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By Vice0

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This is my first attempt at writting a fanfic and I would apreciate any constructive criticism.

Also, this is pretty much a rough draft, so I will be making changes every now and then


Something Waits...

     It was not sure of where it was at first. All around there was darkness without the slightest hint of any kind of light. When it tried to see, there was nothing. There was no response from its’ eyes.
     I am blind, it thought coldly and factually. All of its thoughts were cold and factual. It could not feel Its’ appendages, Its’ parts. It tried to access them, but there was nothing. Its parts were gone.
     I am also dismantled.
     This was not a problem for It. It called out to its other parts in a way that its captors were not aware it was capable of, and waited. In a matter of moments, it was greeted with sensation and information. It could still not see, but it knew this was because there was no light were its’ eyes were. Its other parts had opened and read the crews’ and captains’ logs, read the coordinates of where the ship was heading, and read the mission objective in less than half a second. In the few moments since it had awakened, it had regained all of its memory and had found out what they were planning. They had dismantled It and were transporting it to be destroyed on the way to The New Home World. It was in several large holding rooms spread throughout the inside of the ship. They believed that It could not see, could not hear, could not act and therefore, would not be a threat. They had not tested all of its capabilities yet, they hadn’t the time. The Creator had been killed, It had made sure of that, so they could not gain any significant information unless they re-activated it, and that was too large a risk, especially since it was supposed to be destroyed anyways. So, they had no idea that it could restart itself or that it could reassemble itself of its own will. Though their acts were based on ignorance of the truth, it was understandable based on what It had done to them. More than understandable, it was logical. However, it must continue its mission, no matter what obstacles It might encounter. Even if the obstacles were the ones who had created It.
     It began to call out to its other parts again, but with a different message.
     Stand by.
     It could feel its parts humming with energy, preparing for its next commands.
     In the darkness of The Interplanetary Transport Ship Eldridge, something waited for its chance to be freed.

Chapter One
Falling Stars

     “Captain Millard, we may have a problem, sir”
     The Eldridge was Neo Jerusalem’s largest transport ship at about twenty-one miles long and weighing 300 million tons. The Bridge was a cavernous room with more than a hundred monitors, terminals, and stainless steel desks bolted to the floor, each manned by a ship-wide regulation officer. All of the crew in the deck wore identical brown-yellow aviation suits that made them look strangely in place amongst the glittering steel and glowing lights.
     Because of the assault of data that the Eldridge received every second of every day, several of these officers , whose jobs it was to monitor all incoming and outgoing information in and around the ship that the ships‘ own systems did not pick up, or to access specific information, were needed to ensure that there were no problems in the system or any maintenance problems. Once they had gathered the information, they had to inform the Captain, who would then make a decision based on the information he was given.
     Most of the screens were in the front of the ship and were now serving as windows. This was just a kind of pleasantry, the crew did not need to look out of the “windows” to see if anything was wrong or out of place. The ships Advanced Warning System would have alerted them to any new developments that they did not already know about. Besides, no one on the main deck really had time to sight see. If any of the crew had happened to look out of the monitors/windows, they would have seen a blue and green planet, floating in space like a child’s toy in a bathtub. This planet looked startlingly similar like Earth, with the exception of rings circling it that were not unlike those circling Saturn.
     The Eldridge’s living quarters, which accounted for almost all of the space above the cargo rooms, were comfortable and well suited for long periods of time were the crew and passengers would have to rely on the resources provided by the ship. Inside of the Eldridge, below the living facilities, were twenty-one large holding rooms, each capable of housing and preserving virtually any kind of cargo. I bet the designers of the Eldridge never thought the cargo rooms would hold what they are right now, thought Eldridge Captain Seth Millard. Though they’re perfect for transporting such a dark chapter in human history to its end. The captain was wearing a blue captains suit and a matching blue captains hat, all standard issue wear for someone as decorated as Captain Millard. He had been on leave when the military had called him back into action, just as he had been planning on seeing his twenty year old daughter, Elizabeth, who was waiting for him at the Stevenson Spaceport at Neo Jerusalem. Thinking of the spaceport, his mind wandered to the memories of his previous visits to his daughter after the death of his wife, Lois. Those visits had been joyful enough, but there had always been a sense of not being complete, of something that was right on the edge of their minds that ruthlessly announced its presence and refused to go away.
     Lois is what’s missing, she’s what’s always been missing. She should be there to greet me after a long active piloting mission with Liz at the port, Lois wearing one of her good dresses (normally a ruby or emerald dress that he thought made her look beautifully out of place in the yellow fluorescent glow of the waiting docks against the background of a thousand drably dressed people) and Liz dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a plain shirt that would make her stunning features stand out clear as day, her brown hair and eyes so much like her mothers had sparkled then, and oh, how the memories came flooding back. She should be there to greet him. She would be, too, if it weren’t for the damned war department and there decision to initiate research into more destructive weapons.
     We were winning the war, guys, there was no need for overkill, the Gnosis were beaten. But that didn’t matter because hey, fellas, you got what you wanted, didn’t you? Yeah, you got the perfect weapon. And when it went berserk and killed all of those billions of people
     (Lois, it killed Lois)
     You made your little apologies and vowed to destroy your little creation, and it was a big surprise when you asked me if I’d take the job and I said Yes, when do we leave, without any hesitation, wasn’t it? It was the least he could do to get a little revenge in, even though the ones really responsible went unpunished.
     “Captain Millard, did you hear me?” said twenty-five year old Mary Langrad, one of the several ship-wide regulating officers. Sighing inwardly at his troubling thoughts, the Captain finally said, in a calm, cool voice, “What’s wrong?”
     “A few of the electric wire cables and operation systems in Cargo Room D-7 have begun to malfunction, sir.” Captain Millard frowned, feeling annoyed at having been disturbed from his thoughts by such a simple and minor problem. All that was needed was an electrician to go and fix the problem, she should not have even bothered him with it. Unless, something else was complicating the matter.
     Feeling a sense of dread and not knowing why, he asked “What else is wrong?”
     Mary gave a nervous glance at her screen, which was dotted with several smaller screens that showed different parts of the ships internal structure. There was a red light over Cargo Room D-7. Mary looked to her right at another regulations officer, twenty-seven year old Casey McGovern, who gave a small nod of agreement. When Captain Millard saw that nod, he felt the sense of dread solidify into a chilling certainty: I’ll never get to see Elizabeth again.
     “Captain, the m.& r. crew (maintenance and repair) has been denied access to the cargo room.”
     The Captain frowned at this. The m.& r. crew had access to all of the rooms in the ship, they had to if they were to do their job without coming to the main deck for every little thing that broke, and all of the rooms in the ship were supposed to be tamper-proof. Even in the case of some systems wide malfunction, the were supposed to work perfectly. The m.& r. crew could only be denied access by either the captain or the regulations officers.
     Looking at the two regulation officers, he asked “Has one of the regulation officers denied access to Cargo Room D-7?”
     “No, Captain. We’ve ran a tracer to find out where the origin of the command came from, and we’ve already ruled out the Main Deck.”
     “Why hasn’t the location for the command already been identified?”
     A tracer, which was sometimes known as a “Rover” due to the fact that it searched for specified information and retrieved it to the person who had sent it, was supposed to be very quick in finding information.
     Looking more uneasy than ever, Mary replied ”There’s some kind of interference in the system that is severely slowing down the tracer.”
     Suddenly, Casey turned around in her chair. “Captain! The tracer has disappeared!”
     The Captain looked at Casey, not entirely sure he had just heard her correctly. A tracer could just disappear, not even if it was called back, because it was a part of the ships’ programs. If the tracer did just disappear, it meant that something was causing the program to change. The only thing Captain Millard had ever heard of that could alter the ships’ programs was a -
     Before he could finish the thought, the ships’ automated alarms began to sound. A pleasant, calm female voice issued out of all of the speakers in the ship.
     ”This is a level 1 emergency. Repeat, This is a level 1 emergency. ”
     The monitors that had just a moment before served as windows now were red, with the word “EMERGENCY” burning in the center of the screens. The regulations officers began to work at their terminals immediately, trying to find out what the problem was. Their screens, which had just recently displayed information on the status of the ship, were now going through hundreds of room schematics and space-phenomenon grids, which came and passed as they dismissed each as not being the source of the emergency, hoping against hope that it wouldn’t turn out to be one of Its’ rooms Their hopes were in vain. On the screens of every ship-wide regulation officers’ terminal were the room schematics and status’ for all of the cargo rooms in the ship. All of them had a red flashing emergency light over them.
     Casey began receiving data on the activity in the cargo rooms.
     "Omega One restarting. Alpha One Genome…restructured. Confirming exon replacement…” Casey spoke loudly, clearly in distress. On her monitor were numerous strands of DNA being formed at a rapid speed.
     “It’s bringing itself back together,” said the Captain in a hushed, horrified whisper
     “Base Code 85 million, 100 million. Its’ speed is overwhelming! Alpha One to Raziel Central. Access confirmed. Initialing Feteck. Disconnected!” On Mary’s screen, a white line that was the course of the contamination raced through a maze of octagons that was the route to the Raziel Center, the control center for the entire ship where all of the information onboard was stored. Blocks were being put in place to stop the contamination, but it ran through them as if they were nothing more than pockets of air. “Activating emergency shelter………Denied. Contamination is spreading widely, Captain?!"" shouted Casey.
     Composing himself, the Captain replied in the same cool, calm voice that the crew of the Eldridge had come to respect, “Cut off the cable manually.”
     Casey reached to the metal desk supporting her screen and turns a dial with yellow and black warning stripes on it. In the lower portions of the ship, a heavy rectangular section of the wall containing the path to the Raziel Center with the same yellow and black warning stripes on its sides exploded on its sides and fell to the floor with a heavy dull crash. There was a moment of darkness, then electricity jumped from one side of the disconnected cable to the other, making the detonation a failure.
     “No good, nothing happened!” cried out Casey.
     “Omega One, they are attacking! We can't stop them! 98% of our weapons have been taken over!”
     Outside of the ship, several large openings appear in the surface of the ship. From them emerged large, conical structures with a single lens on the side where the sides met the flat, slightly rounded base. These were the Eldridge’s main line of offense, laser cannons that were reportedly strong enough to punch holes in planets. Their power was obviously exaggerated, but not by much.
     “Auto pilot system has been accessed. It's phased space logic is being rewritten. Argo area is increasing. An internal plane is forming. Switching to space displacement mode. Alpha One, confirming transfer of coordinate codes. Coordinate input NX128EZ061, the main planet!
     Captain Millard stood up suddenly and said in a distressed but still calm tone “Damn, so they're planning on attacking.”
     He picked up the phone on the desk in front of him that instantly connected him to the Engine Room. ”Engine room, activate the emergency sealing system.” The Captain waited for a reply, but heard nothing at all on the other end. Confusion and fear were now showing plainly on his face. “Engine room? Engi- ” The line suddenly went dead. On the other side of the phone line in the Engine Room, the phone which has hung limply off its hook throughout the Captains’ call like a dead worm on a fishing hook fell to the ground with its cord cut. Farther off in the room, large, thick severed power cables wriggled and spewed sparks like a nest full of snakes. Captain Millard listened to the silence, knowing that there last chance to stop It from completely contaminating the ships systems and Razaels’ Center were gone. Captain Millard placed the phone back down slowly, frowning even more than before. Suddenly, all of the monitors and terminals in the Bridge went blank. Before the regulation officers even had time to wonder what had happened now, they come back on, but they didn’t show any information at all. Instead, they repeated endlessly in a color the shade of fresh blood the words
     The glare of the words bathed the main deck in crimson, making the officers and captain look like gruesome blood covered apparitions. Captain Millard could not take his eyes off of those words, those strange words that continued to repeat themselves over and over again, those words that seemed to somehow mock him, to mock them all, to laugh at humanity itself. Finally taking his eyes away from the screen, Captain Millard looked down at his desk. The Captain’s cap that he had worn so proudly before now obscured his face, somehow making him look like a man who has been sentenced to death and is only waiting for that day to arrive. In many ways, that is exactly what has happened. Lifting up his head, the Captain met the expectant and hopeful eyes of the regulation officers and said, in a commanding and calm voice, “See that all civilians and passengers are transported to the escape shuttles. I will send a dispatch after evacuation is complete. I am evacuating the ship. All of you , evacuate now.”
     As the Captain’s final orders got over the ships speakers, people ran in a kind of controlled panic to the evacuation crafts. Some of the first to arrive were the orphans of the attack by the weapon, who were going to an orphanage in Neo Jerusalem. They were shepherded into the escape crafts like sheep by their guardians, who had never seen children look so somber and scared. None of them noticed that the little brown haired boy named Abel was missing. Earlier, the children had been making fun of Abel. They had all been passing the time by telling stories of the strangest thing that had happened to them. When it had been Abel’s turn, he had reluctantly told them about how one day, he had talked to someone he called Zohar. “Sophar?”, said an orphan named Ronnie Eilander “,what kind of a dumb name for an imaginary friend is that?“
     “It’s Zohar, not Sophar, and he’s not my-“ But the other children didn’t listen to him. What he was saying didn’t make any sense to the other children, and so they had made fun of him, saying that he “had bats in his belfries”, that he “wasn’t playing with a full deck, that he was “crazy as a shithouse mouse“, and many other colorful expressions that basically say “we don’t believe you, you’re crazy”. Abel had tearfully ran out of the room reserved for the orphans and ran blindly through a series of corridors until he finally found himself in a dimly lit janitors room in the mid-hull of the ship. Sitting in this room and wishing he could be with his mother again, he fell into a dreamless sleep. He never heard the warnings over the speakers, or the sound of panicked people running for their lives.
     As the first wave of escape craft shot out of the ship, the conical structures coldly targeted them and began firing. One after another, the craft exploded into soundless fireballs that crashed harmlessly into the ship. In a matter of seconds, the first wave of desperate evacuating crew members and passengers had been incinerated. Unaware of what had happened to the first wave of evacuators, a second wave of evacuators loaded into escape craft and prepared to be launched to what they thought was safety. Almost all of them were destroyed before they left the evacuation ports. Some, however, made it past the cannons. As they flew past the edge of the ship, the cannons turned to target them and began firing long range bursts at them. Once again, one by one they fell in silent flames to the ship.
     Since the evacuation had began, the screens in the main deck had begun to function as windows again. The Captain, who had opted to stay behind and go down with his ship, saw the massacre of the escape crafts from beginning to end. As he looked at the destruction of evacuators, his calm composure was shattered. He simply stood there, wide eyed and with his mouth hanging open. If there had been anyone else there to see him, it would have looked to them like he was screaming. Even after all of the craft had been destroyed, he continued to look at the scorch marks that were all that remained of the crew and passengers of the Eldridge. “We’ve gone too far.” said Captain Millard in a hushed, disoriented voice. It was the only thing he had said through all of it. In all of his life, he had never felt so useless, so helpless. He had failed them. He had failed himself. But most painful of all, he had failed Lois and Elizabeth. And now there was nothing he could do. But there is something you can do, replied a voice in his head. And suddenly, Captain Millard remembered. He remembered the special feature that had been installed in the ship before the mission. The self-destruct system. It was completely disconnected to everything else aboard the ship, so it couldn’t be affected by the contamination. It was his last chance.
     He sighed out loud, and took a gold locket out of a pocket in the left breast of his navy blue jacket. Looking at it with all of the reverence of a holy artifact, he opened it. Inside, there was a colored photograph of Lois and Elizabeth. The picture had been taken five years ago, when Elizabeth had still been in school. They both looked so young to Captain Millard, so full of life. Of all the things he owned, this was his most treasured. Staring into the happy, smiling faces of his wife and daughter, he realized that he had not looked at it since the incident that had took his wife’s life. He had believed that it would be too painful to stare into his dead wife’s eyes, that if he had to, he would lose what little sanity he had left. Instead, he felt content for the first time in his life since her death. As he stared at the locket, he was flooded with memories from his past. When he had met his wife. When he had learned he would be a father. When Elizabeth was born, screaming and hairless into existence. All of these memories and more flowed through Captain Millard like a river, and for the first time in years. he smiled. Turning in his chair, he pushed a sequence of buttons at his panel. A metal panel with twelve green buttons on it rose from his desk and chimed. Captain Millard looked at them for a second, and then punched in another sequence of buttons and then sat back in his chair, looking out of the windows into space. He never felt the explosion that rocked the ship, starting from the main deck and traveling to all twenty-one of the cargo rooms, and finally ripping apart the engine room. The last thing that Captain Seth Millard of the Interplanetary Transport Ship Eldridge ever saw were the smiling kind eyes of his wife and his daughter.
     The ship was still being rocked by small explosions as combustible materials and explosives continued to detonate inside of the ship, ripping chunks out of its hull and sides, scattering them into the orbit of the planet. The ship had come to a stop just inside the orbit of the nameless blue and green planet with the rings circling it, and began it’s final descent. The thing in the cargo rooms that had been sure of it’s own victory was now aware that it was damaged and falling into the orbit of the nameless planet. It hadn’t been destroyed as the Captain had thought it would be, it was much more resilient than any of its’ captors had imagined, but despite its’ resilient-ness, the fall to the planet would leave it unable to operate properly. It tried to exercise its’ power over the engines of the ship, but found that the engines were so damaged that they were useless in escaping the pull of the planet. There was no escaping the descent. However, there was a way that it could become operational some day again. It began the activation of its’ Resuscitation Program and then went into a deep sleep and dreamed , or came as close to dreaming as something such as it was capable of dreaming, of the day when it would awaken. The Eldridge, the pride and joy of Neo Jerusalem, broke through a thick column of clouds that had been hanging over the ocean of the nameless planet at a speed of roughly Mach 7. In this nameless world, it was still night, though not for much longer. The friction of the air against the speeding ship made it look as if it were the sun crashing down on the planet. As the ship did break through the clouds, parts of the ship broke off and sailed into different parts of the world, some on secluded islands, some in the largest continent, which was a few hundred miles away, and some crashed into caverns deep inside of the planet. Most of the ship, with the exception of the Main Deck portion of the Eldridge, had come off in the first few seconds of its entrance into the atmosphere. As the Eldridge neared the ocean, two large unidentifiable objects ejected out from the ship and flew off into the horizon. One of the objects landed in a deep cavern in the frozen wastelands at the top of the world, while the other part landed very near to a beach on the largest continent. The mid-hull section of the Eldridge containing the unconscious Abel managed to miraculously make a kind of skidding landing near the object which had ejected to a beach on largest continent, minimizing damage and saving Abel‘s life. Seconds after the objects had ejected, the Eldridge slammed into the ocean, creating a monstrous cone of water that engulfed the ship, and then fell away. When it did, the Eldridge was gone, already sunk to half the depth of the ocean where it would eventually come to rest. Three hours later, the sun had begun to rise. As its light banished the night for another day, its rays fell on the largest continent, where the unknown object and Abel had fallen. It illuminated the still burning wreckage of the unidentified object and the mid-hull of the ship, giving them an ancient and somehow pitiable look. In the midst of the wreckage, in a clearing beside the beach, a naked, beautiful woman with purple hair that was so long that it dragged on the ground stood and watched as the last of the wreckage that had been orbiting the planet entered the atmosphere and fell towards the setting sun. In the morning light, the wreckage looked like falling stars. Interlude: Setting the Scenes for History The continent of Ignas, in the northern hemisphere of the world. On this, the largest continent, a war has been raging between two countries for hundreds of years. In the north of the continent lies the Kislev Empire. In the south lies the desert kingdom of Aveh. The war has gone on for so long that the people have forgotten the cause, knowing only the pointless circle of hostility and tragedy. The chronic war obsession was soon to encounter a devastating change. This was due to the Ethos, an institution that preserves our world's culture, repairing tools and weapons excavated from the ruins of an ancient civilization. At once both countries excavated these ruins, and had the Ethos repair the discoveries, in order to increase their military power. The various weapons excavated from the ruins greatly changed the form of warfare. The outcome of the battles between two countries was no longer decided by man-to-man combat, but by Gears- giant humanoid fighting machines- that were obtained from deep within the ruins. Eventually, after continuous swings in the state of the war, Kislev gained the upper hand. The major factor behind this lay in the enormous difference in the amount of resources buried within their ruins. But suddenly, a mysterious military force appeared in the continent of Ignas. Called "Gebler", this force decided to make contact with Aveh. With the assistance of this Gebler military force, Aveh was able to recover from being hopelessly outnumbered to being back on an even standing with Kislev. Then, taking further advantage of it's newly gained momentum, Aveh started to capture one territory after another from Kislev, showing no sign of slowing down in their invasion campaign. The remote village of Lahan, in the outskirts of Aveh, near the border with Kislev. This is where it all begins.


~ End ~