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This section features a collection of games created exclusively for Xenogears: God and Mind. Please feel free to browse through the categories available, we currently offer a wide selection of choices ranging from simple card games, to the more tricky word and image puzzles. Warning:  This section may contain spoilers.

Featuring a collection of Jigsaw puzzles available in three difficulty levels; easy, medium and hard.


Classic hangman fun with over 40 randomly selected Xenogears themed words for you to guess!


Isolate the Chu Chu from the Solarian enemy 'bots to score points and progress onto the next level. Addictive but challanging fun!


Chu Chu Shooter!
We just couldn't resist the temptation to include this little game! Control the space ship and shoot down the falling Chu Chu's. Very satisfying fun for all you Chu Chu hating fans out there!


Image Shifter
If you've ever had the chance to play with a reubix cube, the concept of this game should be familiar. Slide the rows and colums in order and reveal the full image.


Image Slider
Slide the image parts around the playing board until you form a complete picture.


Same Game [ Launches in a new window ]
Arrange groups of matching icons to make them dissapear and clear the board.


Rock, Paper, Scissors! [ Launches in a new window ]
There's a Rock, Paper Scissors minigame for you to play if you talk to the RPS Champ Guy at Lahan Village. Now here's the online version for you to practice with!

All games were created for Xenogears: God and Mind. If you wish to use them on your own site, please for permission first. We may allow sites to use a limited selection of our games provided credit back to the site is made clearly available.

© Xenogears: God and Mind