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Gameplay and Battle Tips, Stratergies and Solutions

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    Basic Survival

  • Buy items several events ahead so that you are always prepared!

  • Earn extra cash by selling old equipment, and those valuable items like eyeballs and scales.

  • Always buy the best equipment available for yout characters and Gears.

  • Talk to people more than once. Some events will give you clues on what you should do next, while others can snag you items. Try to search thouroughly in each area.

  • You can buy three Omegasols instead of one Survival Tent. Omegasols can be used at anytime, while Tents can only be used at Save Points or the World Map. Don't worry about cost, three Omegasols cost exactly as much as a Survival Tent. (150G)

    Got a useful Survival tip?

    Visitor Submissions:

  • At the end of the game, when you can go back to the world map, fight enemies in the Anima Relic 2 dungeon. You will get a lot of scales very fast, then go to Kislev and sell them for a great price. [ Email ]

  • If you are having problems toward the end of the first disk (right before you procced to go toward Solaris) then you can train your characters in the Shevat Shafts. Just run the halls for a while in the first screen with the save point (it's the first screen when re-entering it after the story event) and most enemies are fairly easy and give good experience. Also this is a great place to learn deathblows as the Mimic enemy takes only 1 hit point of damage from almost all physical attacks (they only have 6 hp). You can use a lot of deathblows in these battles, even they do 1 damage (some do heal them though, but this can be an advantage). [ Email ]

  • If you let someone in your party get ko'd you will have more exp. points for each of the other non-ko'd members. That will allow you to build one or two members up faster even if it means the expense of one of your party members. [ Email ]







Secrets, Tips & Tricks


Battling Tips


Game Save Files


Item Lists


Debug Room

Cheat Codes

Game Text Speed Modifier
Code by kingedgar


8 = normal & 1 = fastest.
Don't go above 9 or below 1 when filling in ?

Infinite HP


Infinite EP


Quick Level Gain


Infinite Gold


Play as Id

[ Code by SolFire ]

"Don't get your hopes up too much.. It's just an illusion in the game"

D00C3EB8 0000
D01FFE90 0000
D00D2DE4 0001
800D2C98 00E2

Walk around using the left analog stick
Code by SolFire

D3062602 0048
D2062602 00C5
8005A0FC 1000
D3062602 FF2F
D2062062 FFCC
8005A0FC 4000
D3062602 4600
D2062602 B800
D0059430 0000
8005A0FC 8000
D0059430 00FF
D3062602 29FF
D2062602 C9FF
8005A0FC 2000
D2062602 29FE
D3062602 00C6
D3059430 00C5
D2056430 00FF
8005A0FC 3000
D2062602 FF2E
D3062602 B7FF
D3059430 0000
D2059430 002F
8005A0FC C000
D2062602 FFCB
D3062602 C9FE
D3059430 00CC
D2059430 00FF
8005A0FC 6000
D2059430 0048
D3059430 0000
D3062602 0000
D2062602 45FF
8005A0FC 9000
D0059430 0000
D3062602 B900
D2062602 DA00
8005A0FC C000
D0059430 0000
D3062602 2000
D2062602 4500
8005A0FC 9000

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