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Welcome to Xenogears: God and Mind

Learning Deathblows

First, you have to be at a high enough level. Second, you have to perform the combination several times. For example, if you want Fei to learn Yamikei, you have to be Level 80, and you have to use       a lot in battle. You can check how far you are, by going to the Main Menu, Status, and then Skills. This enables you to successfully learn a Deathblow.

Learning Abilities

Just level up as high as you can. If you reach the level needed, after you win a battle, it will inform you that your character has learned his/her new ability.

Battle Tips

  • Level up your characters, it can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Levelling up your characters will result in receiving new Deathblows and Abilties.

  • When you get a new character, spend some time levelling him/her up and teaching them a few new deathblows and spells.

  • A Memory Cube, town or a resting place is a perfect place to level up your characters. (One of the best places to level up your characters is in the Shevat shafts - all the battles give you in between 7000-9000 experience points.)

  • If you want to gain lots of experience for just one character, get the other characters KO'ed and have your remaining fighter win. He/she will receive all the EXP.

  • In some dungeons, there is a map you can retreive which will help you on your journey. Press the Select button to open the map. The white arrow pinpoints your location.

  • Should the enemies be too tough for you, head back to another town or dungeon and fight weaker enemies to level up more.

  • You can practice Deathblows against weaker enemies to help increase your learning rate.

Gear Battling Tips

  • Don't confront an enemy Gear/Gear-sized monster while your party is on foot.

  • Try to find the elemental statuses of the enemies. Some are healed by Ether attacks, while some are immune, or weak against them.

  • Try to pinpoint the enemy who heals, and destroy it first.

  • In order to get hyper mode it gives you a percentage on the right side along with if your in booster how much percentage your armor is down and othr things relevant with your gear. If you want to reach Hyper Mode (Attack Level Infinity) faster, get your Gear damaged severely, and then charge up to Attack Level 3. If you're lucky, you'll get Level Infinity!

  • Frame HPs are not the only way to heal your gears if you use Chu Chu, she can heal the other gears with Forest Wind, which is a lot better than using all that fuel.

  • Keep an eye on the Gear's Fuel Gauge. If you want to charge Fuel fast, go against a weak enemy and simply Charge until you regain all of your Fuel. The higher your Attack Level is, the higher your Fuel will rise with each Charge.

  • Only use Booster on pivotal boss fights.

  • A Gear's Ether power, Ether defense, hit rate and evade rate depend on your characters' stats. Make sure that they are at a high enough level so that they can win against Bosses easier.

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