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Xenogears: Where are they now?
By El Fenrir

Presented by: Xenogears: God and Mind

You've played the game, you've seen the kick-ass ending sequence, you've come to love the characters (aside from Chu-Chu) as if they were your family, right?  Well, does anyone else-aside from me-wonder what happened after the events of Xenogears?  Here are some theories I had...

     Fei and Elly became husband and wife, and eventually settled down in Nisan.  Thanks to the help of Ol' Man Bal and Co., Fei never had to worry over Id again.  Xenogears was melted down for scrap, due to Fei's repugnance towards it.  Vierge is now a museum piece.

     Citan, having no business with Fei anymore, decided to return to Lahan to be with his wife and daughter.  He is still the doctor of Lahan.  El Fenrir's power source was removed, and is now a plaything for their new son, Takeshi.

     Emeralda now works at Bledavik, as a presidential bodyguard/nanomachine specialist.  She and Bart have a good working relationship, but she still gets some funny looks from the rest of the staff.  Crescens is a nano-gear, so she uses it for "spare parts."

     Bart reclaimed the throne of Aveh and decided to make it a republic, as his father wished him to.  But much to his dismay, the people voted him president anyhow.  Andvari is still utilized, but as a model for the gears of the ADF (Aveh Defense Forces).

     Billy, being no longer an Etone, returned to his orphanage with his father and baby sister, continuing to run Kid's Town.  He took Maria under his guidance, and now she is his assistant child guardian.  Siezbehn and Renmazuo are still used, but now mainly to drive off any Wels that bother the place. 

     Rico went home to Kislev, where he confronted the Kaiser about his true nature.  Because of the horrific scandal, the Kaiser committed suicide, giving the throne to Rico.

     Chu-Chu went back to its people to remove their limiters and create the past glory of its tribe.  Aveh has good diplomatic relations with Chu-Chu tribe, but Kislev wishes to destroy it.

     Well, those are my theories.  This is my first fanfic, so any criticism is welcomed.  My address is  Thanks for reading!


~ End ~