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Welcome to Xenogears: God and Mind

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Lahan Village

  • Check under your bed for 200G.

  • In the western room with the barrels, jump in the corner to grab a spider web.

  • In this same room, examine the two barrels for two Aquasols.

  • Jump in the well to randomly collect these three items, Aquasol S, Power Ring, Eyeball.

  • In the bar, talk to the drunk in the corner near the ladder, and select the third choice to receive the mermaid tear.

  • Talk to the lady in the basement and tell her you like Lahan to receive 120G.

  • Talk to the lady near the well and choose the second choice to receive an Aquasol.

  • In the training center, talk to the man next to the furnace teaching about fighting, ask him about deathblows to receive 22G after he's done telling you about them.

  • Winning the Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) Badge

    Challange the RPS Champ and win 5 times in a row to get the RPS King Badge. On the count of three, two players each throw their hands out at the same time, in a fist shape for Rock, and a horizontal "peace" symbol for Scissors, and a flat palm for Paper.

    Rock smashes Scissors, so if you throw Rock and your opponent throws Scissors, you win that round. Scissors cut up Paper, so you'd win if you did Scissors and the opponent did Paper. Finally, Paper wraps around Rock, so you'd win if you used Paper and opponent used Rock. If you both do the same symbol, it is a tie, and you re-do that round.


    Before you set about winning the badge, you'll need to raise some money! Each attempt at a round of RPS forces you to make a bet of 50 G. If you win a round, you'll earn 50 G. If you lose, you forfit 50 G. Make sure to save your game before attempting to win the badge. When you use up all your funds, just reload your game and try again!

    There's a trick to beating him, though it's not 100% effective, it's your best chance. He'll never throw the same figure again after being beaten in using it. So you know he'll only use one or the other. Pick the one that will win/tie, most likely. Sometimes he breaks out of this pattern and drives you crazy, but at least you'll win more than you lose. On the last game to defeat him, you should use the above strategy, then use what would defeat the answer you come up with. He'll be anticipating you using it, so if you double-take him, you'll win.

Mountain Path

  • Near the beginning of the path, there's a tree that's on a ledge just to the north of the signpost. You have to jump and ruffle the leaves to get the birds egg.

  • Just as you're about to get to the path up to Citans house, if you look to the tree to the immediate left, there should be a spider that dangles down then shoots back up if you come close, but if you time it right, you can grab it.

Citan's house

  • On the first landing, there's two doors opposite each other. When you open one of them, a chicken will pop out. Enter inside and examine, and you'll find an Aquasol.

  • On the side corner of the house is a bed of flowers. Examine the part closest to the wall and you'll get Midori's Ring

  • Head up to the telescope and jump over the barrier to the small walkway leading to the chimney. Examine it to get 120G.

Blackmoon Forest

  • If a hob monster recieves a fatal strike due to a fire ether attack, it'll leave behind a "hob-steak", which heals 500 HP, non battle.

  • In the first section of the Blackmoon Forest there is two hobgob fights that give you 50 experience points each. If you fight them both, leave the way you came in, go back in and fight them again(they reappear) you will get the experience points all over again. Keep doing this, im not sure what lvl you can get up though. (Thanks to our contributor for the tip!)


  • When you're approached by the lady at the start of the city, and tell her you don't have a place to stay, she'll direct you to an inn. If you tell the innkeep you got a recommendation, tell her the truth, that you don't know the ladies name, and you'll get a discount, 100 gold off per person.

  • Winning the Hide and Seek Badge

    When you arrive in Bledavik, after registering for the tournament and reporting to the nun, go to the north-western part of town in a secluded room. There's a boy there in a yellow shirt that is willing to play hide and seek with you. Tell him to play and find him at these locations:

    • First - In the corner from the staircase that has the broken roof over it.

    • Second - In the corner by the exit leading towards Shakhan Square.

    • Third - In the barrels next to the Ethos HQ.

    • Fourth - Behind one of the archways on the side of the town where the group of boys are marching around.

    • Fifth - In the tiny corner to your right when you come in.


  • If you talk to the lady on the right hand side just before you're about to leave towards Shakhan Square, you'll see that two little kids stole from her. Head up the stairs and follow them, and one will ask for 1k G. Give it to him and there'll be a special shop later on.

  • When fighting Dan in the tournament, if you continually defend/heal, he'll eventually give you Alice's wedding dress and run off.

  • On the lower eastern level of Bledavik Castle, the south-most door is a residence room. Check behind the bed curtains (rotate the camera) and examine the chest to get a cobracraka, one of the few 'effect' items in the game, that poisons your opponent when hit.

  • On the lower western floors, you can get into the kitchen. Jump up in the air to grab some hob-meat that's dangling from the ceiling.


  • In the Imperial Palace, head into the bedroom and examine the drawer to get a momento chain.

  • In the Kaiser's room, to the side of the wall on a drawer is the metronome bank.

    • Stop it once to get 1 G

    • Stop it 3 times in a row to get 10 G

    • Stop it 5 times in a row to get 100 G

    • Stop it 10 times in a row to get 500 G

    • Stop it 20 times in a row to get 1000 G

    • Stop it 30 times in a row to get 2000 G

    • Stop it 40 times in a row to get 3000 G

    • Stop it 50 times in a row to get nothing


  • In Nortune A Block, talk to Big Joe and hand him 5k G. Then, just before you are about to leave the city, talk to him again (he's on the city map). Go back to the alleyway to find an M Disk.


  • There are three books you need in order to get into Jessie's room: One can be found in the dining room, up the ladder. Talk to Brother A and tell him you won't tell anyone about where he's hiding and he'll give you a coloring book. The second you get when you try to enter the bathroom. (You must do this after you've examined the bookcase in Billy's room.) The third book can be obtained only with Rico in the party. Enter te room adjacent to the bathroom door, and talk to the kid looking out the window. Later in the game, make sure Billy is in your party and return to the orphanage with the three books to open the bookshelf.

  • Talk to the demihuman in the chicken pen, and he'll tell you how to win the Tag Badge. Just talk to the chickens and lure all three of them into the pen, then the badge is yours.


  • The dusk, dawn, and dark rocks will let you get a whole mess of excellent items, as well as one that can't be found anywhere else. Dawn Rock can be found by examining the southern area by the palace statue on the outer Shevat map. To locate the Dusk Rock, examine the doll in the the broken house and retrieve the Dark Rock by going down to the fountain area, talk to the man there and buy the thread. Then hop back up to the fountain top, and fish. Wait till Fei has said "..." at least three times before pulling up. After getting all the rocks, head down to the civilian area, go down the steps, through the door to the side of the stairs, and examine the lift that 'doesn't move'. It now works!

    If you've collected the RPS, Hide and Seek and Tag Badge, talk to the elder chu-chu in front of the item chu-chu to claim your reward.

Anima Dungeon 2

  • When you fight the boss of this dungeon, it'll get red hot before it dies. If you manage to kill it, you'll get the trading card, which allows you to collect rare items from monsters.

Snowfield Hideout

  • Go to the room behind the counter. You will meet Hans and he will tell you about the Thames and his new family. After reuniting with the Captain of the Thames, he tells Hans about a sword at Duneman's Island. You can play the girl next to Hans' wife at the card game - Speed, and if you win, she hands over the Emeralda Doll.

  • Talk to what looks like a waiter and he'll sell you birds for an absurd amount of money. Buy them and they fly away. This leaves the stepping stone unoccupied and you can access the room above. Check everything that looks like a table and you come out with a pair of Speed Shoes, a Hercules Ring, a Yamato Ring, a Wizardry Ring, a Vivid Turban, and a Hero Costume.

  • Go to the room behind the Gear Shop and before approaching the lone man, unequip the Kishin Sword from Fenrir. Talk to him and he will make the Kijin Sword.

  • Go to a room that leads to a snowy corridor. Go to the North room. In here you will find Midori and Dan. If you had the Midori Ring, Midori would give you a Hercules Ring for it.

  • Walk out and go to the floor above by way of the plank. You will talk to Queen Zephyr and you then see a scene with Ramsus.

  • If you meet another man, he will take the Mermaid Tear from the beginning of the game and create the Mermaid Ring. It's a great accessory for Emeralda. There is also a man in a small tunnel. He will dig up the Jukebox from earlier in the game if you pay him a Gold Nugget then a Gold Bullion.

Taura's House

  • Fly to the East Side of the map. There is a house in a forest to the North of the Anima Relic Dungeon 1. Go into the house and find Tora in the back of the house. He will provide you with the Manly Mantle and the Goddess Robe.

Duneman's Island

  • From the entrance, head North two screens, you will see fish swimming in the sand. Ignore themfor now and go up North one more time. You will see a giant skeleton of a monster. Climb up onto it and pull the Sword out, the skeleton will collapse. Now go to the previous screen and head East toward the fishes. You will end up in a place with strong sand currents. There are two treasure chests, one with a Kingly Armor and the other with a God-Father. After grabbing one chest, you will be sucked down and fight a large sand Worm. (Use a Guided Shot or other weak Ether Attack to kill it) Now go back to the same place and grab the other chest.


  • As you explore, Fei will say "We can go further on foot" every time you see a door (yellow light). Get off your gears and go inside.

  • Look out for Big Joe's shop. You can buy some extremely useful items there, if you have enough cash.

  • There are four chests in Big Joe's shop that keep reappearing.

  • Now head toward the parking lot. You will come across a sewer opening, and Fei will say that you can go in. Do so. Follow the path. The train has a hidden Z Charger. Make sure Emeralda is with you. After awhile, you will see a scene with Kim and Elly. Emeralda will become an adult and she grows stronger.

Using Deus orb colors to identify the boss [ Thanks to: JeragonFli@aol.com ]

    Harlute - Blue
    Marlute - Yellow
    Metatron - Gray
    Sundel - Pink

Renaming your Gears

  • In the Yggdrasil at any time, head into the gear dock room, and go up to the gear you want to rename. Then talk to the man standing still next to it, and you can either view it, or rename it.

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