every muscle in his body and slammed his fists into my chest. An electric current cut through me and sent me flying backwards. I slammed into the ground and blood gushed form my mouth. I was fading fast. The armored man appeared above me. He was hovering a few feet over my head. "Weakling. How do you expect to slay 'God' if you can't even defeat yourself," he laughed. "I…," the blood in my mouth stopped me from continuing. "I'll be back for you," he said just before he faded into nothing. The crimson-haired man smirked once more as he did the same.
     I lied there not knowing what to do. My mind was still blank and I could hardly move. "Am I going to die," I said into the darkness. Seconds passed like years as I stared into the black that surrounded me. Then I heard it, a voice in the distance. I strained my eyes to see who it was, but the darkness was too thick. Darker than the recesses of the mind. "Who are you," I said into the darkness. No response. "Are you a real person," I asked. "Are you," I heard a woman respond. "I don't think so," I said. "Then neither am I," she replied. "Do you have a soul," she asked. "Do you," I replied, still straining my eyes to see. "You are my soul," she said. "But what did you do for a soul before I was here," I asked. "I waited for you," she replied. "I see," I said.
     Then the darkness faded. Now I was back in the real world. Back in my body. Alone in a room. And there was emptiness. I still couldn't move. I scanned my eyes across the room. I was lying in a bed next to a fire. Rain was pelting the window. "Where is this," I said thinking it was another illusion. The door opened and a young girl walked in. "Who are you," I asked. "Alice," the girl replied as she sat in the chair next to my bed. "Alice…," I whispered. "How do you feel," she asked. "…Who am I," I asked. "You are Fei Fong Wong," she said as she pulled a rag off of my forehead and replaced it with a warm, wet one. "Fei," I whispered as I stared into Alice's eyes. I then closed my eyes and waited for the darkness to return.

So there you have it. My first and probably only fanfic. Yay! I know it's short but…shut up. It's my first. So now I feel better. If you like it and mail me, I'll feel a lot better (even better if you give me money and chalupas). Well then, I guess I should stop typing now. Thanks for reading. Peace out, much love, and nice ass.

PS. Quack, quack. Toilet Duck.

PSS. Chu-Chu is the most god awful waste of pixels and polygons in the history of video games. 'Chu Love' rocked!


~ End ~