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Xenogears Walkthrough
By Omnisoph Etone

Lahan Village:

As you start the game not understanding a thing, you now control Fei the main character of Xenogears. You will start the game in Lahan village. Walk up the stairs and talk to Fei's friend Timothy. He's standing in a big group of people. After you talk to him, go towards the door to leave the house, and a little red headed guy named Dan will walk in. After you talk to him you can leave the house.

Once in the village, you can walk about and talk to everyone if you want to… But if you are in hurry (the game doesn't allow hurry since it is so long) go to the house with the lady standing in front of it. She will recognize you and let you in the house. Go in the house and up the stairs. Now talk to Alice, Timothy's fiancée. After that, exit Lahan to the north to get to a mountain pass.

On the mountain path, you will quickly come to a Memory Cube with a fork in the road. Going to the right leads to treasure chests and go to the left leads further up the mountain. If you go further up, you will soon get to a kid standing by a ledge. Here is where you will have to make your first long jump, it is the first of many so get used to it. Just dash up to the ledge by holding X, and then hit Circle to make the jump. You'll soon get to Citan's house.

Citan's House:

You can talk to Citan's family in their house. (Also a little side quest for the moment it won't help now but it will in the long run. Go in the bushes next to the house where you came out of the side door. Jump over the bushes by pressing Circle. Then press X to pick up Midori's Ring). Once again if you are in a hurry, go to the shed out back, where you'll meet Citan. After he's done talking to you, go inside the shed and search the music box by pressing X. (That is how you search, talk to people and many other things just so you know.) After hearing Faraway Promise, you will leave and Citan will still be in the room. The Music Box will blow up. After a great dinner from Yui, you can leave with the equipment for Alice. When you are in the middle of the bridge, a series of events will occur. Then return to Lahan.

Lahan in Flames:

After an Anime scene Fei will jump into the downed pilot's Gear. This is your first Gear Battle and it is sort of difficult if you don't understand what you are doing.
Triangle is your weakest attack and uses the least Fuel (which is something you will eventually need to pay attention to), Square attacks are more powerful then Triangle attacks but less powerful then X attacks, and finally your strongest normal attack is X. Use the X attack on the Enemy Gears.
There will be another Anime, and then the scene will switch to Fei, Citan, and the rest of the survivors the next morning. After the events occur you will be placed on the world map. Now rotate your view (L1, R1) until you see a forest. Then enter the Blackmoon Forest.


The first thing you're going to want to do in the forest is to get off ground level, and up onto one of the ledges. There are two ways to do that. One-way is near the beginning of the place is a big rock you can jump on. From the rock, you can then jump up onto a nearby ledge. The other way to get up is to find the little creature standing near the base of a tree. If you approach him, he'll start jumping up the ledge near the roots of the tree. Follow him up there to get off ground level. At the end of the first screen, there's a creature in front of a big rock. After you kill the creature get out of the rolling rock's way. If it hits you, you will lose HP and if it hits you enough you can eventually get to 1 HP and then the next battle you will most likely get killed. Now you can go past where the rock was. There you will see a short Anime scene introducing Elly. You'll have to fight a very easy enemy. After that there will be another Anime scene. Now you will have a new party member, Elly.

As you enter the new section of the forest there will be a lot of jumps that need to be made. None are that difficult, though. When you finally get to the end of the forest, you'll see another scene with Fei and Elly followed by yet another Anime. A dinosaur like creature called a Rankar will then attack Elly and you'll have to fight it.

Boss: Rankar

HP: 480
Exp: 384
Gold: 0

The Rankar is a hard battle for beginners. Start off by just using random techniques. If your HP gets below 30 then heal with Fei's Inner healing. (Make sure to not do the same attacks twice in a battle because it takes longer to learn combos that way.)
After a while Citan comes in carrying Weltall in the land crab. Use your X attack (30 fuel) to destroy the Rankar.


As you enter the town, look along the walls for a way to walk up so you can walk on the rooftops. The next thing you want to do is go to the Ethos headquarters. It is a metal tent structure at end of town. When you get in there, you will see some people working on a big green gear. In this metal tent structure, you will want to talk to the two people in there. After you leave the Ethos headquarters there will be a scene with Citan and Fei talking to each other. Then go back to the beginning of the town and along the way you will run into a large sand buggy. Once you've found it, go inside the building and talk to the guy behind the desk. Citan will now take the Sand Buggy.

Another little thing you can do before you leave the town is to go into the bar and meet Big Joe. He is a comical character that you talk to many times in the game. We think Square Soft did it because they needed something to lighten the mood of an otherwise very serious game.

The Desert:

To go find Citan will be a pain. What you have to do is walk northwest until you get into the desert. (If you did what this Walkthrough says to do in town, Citan won't be in your party. If you didn't do the above steps, you will have to go back and do them all. If you don't you will just see the same screen over and over in the desert without any Gears.) Once in the desert you will see two Gears jumping over the dunes. Then run ahead towards where the Gears went and you will go into the next screen. In the next screen, you will see a giant ship fly overhead. Then the same two Gears will come up behind you and jump over the dunes once again. Then run ahead toward where the gears went. You will have to go a few screens. Then there will be another scene. After a while and a few screens you will have to fight the two Gears. It is an easy battle. After the Gear Battle, you will meet one of the game's villains. His name is Grahf. After the Anime scene and the whole thing with Grahf that no one understands this early into the game, Grahf will try to increase your strength by a Gear battle against Wyrm.

Boss: Wyrm

HP: 200
Exp: 1044
Gold: 0

Wyrm is basically invulnerable to basic attacks. So the best strategy is to use Triangle to conserve fuel. Once you get to Attack Level 1 then use combos from that.
If you want the battle to go fast, you should use Guided Shot to take out the Boss. It should take about 3 hits to kill the Boss. (Guided Shot uses EP not fuel so if you need to conserve fuel or want the battle to end fast, use this.)

Once he's dead, you and Citan will be captured and taken aboard an enemy Sand Cruiser.

Aveh Sand Cruiser:

After you get control of Fei, I would save. Then go and talk to Citan and there will a few scenes. Once you get control of Fei again, you should save once again. Soon after you talk with Citan, the Sand Cruiser will get attacked. Now you will have to escape.

Exit your room and you will be in the first room. In this first room, you'll have to run against the slope of Aveh's sinking Sand Cruiser. There's an ever-rising amount of sand so it is harder.

Now you will have to roam your way around each of the next screens. This isn't really that difficult. The only problem is that you have to fight along the way. After about 3 rooms (not sure how many), you will climb out of the Sand Cruiser and be on top of it. You are going to have to run up the crane and avoid the blocks that come after each cross walk. When you get to the top, you will climb into Weltall and save Citan and yourself. It is possible for it to totally sink but don't worry you get to do it again.

Boss: Brigandier
HP: 800
Exp: 1600
Gold: 500

For the boss, Pirate (Bart), use X attacks on him when you are at Attack Level 0 then use combos at Attack Level 1. Bart's main attack is Wild Smile. Don't worry about it because this is a fast battle.


This is the first dungeon that you will be able to use your Gears for. You will now control Weltall and Brigandier. Push the big rock in the southwest corner out of the way. Now you can continue into the dungeon. Continue through the rooms until you reach a large room with a Memory Cube in it. Save and enter the door right by the Memory Cube. (Press L2 and R2 to get out of your Gears) You will now meet Old Man Bal'.
After you have talked to Old Man Bal', you will have to find two Sensor Switches so you can exit the cave. To find the first one, you will have to jump up the ledges (in the room with the Memory Cube) and exit up on top of the ledges. Now you will have to follow a long path and you will eventually get to the sensor. Then go back into the room with the Memory Cube.
Now you will have to go back one screen from where you are (the room with the Memory Cube). This room has a robot standing in it. You will need to jump between some ledges to get to the sensor. It will take a little while but it isn't that difficult.

If you deactivated both of the switches, you will now have to go back to Old Man Bal'. You should now save. After he opens the gate leave the room but then come back in to it to buy Gear Parts. This is the first time you that you can do it. You will want to buy all of the best things for both Weltall and Brigandier. After buying new parts for your Gears, you now have to head in to the gate. Now you will be in the final section of this dungeon. Now ride the train over to the other side. Once you are there, push the button in the box to give power to the elevator. Now go down the elevator and you will enter a room with a save point. On the top of the room there is an elevator that you have to take down. Get off the elevator and walk forward. You will now see the huge Gear flying around. Keep walking and then Calamity will attack you.

Boss: Calamity

HP: 2500
Exp: 8642
Gold: 2000

This is definitely the hardest battle so far. MAKE SURE TO BUY GEAR PARTS FROM OL' MAN BAL!!! If you don't the battle will be next to impossible!!! Fei should be at about level 19 or 20 but if you're not don't worry about it. If you want to, go back and level raise. On Calamity use X attack with Fei and then every other turn do Level 1 combos. Have Bart hit the boss with Wild Smile to lower Calamity's hit percentage. It will make Calamity miss more so your HP won't go down as fast because his main attack does about 500 HP. Don't use Guided Shot it doesn't do much. You could use Booster in the battle to speed up your turns.

After you beat him, go ahead and you will find an exit to the cave. Now go out of the cave. After a little while you will be in the Yggdrasil. It is Bart's Ship. To get out of the Gear Hanger you have to go towards a guard standing by the wall right next to the door. You may have to rotate your view to find the door. There is also another door with a guard by it. You will want to enter it. It is the Yggdrasil's Gear Shop. Each time you are in the Yggdrasil you will want to stop in here.

In the Gear Hanger, go to the wall closest to the Gear Shop. Now where you see a guard standing against the wall, go into the door that he is next to. Once you have gotten into the hallways of the Yggdrasil, go straight ahead and go into the door. This will take you into a room with a Memory Cube and older man standing behind a counter. Talk to him and he will tell you some info and also sell you character items. Exit the room to get back into the hallway that leads you to the Gear Hanger. From the hallway, you will need to go towards the side that sticks way out. Now enter the elevator. When you reach the top floor go into the room with the symbol on it. Now you should be in the Control Room or the Bridge. Now talk to the man controlling the ship. As you find out his name is Sigurd. Now the Yggdrasil will head towards Bart's Base.

Bart's Base:

Follow Maison into the room he goes to. You can buy New Gear parts and many other things from the lady behind the counter. If you bought parts in the Gear Hanger of the Yggdrasil nothing is better now.

Walk into the door on the East wall. There will be a scene and Fei will storm out. Go into Bart's room (the room with the sign on the door), and when you try to leave the room, Bart will come in. After that take the center elevator down and walk onto the deck of the Yggdrasil and then there will be a scene with Bart.

Now cross over the elevator you just took down and walk along the platform that is there. Once you get to the end take the elevator down to the Gear Hanger. Now when you see Weltall walk around the platform and talk to the guy 'working' on Weltall. You will find out that Weltall has these little black boxes that no one knows what the boxes do… Sigurd and Citan will come in and then they will take you up the elevator and start to talk to you. You will now see Bart at the edge of the Yggdrasil talking to his father. Once Sigurd and Citan leave take the elevator back up to the main area of Bart's base. Go into the rooms with the bunk beds. Once you are in there talk to the guy by the entrance. Talk to him, he'll ask you a question, choose the second answer, then the second answer again. You're characters will rest and during the night, a bunch of enemy Gears will attack Bart's Base.

Once you wake up, take the elevator down one level to where the Yggdrasil is. After the characters talk a little, a series of battles will then begin.

Boss: Swordknight
HP: 700
Exp: 1500
Gold: 300

Bart and 2 of his pirates handle the Swordknight, so this is an easy fight. Keep using X attacks and then combos as you can.

Boss: Aegisknight
HP: 700
Exp: 1500
Gold: 300

Citan enter this battle alone against the Aegisknight. Do the usual thing. X attack then combos, as they become available. Defeat it with 2 Attack Level 1 combos.

Boss: Wandknight (2)
HP: 620
Exp: 1500
Gold: 400

With Bart and Citan against the Wandknights, it again should be an easy battle. You will need to use X and combos again to defeat the Bosses.

Boss: Clawknight
HP: 600
Exp: 1500
Gold: 300

Fei is in this one by himself against the Clawknight. A couple of Attack Level 1 combos make this one an easy battle.

Boss: Schpariel
HP: 5963
Exp: 17889
Gold: 1700

This is the last battle in the first series of bosses. Fei, Citan, and Bart fight this one out with the Schpariel. This battle is now the toughest yet. Now all of your gears have over 2000 HP. You should have Bart use Wild Smile to get the Boss's accuracy down. Use X attack until you have Attack Level 1. Then use these combos as often as you can.

After the battle, you'll have Bart and Citan in your party, as well as Fei. Go down inside the Yggdrasil and talk to Sigurd on the bridge. You'll gain control of the Yggdrasil. Head to Aveh, it is the big bluish town nearby.


As soon as you enter, there'll be a fairly long scene introducing two more of the game's main villains, Ramsus and Miang. Once that is over, you will start in Aveh. When you enter Aveh, a person will come up and talk to you. Answer that you don't have a room. The person will then show you were you have to go next. It is the hotel up the stairs. When you enter the hotel, everyone will be talking and then a nun come up and asks Bart if she knows him. Now follow her upstairs into her room. Once in there talk to her. Leave the hotel and go to a man (sitting down in back) and a woman (standing by a water pump) talk to both of them. Now examine red sewer gate. The old man will talk to you.

**Side Quest**
H and S Badge
The hide and seek badge is rather easy. Find the kid standing in an area all by himself. It is a rooftop or something like that. Talk to him and choose the option to play Hide and Go Seek. He is going to be in 1 of 4 spots each time. Each time that choice is gone.
In the back of the town right before you enter Shakhan Square. He is standing in the corner of the wall. If you rotate your view you can see him.
By the hotel and the Ethos shop, there is a sewer gate and a few barrels. He is standing behind the barrels.
On one side there is a door structure and it goes back into a long hall. If you are standing in front of the door he is on the left side behind the wall.
The last one is in the front of the town. He is standing in the corner of the building. He is tucked away so just press X to see if he is there.
Now you will receive the H and S Badge.
**End Side Quest**

Now go back to the hotel and talk to the nun in her room. Exit the town and enter Shakhan Square. Go to one of the shops that sell toys. Buy a Mini-Gear. (These have something to do with the game later most likely. No one has EVER gotten all of the pieces. I wonder why…) Now go towards the castle through the back of the Square. Choose the first option and Bart stays behind. Go to the last location of the city. It is the palace. Go to the booth on the left side (from the direction you walk in on) Enter the Tournament with whatever name you choose. Once again go back to the nun's hotel room. Talk to her again. Now go back to the area with the old man and the woman. Now talk to the man. When he asks you a question, choose the middle choice. (I really don't think it matters though…) For the last time go back into the hotel and talk to the nun. Bart and Citan will stay in the room. If there is anything you want to do in Aveh then do it now. When you are done, talk to either one and choose the option to get some rest. When you wake up you will enter the Tournament. Citan will come along with you as Bart goes into the sewers and invades the castle. Once in the castle area, talk to the guard that's blocking your way. After he moves talk to the other guard ahead and he only lets Fei by. Now go into the tents until you find Dan from Lahan. After you talk to him there will be a scene with a masked man, who mysteriously knows your name. Now the scene will switch to Bart.

The Sewers, Palace, and the Tournament:


Once controlling Bart go to the sewer gate by the hotel. Open it up and the scene will switch again to Fei. (The Bosses in the Tournament will be first then the sewer walkthrough)

Battle 1: Gonzalez
HP: 400
Exp: 500
Gold: 0

In the tournament, the first challenger you face is Gonzalez. Gonzalez is not powerful at all. If he does a lot of damage to you then have Fei use Inner Healing. Try not to use DeathBlows on Gonzalez otherwise he will use his main attack Berserk.

Battle 2: Big Joe
HP: 777
Exp: 1
Gold: 1

The next competitor is Big Joe. His attacks are weak but the audience's attacks are strong. They heal Big Joe and throw cans at Fei. Because of the crowd this is a hard battle. Power your AP bar by using weak attacks on Big Joe. Then unleash combos on Big Joe to finish him.

Battle 3: Scud
HP: 300
Exp: 500
Gold: 0

Next is Scud. His attacks are weak but he heals himself regularly. His main attack is throwing knifes, which cause little damage to Fei. I hope you equipped Poison Guard before the Tournament. If not then you will get poisoned and lose HP a lot faster. The best strategy for this battle is to save up AP and then unleash combos.

Battle 4: Dan
HP: 450
Exp: 500
Gold: 5

Now is time to fight Dan. Remember him from Lahan??? If you use defense for a while then he will give you Alice's dress from the beginning of the game. Use combos to destroy him. After his SuperBeam, use Inner Healing because he sometimes does it many times in a row...

Battle 5: Wiseman
HP: ???
Exp: 0
Gold: 0

This is an easy fight but at the same time the hardest fight you will ever encounter. Wiseman won't hurt you and you can't hurt him. Use Triangle a few times then he will flee and forfeit the match.


While you are in the sewers swim around sometimes the current will get rather strong and it will keep you in one place or even knock you back. Keep pressing X throughout it. After it dies down you can continue going the normal speed. Continue swimming until you find a red door called the Flood Gate. Go up to it and press X once you have found it. After a few moments it will open. Now continue forward and climb up a ladder. Then talk to the person in the room. Now is a good time to save. After saving, you now need to go up the ladder and into the palace.

There are many guards here (good for leveling up if you fight each one). Now if you get to come out of a door from inside and it asks you to 'Take a peak' or just 'walk out' that is totally up to you. I always chose the walk out because the battles are good for leveling up and getting more deathblows. (Fight as many times as you can and get as many deathblows as you can)

In Shakhan's room, as you previously saw in a scene, there is a monitor. You can look at different parts of the castle with this. I found no use for it at all. I think it was just for a little entertainment.

After you found the monitor room, go down one floor and go down a small passage that is always overlooked the first time in the room. In that room go into the hallway and you will have to fight the guard blocking the door. Now you will go into the room and you will find Margie. There is a save point in this room. USE IT! Also heal yourself before leaving. When you leave the room, Ramsus and Miang will come up and you will have to fight them.

Boss: Ramsus with Miang
HP: 400
Exp: 7000
Gold: 500

After going through the Fatima Castle, you will have to battle Ramsus. He has a partner, Miang, who always heals him. But at the same time you have Margie who heals you. Don't use Heaven's Cent or Wild Smile because they are both very ineffective. Build up AP then unleash combos on Ramsus to win the battle. If Ramsus does a move called Mirror Stance use defense or cures with items. If you don't then he will unleash an attack that does about 150 HP.

Boss: Ramsus again
HP: 800
Exp: 7000
Gold: 500

Another battle with Ramsus, do as you did before. Charge up AP with both Fei and Bart and then unleash combos to defeat him.

After you win the battles, there will be a short scene with Fei, Bart, and Margie being chased. Once you get control run down the hallway and you will meet and old friend, Elly. After all of the scenes and everything you will be in the Yggdrasil.


Enter the Yggdrasil by going through the hole to top of the ship. Talk to the creature in front of the bridge. Now take the elevator down to the room closest to the Gear Hanger. This is Margie's room. Talk to her and then you will get to name the character called Chu-Chu. (That is its default name) Now go into the bridge and talk to Sigurd.

Now go northwest to a lone tree. This is 'The Road To Nisan'. Click X to enter and go towards Nisan. Soon you will be on the map of Nisan. Head to the first section of the city the town of Nisan.


Go to the back of the town and you will see Margie. (Remember to explore the town sometime) Talk to the guy keeping you from leaving the back of the town to the Sanctuary. Go through that exit once he moves and go into the Sanctuary. After the scene with Margie and the nuns, you will need to follow Margie to a door. Now follow her and there will be a few scenes along the way. You will soon enter the room with a picture Great Mother of Nisan, Sophia. Go into Sister Agnes' room. It is on the way back to the stairs. It is the first room on the side of Mother Sophia's room. It look has tons of books in it. Rotate your view until you can see an entrance to where Margie and Sister Agnes are standing.

Now head back into the town and go to the house where Maison is standing. Once you are in the building, you learn a little about Sigurd and Citan's past in Solaris. Once that whole scene is over go find Bart. He is standing on a bridge not far from the house.

Now go into the meeting room. It is near the Gear/Item Shop. The meeting room is a long building. There will be a long scene explaining what is going to happen with Bart taking back Aveh. Afterwards you will go to sleep. When you talk to Bart in the morning choose the first choice.

There will be a CG Cinema with Weltall being launched out of the Yggdrasil. Now it will switch to Citan in the Yggdrasil. Talk to Maison behind the counter then go save. Now take the elevator to the room that leads you into the bridge. There is a ladder on the wall. Take it up and there will be a scene with Bart and Sigurd. When the scene switches it will go to Weltall and Bart's mates by some cliffs.


Jump up onto the cliffs. There are 2 treasure chests in this area before you enter the cave. If you don't care then go up to the top and you will find an entrance. Go into it. Go to the left side and jump up until you can't go any higher. Now you will have to jump across the ledge. Continue up the cave. When you reach the top you will see a memory cube and a robot. MAKE SURE TO RESTORE YOUR GEAR!!! DO NOT CHOOSE THE LAST OPTION!!! The Gear parts are the same as the ones that were in the Yggdrasil. Make sure to save for there will be a difficult series of battles.

Boss: Wandknights (2)
HP: 620
Exp: 1500
Gold: 200

Do these guys remind you of a boss before? That is because they are. Once again you have to fight the Wandknights. Attack one of them with X and then build up to Attack Level 2. Then use an Attack Level 2 combo on the second Gear. Then finish the first one with 2 more X attacks.

Boss: Clawknight, Swordknight, and Aegisknight
HP: 700, 1500, 300
Exp: 700, 1500, 300
Gold: 300, 300, 300

For this battle, take out the Aegisknight first because he has an attack that weakens armor and you will have HP gone very fast. If he does that attack to you use Inner Healing. Do the usual on all the bosses, X attack then Attack Level 2 combos to destroy them. Another way to win is to defeat the Swordknight first because it inflicts heavy amounts of damage to Weltall. One combo should do it. The Clawknight's attacks are weak.

Boss: Vierge (Elly)
HP: 2400
Exp: 11,046
Gold: 300

Fei and Weltall now have to face the mighty Vierge. This is Elly's gear. Hopefully the battles with the prior bosses didn't take a lot out of you. The X attack misses a lot but it does twice the damage as a Square attack. Use combos as soon as you can.

Once you are back in the Cave, use the memory cube and restore your Gears' HP and Fuel. Jump up the cliffs and soon you will get out of the cave. The exit is where there is light shining down into the cave.
Now the scene will switch to Bart, Citan, Sigurd, and the others in the basement of the castle. Climb up the ladder and there will be a long scene. Then you will be in the Yggdrasil with Bart and Citan. Leave the room and the scene will switch to Fei.

Desert Battle:

Once Fei leaps off the cliff to the desert below. You will need to try to avoid gunfire (-1 HP), land mines (-15 HP), and enemy Gears (make a battle). Go as far West as you can, then there will be a short scene and you will enter another screen. Once again head as far West as possible. Your best bet is to go past the two ships first. After you pass the 2 screens, there will be a few boss battles.

Boss: Main Gun
HP: 1,800
Exp: 7,000
Gold: 0

Ignore the Main Gun's side cannon, they don't do much damage and it is a waste of time trying to defeat them. Watch for the countdown by the Main Gun. Once the countdown reaches zero, it will release its ultimate attack, Big Cannonball. It does about 400 HP. Use X attack on it until you get to Attack Level 3 or 2 if you don't have 3 yet. After 3 X attacks and a level 3 combo the boss should be dead.

Boss: Dora
HP: 3,000
Exp: 13,393
Gold: 2,000

In this battle, Fei has two of Bart's pirates fighting with him. Use Booster in this battle to speed up the number of turns you get. At first, Dora doesn't get hurt from any attacks from the companions. Use X attacks then at Attack Level 3 or 2 if you don't have 3, as soon as possible. As soon as the head cover blows off then the companions can damage Dora. Use their X attacks.

Boss: Id
This battle is impossible to win. So do whatever you want to…


There will be a long scene and then a series of battles. Before the battles, Fei will wake up and he is in Nortune, the capital of Kislev. After a few minutes, Rico, the Battling Champion, and he 'crew' will come to give Fei his 'Baptismal Ceremony'. Now you will have a chance to save (USE IT) and heal. When you are ready to start battling go up and talk to Rico.

Battle 1: Leonardo
HP: 500
Exp: 300
Gold: 0

This isn't a tough battle. Charge up your AP to 15. Use a weak attack many times. Then use Hagan 3 times by using the Combo on the menu. Choose Hagan 3 times. The boss should be dead by then.

Battle 2: Heinrich
HP: 500
Exp: 300
Gold: 150

This battle is the same as the last, except that Heinrich is a better opponent. Charge up your AP bar to 15 and unleash 3 Hagan combos to defeat Heinrich.

Battle 3: Vargas
HP: 500
Exp: 300
Gold: 150

Vargas has nothing going for him but a Mirror attack. So use and build up your AP to 28 and then unleash a 28-point combo.

Battle 4: Suzarn
HP: 800
Exp: 500
Gold: 0

Suzarn's Sickle attack is a very harmful attack if you can't heal yourself. If you get under 100 HP then use Inner Healing. If he takes all of your EP then use Rosesol to restore EP. Then next turn heal. Charge up your AP bar to 28, and then unleash combos to destroy this boss.

Battle 5: Rico
HP: ???
Exp: 0
Gold: 0
Rico is unbeatable so do what ever you want to...

After losing to the Champ, you become an A Class prisoner. Now you will be back in the medical place and as soon as you can get control of Fei again you will want to save. Now leave the medical place and go to the bar (the place with all of the neon lights in above of the door). Go into the back of the bar where you will see this weird looking creature that sort of looks like some relative of a camel. His name is Hammer 'The Supplier'. There will be a short scene coming up when Fei is asked to join the Battling Tournament. This will happen after you talk to the guard in the northeastern part of the town. He will tell you something about the battling committee and after that return to the bar.

Now go back to the Medical 'Ward' and you will see Hammer again. Now go downstairs to meet the new doctor. It is none other then… Citan… When you are asked 3 choices, choose whichever one you want to…

Now leave the Medical 'Ward' and go through the door that was previously blocked off since it was being fixed. The guard will now let you by him and into the battle arena. Talk to Hammer and then talk to the lady standing by him. This will start the Battling.

For the first battle it is rather easy because after you take about 2/3 of the Enemy's HP away Weltall will overheat and it will injure Fei a little. This battle you will lose.

You will awake from bed. Go to the Battling Arena, and talk to the guy behind the counter that gives you two choices. Choose the second one to enter. Once you kill the enemy, choose to enter again, and after you kill the next enemy, it'll be nighttime.

At night, go back to your room and get some rest. Then return to the Battling Arena, and enter two more fights. It'll be nighttime again, so go back to your room again to rest.

In the morning, Rico will join. You must now go to the Kislev sewers. The entrance is on one of the rooftops.


When you enter the Sewers if you run around you will find many treasure chest so make sure to go into every door and every walkway that you can. There is a large ladder that you will need to climb down after you have gotten the treasure chest with the Kislev Map. This ladder will take you to the second basement floor. You will have to find the murder spots in this place before you can go down the ladder. On every floor in the Sewers you will have to do this. On the second basement floor, there is a locked door. If you search it (X button) your characters will start to talk about it.

Now you will need to search around for a stationary rat sweeper. Search it and you will find some keys. Find a little green man in the Sewers on this floor and he will give you some information. You will need to find a door along the wall with some pipes in it. Jump up the pipes to get the treasures. After you have found all of the murder points go and once again talk to the green man. Head north to find a pipe with slime and no murder spot. Search it and Fei will ring the bell that you found in the treasure chest that is mentioned above. Now you will have to fight Redrum.

Boss: Redrum
HP: 4,242
Exp: 52,425
Gold: 500

Redrum is a long battle. It's attack Murder takes one character's entire HP. If you found Cool Shades and Poison Guard equip them. Use Mentsol and Physisol to get rid of effects. Have everyone use combos and boost up your AP. Also use Zetasol to revive any one that Redrum has killed.

Back in Kislev:

Now you will need to go back to the Battle Arena and you will need to compete in the last battles. Fight 3 more battles, and then you will go to work on your Gear. Then Wiseman will appear and you will need to fight him.

Boss: Wiseman
HP: ???
Exp: 0
Gold: 0

This battle isn't difficult by any means. Power up your AP bar to 28 and heal along the way. You can win or lose the out come is the same.

After you beat or lose to Wiseman it doesn't matter, go back into the Battling Arena to fight Stier, Rico's Gear. After you become 'The Champ', you will be able to explore all of Nortune.

Now you will need to go to the Administrative District, the huge red thing in the center of the city. Talk to the guards and you will be able to get in. Take elevator up and then go left and you will reach a stairway. Go up that and you will be able to go into a door. This is the Kaiser's room.

Now after you see all of the scenes, you will be with Rico in the Kaiser's wife's room. Search the desk with the mirror on it and you will receive an item. Once you leave the room, the guards will take Rico away.

Leave the Administrative District and go to the A-Block area. This is the residential area of the city. You will meet up with Hammer and the nurse from D-Block again. Now go back into D-Block. After the scene, you are now able to go into 'The Champ's' room. There is a Memory Cube and a bed there. Use both. Now when you wake up you can go to get Weltall.

At Night:

Now climb up onto a ladder an entrance to the Medical Ward. Talk to the girl and the train will start to go by. Jump off and land on the train. When you get on there you will have move quickly to the front of the train. Then Citan and Fei will jump off the train.

Once in the room, go to the door straight ahead. Citan will say something to the sort of 'There are people coming, let's hide.' After they leave jump up the boxes to get to a vent shaft. Go into the vent shafts. Walk around the hallways until you get to a door with boxes stacked up high and a lone crate on the ground. Push the lone crate to the other side of the room so that you can get up onto the other side of the room. Go into the door. When you enter the door there will be a short scene with some guards putting a key in a cabinet. When they leave go to the cabinet and search it (X). There is the Master Key and a Frame HP 30. In another room that you will go into there is a Mini Gear on a shelf in the back room. If you get this then you will have to fight some guards. Then leave the room through a side door. You will eventually get to the first room and you now have the key to get in the other door. Use the Memory Cube by the door before you enter it. Now go to the door right by the Memory Cube and you will need to search to the right of the door. Now you will enter the Gear Hanger. On the left most Dock press the button by it twice and Weltall will come down. Use the X button to get into Weltall. Use the Memory Cube in the back of the room. Go around to the other side of the room and there will be a Gear Parts Gear. You will need to buy new parts for Weltall as well as other Gears. Now take the elevators up to the surface and there will be some Gear battles.

Boss: Rankar-R
HP: 800
Exp: 946
Gold: 0

This is a very easy battle. Use X button until you reach Attack Level 1. Use your strongest Attack Level 1 combos.

Boss: Aegisknight-R
HP: 1600
Exp: 5570
Gold: 2000

This is another easy battle. Use only Attack Level 1 combos to conserve fuel.

Boss: Swordsknight-R
HP: 1800
Exp: 5570
Gold: 2000

Once again, there is another very easy battle. Use Booster in this battle. Use your most powerful Attack Level combos, as they are available. Use Frame HP when needed but don't use it to often otherwise you will run out of Fuel.

Boss: Clawknight-R
HP: 1700
Exp: 5570
Gold: 2000

Use Booster once again. Also use your highest Attack Level combo that you can. Do this as soon as they become available.

Boss: Wand Knights (2)
HP: 1800
Exp: 5570
Gold: 2000

This is an easy battle now because Rico joins in this fight. If Weltall has more than 1,000 HP this should be easy. You should use X and the highest Attack Level combo that you know.

There will be a short scene with Fei and Elly. You will get the option to save your game.

Boss: Dominia
HP: 7500
Exp: 48,106
Gold: 2000

Use Booster on this battle. When the Hecht mounts a large cannon in front of Dominia, try to defeat Dominia fast otherwise she will release her Ultimate Attack, which causes between 1,000 and 1,500 HP of damage to the party. Use your highest Attack Level combos to destroy her.

Soon enough Elly will join your party for good. Now you will need to leave the doctor's house. Go to the exit and there will be 3 guards there. Talk to them and choose the 2nd option. Leave Nortune and go on to the World Map. Head north and you will reach the Goliath Factory. You will need to be out of your Gears to cross through the forest.

Goliath Factory:

In the beginning you will need to head down the hallway. Now you will find a lone Gear standing there. Talk to it and you will find out it is Hammer. You can buy new Gear Parts and also change party members. Use Citan, Bart, and Rico. Go into the door ahead and you will have to fight some battles. Go through the hallway and take the elevator up to the conveyor belt. In the next room jump down and you will need to hit the switch to change the direction of the conveyor belt. Get back on it and take it to the end. Now you will go into the next room and you will find 2 switches on the walls. If you search the one near the belt that you need to go on, it changes the direction of the belt. The other one makes you get into a battle. You will now be in a room with a Memory Cube. Now go into the big entrance on the conveyor belt.

Boss: Fis-6
HP: 6800
Exp: 67,284
Gold: 15,000

Start off by using Booster on all of your Gears. Use X attacks with all your Gears. Until you have boosted up to Attack Level 3. Then unleash your best combo. Don't use attack because Fis-6 just blocks it (unless it is in a combo). Elly's attacks are almost useless.

After a while Fis-6 overheats and Mechanics will appear to restore HP. Take out the Mechanics so that it can't be healed. You could defeat Fis-6 before the Mechanics even arrive.

HP: 5000
EXP: 1
G: 0
Since Grahf is out of his Gear, you cannot perform combos on him. Make sure that each of your characters has a Frame HP equipped. He tends to attack Rico the hardest, so try to keep his HP above 3800 or so. Grahf's Super Guided Shot will immediately halve a Gear's HP. The best strategy to use would be to continue to hit Grahf with the Fierce attack (X Button) and hope that it connects for its full damage worth. On a side note, do not worry about Vierge. Grahf will never attack Elly (at least while the other Gears are alive), so use this to your advantage.

Ocean Wreckage:

Once you are in control of Elly, search a hatch on the other side of the wreckage and Fei will come out. Now the scene will switch to everyone else on the Yggdrasil.

Talk to Bart, who is on the bridge. Eventually you will control Bart. Go find Citan in the Gear Shop. Make sure to buy the new parts. After that go find Rico in front of his Gear. Now the scene will switch back to Fei and Elly. The Thames will now rescue you.


In the Supply Dock, there is a Gear Shop (a lone guy standing on another level as you enter. There is a small walkway up to him.) If you continue back you can play a card game with a little boy. There are also a few treasure chests in this area try to get them all. After you are done with that you will need to go to the top floor and talk to the Captain. After a scene follow him down to the Beer Hall (3rd Floor). After a scene Fei will spot the Yggdrasil under attack. Go to the 1st floor (Deck) to get your Gears. To get in them press X.

Boss: Haishao (Dominia)
HP: 5000
Exp: 0
Gold: 0

Use your most powerful Attack Level combos as they become available. The Yggdrasil II comes and takes Dominia out for now.

Elly will now get kidnapped. Now you will be back in the Thames with Bart and Citan. Go to the Bridge and there will be many scenes. Afterwards you will be in the bridge of the Yggdrasil. Now you will need to go the Beer Hall of the Thames and there will be a scene with Bart and the Captain. Soon enough, Elly will reappear. Now go to the engine room, a hallway down in Maison's room on the bottom section. There will be a scene with Elly. GO INTO THE GEAR SHOP AND REFUEL YOUR GEARS!!! Now go talk to Elly in the doctor's room in Maison's room.

Boss: Bladegash (Dominia)
HP: 3000
Exp: 22,428
Gold: 3000

Use Booster on all your Gears. Use less powerful attacks like Triangle because your stronger attacks cause very little damage to her. Use Attack Level 1 combos every other turn. Brigandier's Attack: Beat Serpent and Weltall's Attack: Reppu do about 800 HP of damage to Dominia. Try to conserve Fuel and HP because the next battle is even harder and you can't heal between battles. You can 'defeat' Dominia's Elemental Sword by having Elly use the opposite Ether.

Fire cancels out Water
Water cancels out Fire
Earth cancels out Wind
Wind cancels out Earth

Boss: Ramsus (Haishao) and Miang (Miang's Gear)
HP: 4500
Exp: 19,500
Gold: 15,000

Miang heals Ramsus for about 750 HP each time. This is a difficult battle because you can't eliminate Miang. His attack cause about 1,500 to one member or many. After a while he will counterattack with Neried Cyclone, which causes about 1,200 HP of damage. The attack will come soon after 'Mirror Predict/Counter" so when you see that be ready.

Use Booster in this battle. If Ramsus uses Neried Cyclone then use Charge or Frame HPs. DON'T ATTACK IF HE USES THIS ATTACK!!! After he uses it you can attack him again. After causing about 3000 HP of damage to Ramsus, he will 'destroy' Fei. At this time Elly will come to the rescue.

Now Fei will leave the party because of his severe injury. Go to the Thames' deck level. You need to talk to Margie. Now you will meet the Etone that the party needs to help treat Fei. Go to the Dock Level of the Thames and leave. You will now need to go straight north to the Ethos Headquarters.
Once in the HQ follow him to infirmary. Once you gain control of the party search around the HQ and eventually Elly will let you know about Fei's condition. Go back to the infirmary to see Fei. Now go after Billy to his orphanage.


**Side Quest**
To receive the tag badge, you will need to collect 3 chickens and put them into a caged in area. It is very easy to do. After succeeding you will receive the 'Tag Badge'.
**End Side Area**

Now enter the house. Go up to Billy and talk to him. His father will storm in eventually. Sigurd will also come in. They will all leave and Stone will come to the Orphanage. Billy will eventually get preparations for his 'trip' to the Reaper's Ship. Afterwards, find the room with the blue bookshelf, search it and a pathway will open up, and Billy will come out.

Now go into the room with Billy's sister, Primera, in it. Jump onto the bed and talk to the little boy. If Rico is in your party there will be a short scene. Leave the Orphanage when you are done and you will automatically be on the Yggdrasil.

Now you will need to take the elevator down to Maison's room. Use the Memory Cube and talk to Sigurd and Jessie. After you rest, go to the Gun Room (Maison's Room) and talk to the other characters including Billy who is standing in the back corner of the room by the table. Leave the bridge and go up the ladder.

Wel Reaper's Ship:

If you run into the crates they will get knocked over. When you enter the ship, you will need to find a control pad on the wall. This controls the lights. It will also open the A Door Locks. Climb up the ladder, and then go down the next hatch. Search the control pad on the wall to open the B Door Locks. Continue up the ship by using the door that you just unlocked. You will reach a hallway with many doors in it. 3 doors on each side and the one that you will need to use are straight ahead. There are many chests in the side room so make sure to get them. You will now unlock the door that was straight ahead. It is rusted shut so run into it a few times. Go onto the roof and continue up and there is a Memory Cube. You will now need to use the Memory Cube. Go down the hatch and you will be in a control room.

Boss: Bloody
HP: 4242
Exp: 25,701
Gold: 3000

Bloody's attacks are much like Redrum's attacks. His Murder attack drains the entire HP from one of your characters. If this happens, use Zetasol to revive him/her. Billy should heal all of the characters. His Square attack actually heals Bloody for about 70 HP. Don't have Elly use Thermo Cube because it heals Bloody for 200 HP.

Have Rico build up his AP bar to 28 and have him use his Steel Fist ability. The resulting effect is about 2000 HP of damage to Bloody. Also have Billy use Goddess Call to speed up Rico.

After you kill Bloody; enter the door by the ladder.

Boss: Huge Wels
HP: 7000
Exp: 77,103
Gold: 28,000

Use Booster immediately on all of your Gears. Giant Wels takes your Fuel every once in a while.

The only basic attack that seems to hurt it is Billy's Square attack. Have Elly use her Ether spells. Each one causes about 500 HP of damage with a tiny side effect...
This Boss grows each Ether attack. But its defense is lower each time. But another problem is that as it grows its attacks get stronger. After about 4 attacks, the Boss becomes weak enough for normal attacks and combos.

You will now be in the Yggdrasil. Go to Margie's room for a little scene.

Back at the Ethos' Headquarters:

Go to the Ethos' Headquarters. When you enter everyone has been murdered. Go downstairs and take the Elevator down. There will be a scene about the Ethos and Solaris. Now go to the Thames. Go and talk to the captain. Now take the Yggdrasil to the Ethos' Dig Site.

Ethos' Dig Site:

Walk through the Dig Site killing all of the guards. In a hallway with 2 guards, there is a side door that you will have to take downstairs. Once you try to enter this door and it won't let you in because of nano contamination. Choose the first option. Go back upstairs and you go back one door. It will have a treasure chest and a computer system in it. Activate the computer and chose the first option. Go back down into the room and you will be able to continue through the Dig Site. Now you will need to go into the gray door that leads you to a control room. Search the computer and you will activate it. After the scene you will have to fight the Elements.

Boss: Tolone and Seraphita
HP: 2500 and 2000
Exp: 31,184 and 31,184
Gold: 5,000 and 5,000

Use Billy's Holy Light Ether and Citan's Renki and Sazanami to restore all character's HP. If one or two of your party's members are downed then use Zetasol to revive them as soon as you can.

Destroy Seraphita (pink hair) because she has less HP. If you have Citan have him use his Renki and then Chiseii to protect everyone from Tolone's Wind Attacks that severely damage the party. Stick to normal Deathblows and forget about building your AP up against Tolone. If the party survives the first few attacks this should be an easy battle.

Now the after the battle, you will need to backtrack to the beginning. There will be a boss battle at the bridge.

Boss: Id
HP: 3000
Exp: 90,534
Gold: 5

This is a very difficult battle. Id's attacks are powerful and he can attack many characters each turn. Use Billy's Holy Light ability as needed. Also you can use Citan's Renki and Sazanami and items to cure all characters. Have Billy use Goddess Call to speed up a character. Have him use it many times first on him though. Use all your strongest Deathblows. Don't use your AP because there is no use for it because Id's attacks are to powerful. If one of your characters gets killed heal him/her with Zetasol. Also try to cure him/her as fast as you can hopefully before Id attacks again. If Id dodges frequently then use different Deathblows this tactic seems to work.

Back in the Yggdrasil:

After you defeat Id, you will be back in the Yggdrasil. Go to the Gear Hanger and restore all of your Gears. Now go to where Weltall is in the Gear Dock. Fei will be there. Then the Alkanshel will attack.
Boss: Alkanshel
HP: 10,500
Exp: 132,549
Gold: 30,000

Save fuel to begin with Triangle because Alkanshel has a barrier around it so it is invincible. Until Jessie comes in and destroys it just use Triangle or Charge.

Alkanshel's Mass Limit (one of it's two offensive skills) halves everyone's HP. The other attack Seal will total take out one of the party members. If you equip Seal Ar then it will lessen the attack. Use Booster after Jessie attacks Alkanshel. Use your most powerful attacks followed by most powerful Deathblows. Billy's Hard Snap and Rico's Bomber Head cause over 1000 HP of damage to this Boss. After you defeat it, Alkanshel will release its final attack causing 450 HP of damage to each character.

Go back into the Gear Shop and there are new Gear parts in there. Go to the bridge and take the Yggdrasil to Babel Tower. It is in the center of the island area in the southern sea area. It is east of the Ethos Dig Site.

Babel Tower:

If you fall off from missing a jump or something, you will start at a beginning area. There are a few treasure chests in this area. So make sure that you get them. Continue until you get to the rope. Jump on to it and swing it back and forth as far as it can go. Then jump on to the ledge on the other side. Walk up the platform and it will move. Stand at the breaking point and then when it comes back up jump on to it and jump across. If you jump at the right time you can get a treasure chest with Elly's strongest weapon so far. Continue on the ledge until you get to another rope. Press Triangle and you will climb up it automatically. Use the Memory Cube and then exit your Gears by a door on the other side of the ledge. Search the screen and then the fuse box to make a train come out of the water and take you up Babel Tower. Leave this room and get back into your Gears. Go down the edge to get to a ladder and a platform. Jump from the ladder to the platform and enter the train. Climb up the train and get out of your Gear when you need to. Climb into the compartment and search behind the chair on the top right side. You will start to climb up the tower in the train.

Boss: Wyvern (Ramsus) and Miang's Gear
HP: 5000
Exp: 23,652
Gold: 3,000

Miang once again is there to heal Ramsus. This time she does it for 1,200. You need to hit Ramsus with your strongest Deathblow so that the battle will end. Ramsus' attacks cause 1,500 HP of damage.

Use the Memory Cube and enter the door. Proceed through the halls and then you will soon get to a room with a circular platform. Walk around the ledge and enter the other doorway. Go though to reach a huge room with a Restore Bot. There are Security Cubes that you need to fight to go up a level. Continue around and fight each of the Security Cubes. You will get to a break in the platform where it doesn't look like you can make it. There is a Security Cube below. Jump halfway and you will be able to land on it and make it across. Jump across and you will have the choice to climb up a pole. Chose to do so and there will be a Memory Cube and then a boss battle.

Boss: Seibzehn
HP: 5500
Exp: 60,000
Gold: 10,000

This battle is very easy. Use Booster on each of your Gears. Use X and Attack Level 3 combos if you can get it. Siebzehn's attack causes about 1,200 HP of damage to a character. Also she has Frame HP and she can heal about 400 HP every other turn. If a Gear uses Attack Level 1 combos every other turn while the others use Attack Level 3 combos the Boss shall go down fast.

Aerial City Shevat:

***Side Quest***
There are 3 rocks in Shevat. The Dusk Rock, Dark Rock, and
***End Side Quest***
After a few scenes, follow Maria into her Gear's Hanger. You can get to the town section of Shevat. In a room there is a wooden horse. Search it and Maria will come into the room. After that, go to the statue and take the elevator up. Follow Maria into the double doors and talk to Wiseman and Maria. Then enter Queen Zephyr's Chambers. Then go back to the main section and there will be a door with a Memory Cube. Take a nap in the bed and then go back to the Queen's Chambers. Chose the first choice. You will need to leave one of your characters behind. Maria will join you and you will have to go to the Gear Hanger.


As you enter the shafts, head left for the map of the area. When you get to the crystal, search it to change the direction of the blades. Jump across them to get to an elevator. Now you can use the map use just got. The colors represent the height of the level. Grey is the lowest elevation, blue is the middle, and green is the highest. The big circles represent the stairs. The smaller circles are the elevators. You need to make it to the elevator on the upper left. Once you get there proceed to the left by jumping over the pits. Once you get to some rotating platforms make sure to stand at the edge so you won't get knocked off. Take another elevator down and then go through some more stairs and halls. When you get to a fork, go straight to use the Memory Cube. IF you go the other way you will drop into a manhole and be at the entrance of Shevat. Go into the Gear Dock that is the only doorway. There will be a long scene with Dominia and then you will end up talking to Zephyr. In here you will have to choose 4 characters to guard the Generators.
Use Elly for the first, Bart for the second, Citan for the third, and Fei for the last.

Battle 1: 6 Solaris Guards and 2 Littlefoot Gears
HP: 200 and 600
Exp: 2,400 (x6) and 300 (x2)
Gold: 500 (x6)

Have Elly use Aerods to eliminate all the Solaris Guards. Use your strongest normal attacks to defeat the Littlefoot Gears.

Battle 2: 3 White Knights
HP: 290
Exp: 2,800 (x3)
Gold: 500 (x3)

The White Knights are agile but have weak attacks. A couple of hits is all that is needed. Use Booster and Attack Level 1 combos every other turn. Also you could use Heaven Cent to defeat one of them. Or you could use Yggdrasil D Charge wipes out another enemy.

Battle 3: 2 White Knights and a Citadel
HP: 6,000 and 290
Exp: 4,400 and 2,800
Gold: 10,000 and 500 (x2)

Use Booster on your first turn to speed up the battle. Destroy the White Knights with X attacks and build your Gear to either Attack Level 2 or 3. Then unleash a combo on the Citadel. All of your Gears should have Frame HP's equipped. So Citadel's attacks shouldn't really be much of a problem. Don't worry about Fuel in these battles.

Battle 4: 2 White Knights and an Avalanche
HP: 5,000 and 290
Exp: 4,800 and 2,800 (x2)
Gold: 20,000 and 500 (x2)

Fei should easily win this battle. Use Booster and defeat the White Knights first. Then use an Attack Level 3 combo on Avalanche. Avalanche attacks cause about 2,000 HP of damage. Use Frame HP if Weltall's HP gets too low.

Boss: Achtzehn
HP: 12,000
Exp: 50,000
Gold: 10,000

Use X attacks. After 3 rounds you will win. However after Chu-Chu defeats Achtzehn, Maria climbs into her Seibzehn and fights Achtzehn.

Use X again and your Attack Level combos as they become available.

After the battles and the scene, you can go to the Yggdrasil to leave. The Yggdrasil III now is able to fly. Now you must go save Nisan from Shakhan.


As you enter the town you will have to fight guard after guard after guard until you kill all of them that are guarding Nisan. Run around and there should be 5 battles. Now you will need to choose who you want to take with you to the Monastery. Choose Fei, Bart, and your strongest character. It can't be Citan though. Now leave the town and run around the map to the Monastery where Margie is standing. When you get to a door lock choose the option to have Margie open it. If you chose the first option go to the corner of the back wall and search it (X). Fight the guards inside and then watch the scene. Now take the elevator up and go until you get to a red room with a save point. Search the computers in the room. Take the elevator up and go to the second door on the wall. This is where you need to go. Follow the path until you get to a runway on a side of the huge room. Go into it and there will be a scene with a Gear. Search the wall straight ahead under the Gear. Bart will get a flashlight and read what is written on the wall. Go back and to the red room. The computer will open the ceiling. After that scene, run back to where that Gear is. In this scene Shakhan and his guards will trap you. Margie will escape and Citan and Sigurd show up. Use the Fatima Jasper in the room and run to where the Gear is. In here, you get to control Andvari, the first Omnigear of the game.

Boss: Neo Etones
HP: 3,300
Exp: 33,500
Gold: 10,000

Start by using X attacks against the one of the Neo Etones. Then use another X attack to defeat one of them. Use Attack Level 2 combos on the other Gear.

After the scene, go to the cave west of Nisan and this marks the beginning of the end of the first disc.

Gate Cave:

You will have to fight 2 more Neo Etones. Use Fei, Citan, and Bart since he has his Omnigear. Continue through the cave until you get to a gate room. In this room, Shakhan will be here and Grahf will appear for a hard boss battle. Be sure that all of your main Gears can get Attack Level 3 by now.

Boss: Shakhan
HP: 18,000
Exp: 218,343
Gold: 30,000

This is one of the toughest battles. When he links his Gear to the Gate Generator, he cures for about 1,000 HP each turn. Then he hits the party with the Igna's Storm. This attack causes 1,500 to 3,000 HP of damage to the party. After he detaches himself he will use Seal Punch. After he reattaches himself each attack causes him to cure.

Use Booster on all of your Gears. Use Charge to restore Fuel to your Gears. Employ normal attacks and Attack Level 3 combos as they become available.

After you destroy Shakhan go to Babel Tower. It is in the center of the islands in the southwestern part of the world.

Babel Tower (revisited):

For Babel Tower, you ought to use Fei, Elly, and Citan. Make sure Elly is equipped with a Flare Rod. This is the only weapon that does a sufficient amount of damage to Marinebasher. For the other group, use Bart, Billy, and Maria. In Babel, you need to head into the door and head for the computer room. It is in a pit section. You must get out of your Gears to enter the door. Citan will stay here. Make sure your characters are equipped and ready to go. Exit the computer room and proceed into Babel. Dominia and Kelvena will attack you.

Boss: Bladegash (Dominia) and Marinebasher (Kelvena)
HP: 4000 and 5000
Exp: 26,000 (x2)
Gold: 5000 (x2)

Use Booster during this battle. Equip Elly with a Flare Rod because it is the only one that really damages Marinebasher. This weapon packs extra 'punch' against Kelvena. It makes it easy to destroy Marinebasher in a few turns. If you don't have it use Thermo Cube and ThermoDragon Ether against Marinebasher. Also if you don't have the Flare Rod equipped then focus on eliminating Marinebasher first.

When Dominia gets her sword to be an Element then have Elly use the opposite Ether attack.

Fire cancels out Water
Water cancels out Fire
Earth cancels out Wind
Wind cancels out Earth

Concentrate on one boss at a time. Don't use Special Options because they use to much Fuel.

After that battle, the scene will switch to Billy and the others. They will have to fight the other Elements, Seraphita and Tolone in their Gears.

Boss: Grandgrowl (Seraphita) and Skyghene (Tolone)
HP: 5000 and 5000
Exp: 26,000 and 26,000
Gold: 5,000 (x2)

This battle should be easy if Bart and Maria are fighting. Use Attack Level 2 combos and Booster. Have Maria use Dyna Rush on both Bosses. Have Bart use Wild Smile on each of the two Bosses. Destroy Skyghene first because its attacks are harder on the party.

Now Fei and Elly will have to once again fight Dominia and Kelvena.

Boss: Bladegash and Marinebasher
HP: 4000 and 5000
Exp: 26,000 and 26,000
Gold: 5,000 (x2)

Fei and Elly must fight one more time. Hopefully you have 10,000 HP and 2,000 Fuel for each character. This battle is really difficult if you are really weak. Use Booster if you have enough Fuel. You may need to use Frame HP's but use them wisely. Do the same as before.

Now the scene will switch to Billy and the others again. Now the others have to fight Seraphita and Tolone again.

Boss: Grandgrowl and Skyghene
HP: 5000 and 5000
Exp: 26,000 and 26,000
Gold: 5,000 (x2)

Again be sure to focus on Skyghene and then on Grandgrowl because once again Skyghene has strong attacks. Use the same tactics as before and this shall be an easy battle.

After this, you will need to go to talk to the captain of the Thames, who is on the 4th floor. Then go to the Yggdrasil and talk to Sigurd. The party will now dive underwater into an undersea tunnel.

Undersea Tunnel:

Before you enter the tunnel, you may want to go to the Yggdrasil to get new Gear parts. Once you are ready go into the tunnel.
This place is a maze of tunnels. Go right, left and you will get a current shooting you back. Just keep jumping forward to get by it. Continue along the path and there will be another current that is impossible to go by. Go the other way and head up the tunnel. Eventually you will get a room with 2 treasures. One of them will 'turn off' the current. Head back a few screens to where that current was. Now go down through the tunnel and there will be the 3rd gate and a boss.

Boss: Crescens (Emeralda)
HP: 14,800
Exp: 255,000
Gold: 10,000

Use your weaker attacks and Attack Level 2 or 3 combos. Use Booster of course. Emeralda has many attacks that cause about 2000 HP of damage to all characters.

Now you will be in Shevat and you will be talking to Zephyr. This is the last time in the game that you will be able to go to the towns and the world map as it looks presently. Make sure to get all of the best Gear parts and everything before Solaris. When you are ready talk to Zephyr again and now you will head to Solaris Emperor Headquarters in Eternak.

Solaris Base:

The party will be upside down. Continue forward and there is a tube. Fei will enter it and be separated from the rest of the party. In the 3rd Class Citizen area, exit the honeycomb that you are in. Go down past the guard by what looks like an elevator. You are going to a pod that Elly will be in. Go to the one before the honeycomb with Elly in it. This will have Samson, who looks a lot like Timothy. He gives Fei a work permit so you can get out of the 3rd class citizen area. Go to the elevator that the guard is standing watch of. Talk to the guard. It turns out to be Samson. Continue through and go up either tunnel and go into the doorway. You will now enter a room with Security Cubes in it. Stay out of their line of sight, both straight behind them and in front of them. Soon you will get to the town section and you have to go into the last rotating door. Go down the stairs into a room. In this room, you can talk to the lady in there and she will give you tickets for the festival. Leave the building and go to where the guard is standing watch. He will ask you if you have tickets and if you chose to get them then you do. There will be a long scene with Emperor Cain, Krelian, and the other members of the party. All except Citan… Fei and Elly will now have to run through a sewer system and fight the security cubes that come into contact with them. For the battles with the security cubes make sure to pay attention to if they become weak in Ether Defense or in Defense. For Ether Defense, use regular attacks and/or deathblows. You may want to defend for the first couple of rounds before they use the defense system. Continue through by jumping, switching sides, and climbing ladders. The last jump is easiest past by running along the beam connecting the two sections.

Once you leave the sewers, you will be at a house. This is Elly's house. Go into Elly's room and use the Memory Cube. Leave the room and enter the door right down the steps from Elly's room. Medina, Elly's Mother, will stop you. Go in her room and talk to her. Leave the room and go back to the door you were trying to enter earlier. Search the desk and Elly's father will come in. Fei will now be in the town section of Solaris. Go head back to the 3rd class citizen section and you will run into Citan along the way. Back where you found Elly there is a side passage with a trash shoot on the ground. It looks like a big blue button.

Solaris Trash Area:

In the room, go up and press the green control pad. Elly will eventually rejoin your party. Search it again and you will get sucked up into the trash area. Enter the door and you will get to a fan. In this room, push the debris on the ground into the fan to break the blades. Fall into the pit but make sure to fall down against the wall. There will be a ledge for you to enter. On the ledge there is a hidden door.

Go through this door way and continue on through the passage. Soon you will get to some food lying on the ground. Go to the door and then Fei and Elly will realize that they are hungry. So they will eat and then you can continue on. You will enter a room with a bunch of conveyor belts and what looks like what you just ate. Go into the door on the left and you're your way around the side. Enter the computer terminal. Check all of the computers for a code. It will say something about Foreign Object Scan 0101 or something to that sort. Those numbers are the boxes that need to be filled in on the other side of the room. 0 means empty and 1 means full. You will turn off the Foreign Object Detector. Now go on the closest conveyer belt and head all the way back. There will be a doorway. Enter it.

Soon you will leave the trash area and enter what looks like a professional office. In this area, you will reach a jail and one of the locked up guys ask you to let him out. This is a choice you will have to make depending on the strength of the party. You can let all of the guys out but you will have to fight them. In a meeting room area, search the panel to door the door lock off. Follow the hall to the next door and you should be back into the original screen of the office. Now you can go upstairs.

You will now come to an intersection. The left and right both lead to elevators that go to the jail areas. After a while you will get a door and the door will require an audio password. Use the code: Up, Down, Up, Left, then Right on the D-Pad. Then press Circle to enter the code. After a while you will get to a room that has a holograph of each of your party members. Continue until you get to a door that seems to be locked. Search it and Citan will unlock it. There will be a scene where Elly questions Citan. Soon enough the lights will go out and then you will just have control of Fei. Continue through the passage until you see a side path that leads to a single door. Enter the door and there will be a very big story telling part. Eventually, you will rescue Elly and join the rest of your party again. Here you can save and change your characters using the Blue Cube. These are very popular on the second disc so get used to them. You need top now continue through more halls. When you get to a green walled section you are almost there. You will soon enter a large room with your party again. In this room you will need to save once again. Get your best characters in your party in with you now. Make sure to equip and get them the strongest that you can with defense, attack, and Ether defense.

Now you will have to fight the first disc's final battle against none other then the Emperor of Darkness, Grahf.

Boss: Grahf and Executioner
HP: 6666 and 4444
Exp: 0 and 92,805
Gold: 0

This is an easy fight. Have Citan cast Renki. Then on his next turn have him cast Senkei to speed everyone up. Use 7 point Deathblows on the Executioner. Kill her quickly. She has many attacks that can almost wipe out the party. Grahf can only attack one person so it is easier to kill him last. Kill Grahf with a 28-point combo with Citan.

Disc 2:

Taura's House

Follow Taura into his living room. After a while, Fei and Elly reunite. Once they do that return to Taura's house through the door that is west. When you enter go into the Nanoreactor room. You will receive many new 'toys' here. Citan gets his Omnigear. Fei gets Weltall 2. In the special options, there are some new capabilities. System Id is everyone's favorite because you have Attack Level Infinity for 3 turns.

Boss: Ramsus (Vendetta)

HP: 12,000
Exp: 32,397
Gold: 50,000

Make this a quick fight. Use System Id from the Special Options menu. Use the highest attack possible. If Vendetta is still standing then use System Id again.

Ramsus uses a Blaze Pose, which does nothing really. After 3 turns, he hits Weltall 2 with a near 3000 HP attack.

Save Nisan

After the battle, choose to save.
Bart then activates the structure in the middle of Kislev and combines his ship with it and it becomes the ultimate gear. It has 99,999 HP and tons of fuel.
The gear is the Super Dimensional Gear: Yggdrasil IV

Boss: Ft. Hurricane

HP: 15,000
Exp: 32,367
Gold: 50,000

This battle is very easy. Use Booster to speed thing up. Keep on using the X attack. The boss should be dead quickly.

Boss: Sufal Mass and Four Sufals

HP: 4800
Exp: 97,191
Gold: 30,000

Sufal Mass plays 'the waiting game' and its hits are very weak. Destroy all of the Sufals but one, or the Sufal Mass will use its ultimate attack. Be careful what attack you use. 7 point Elemental based attacks heal this boss so use 6-point attacks. After defeating the Sufal Mass destroy the last Sufal.
One problem though...
If the battle lasts to long the Sufal Mass will eliminate the last Sufal so it can cast its strongest attack...

Anima Dungeon #1

Get into your Gears and walk to the northwest. Along here there is a Memory Cube and a character change icon. Also there is a robot there named Shopkeeper Johnny. Head north following the highway like path across a bridge until you get to a domed building. Exit your gears and enter the building.

Head north and then go east at the first intersection. Continue up the stairs and follow the corridor north until you come to a corridor-leading west. From here turn west and pass through a door to a covered hallway. Enter the door in the northern section of the hallway. You will then enter a dark room. You need to unlock all the doors in this room. There are red sparks shooting out in the west corner of the room. Jump up to it. Press X to examine it.

Exit the dark room and head back across the walkway to the main hallway. Head north at the first intersection and enter the door to the west. Search the crate in the southwest section of the room. You will receive the fuse that you needed in the previous room. Return to the dark room by heading south at the first intersection and enter the door now to the east. Examine the panel again and press X. This will replace the fuse. Now the lights are on and also the computers. Face the computer terminal and press X to disengage the A Door Lock System.

Go through the north door and follow the corridor to a 'Y' intersection. Go southwest and follow this path the whole way to its end. Then enter the door on the west wall.

Examine the computer on the northern section of the room and press the X button. When you are asked enter the code 0, 3, 2, 0. This will activate the system. Now go to the computer terminal on the western section of this room. This will disengage the B Door Lock System...

Now exit the room and follow the corridor north and go into the first corridor to the east. Now ride the elevator down and you will enter a large room with a Memory Cube. Go through a doorway on the north wall of this large room and there you will find a control room. Walk north and keep pressing X on the central computer terminal to unlock the central elevator. Leave the control room and go back into the large room. In the center of the room there will be an elevator. Go down that elevator. You will enter a large room with a circle around the outside. Search the four computer terminals and find the one that is Address A. Here are the correct codes for each one...

Address A: 2
Address B: 4
Address C: 8
Address D: 5

After inputting the codes into the correct computer, search around the computer where you inputted Address A. There is a little black cabinet with lights on it. Press X and choose option to 'Release Lock'. After choosing that option you will get a message that says 'Anima Relic Released'. Proceed east through four double doors into a circular room with the Anima Relic. Billy aligns with this Anima Relic to create El Renmazuo.

Boss: Elements

HP: 4000 (Dominia); 2000 (Kelvena); 2000 (Seraphita); 2500 (Tolone)
Exp: 30,000
Gold: 50,000

If you have Citan in your party have him use Renki. Then next turn he gets have him use Senkei. This makes the fight much easier. Don't attack Dominia (one in red)(earth based) because she will just heal and it does no good.

Kelvena (one in blue)(Water based) cures everyone so defeat her first. Use either a 28-point deathblow or a fire-based attack. (A fire-based attack is Triangle, Square, Triangle, and X attacks.) The character must know that deathblow and have 7 AP available. This is the only 7-point element deathblow that will hurt her... All the others will heal her...

The next Element you want to defeat is Seraphita (one in pink)(Fire based) because she takes your EP away. Use the water based attack or a 28-point deathblow. (A water-based deathblow is Square, Triangle, Triangle, X attack.) Any other elemental attacks heal her.

Tolone (one in green)(Wind based) should be the next of the Elements you should fight. She can be killed with a 28-point deathblow or an Earth based attack (Triangle, Triangle, Square, X). Any other element deathblow will heal her.

Dominia (one in red)(Earth based) is the last one to attack. She now is very difficult to defeat. She becomes faster and she has a new attack that causes between 150 and 300 HP of damage to all of you characters. Use either a Wind based attack (Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X) or a 28-point deathblow.

Boss: G Elements (Elements in their gears)

HP: 45,000
Exp: 319,068
Gold: 30,000

The attacks are the same as before. Now they can only attack one time per round. Their attacks range from 2000 through 5000.

Use Booster right away on all your characters. Have everyone use Attack Level 2 or 3 combos except for Fei. Have Fei use System Id. Have him use the highest attack he knows. When the Elements are almost dead they will use the Kishin Sword attack that does 6500 HP of damage. Have each character's HP over that.

Anima Dungeon #2

Shopkeeper Johnny, Memory Cube, and a Character Change Icon are all in the first room of this Anima Dungeon. Shopkeeper Johnny has no new items.

This Anima Dungeon has the most battles in it. The enemies are very weak though...

There is a boulder along the north wall that you need to push to enter the puzzle room. Run into it from the east side.

Now you must exit your Gears and go through the north doorway. The door is behind the boulder you just pushed. You must press X to open the door.

Examine the pillars and the wall clues in the middle and side walls of the room. You must read each of the three pillars.

From where you receive the clue to go '4 Steps South, 10 Steps North' walk about four steps. Go behind the third pillar that would be on the other side of the wall with the hint on it. A large block will fall from the ground. Jump on it and jump on to the middle pillar. Then jump straight up and a second will fall. Now push those two in to a hole. From there go across the room and jump up and press X again for another one to fall. This one will take a little while also so be patient.

After that, you need to push the remaining one in to the hole. Now this will cause two pillars in the main room to fall together. Exit this room and go back into the main room. Get in your Gears and cross over the pillars. Now you will need to head through the door on the other side. Walk southeast until your Gears can go any further. Exit your Gears and head along the path into a north door. Walk through the green hall and go through the door at the east end of the hall. Hop over the traps to reach the chests. YOU MUST FALL INTO THE THIRD GAP AND PRESS YOUR D-PAD SO YOU GO EAST. This will make your party fall into a hidden passageway. If you hit the bottom, head west to the green room. Then try again.

Head through the east door and walk east into the room's center. Do not move as the spikes come down towards you. Jump east on to the outer edge of the platform and you will start to go up. When you reach the top walk through the east door.

There are four switches in this room. There is one on the Northern floor, one on the Northern Post, one on the Southern floor, and the last on the Southern Post.

What you have to do in this room is get the water level to 5. It starts out at 10. You can either try to figure it out or take the easy way out and look on here...

South Wall Switch
South Floor Switch
North Wall Switch
North Floor Switch
North Wall Switch
North Floor Switch
South Wall Switch
South Floor Switch
North Wall Switch
North Floor Switch

Jump down into new ledge and go through the east doorway. Head south to a chest to receive a Beastly Robe. Walk north to the intersection and push the boulder to the west. Do this by holding up on the D-pad to clear the way. Return to the main area outside and now get back in your Gears.

Drop down into the now dried up area and walk into the east door. There will be a Memory Cube in this room. From the Memory Cube, you will have to walk across the narrow ledges to a small door. Exit your Gears and go into this small door.

Once inside, pass through 3 security doors and enter the room with the Anima Relic. Press X on the control panel. Rico aligns with this Anima Relic to create El Stier.

Boss: Hammer

HP: 48,000
Exp: 348,174
Gold: 0

Have everyone use Booster. Then have Fei use System Id. Have the other gears use Attack Level 2 or 3 combos. Hammer's first Self Modification is very hard on the party. It causes about 5000 HP of damage. When Hammer turns red and says that he has got a really bad feeling, it is time to escape (only if you want to). If Fei is in System Id then try your best to destroy Hammer. Also have your other gears hit him with Attack Level 2 or 3 combos.


From the Gun Room of the Yggdrasil III go down the lower levels and enter the southwestern door to find Elly. After talking to Elly, you can access the menu, change party members, or continue with the game.

Boss: Deus

HP: 40,000
Exp: 363,345
Gold: 30,000

During this fight you must be patient. Deus is the only one that can hurt itself. If one of your characters uses an attack, Deus will heal for 16,000 HP.

Have everyone use Triangle to attack him. Then use Charge and Frame HP's as needed. Deus will keep using his Halve HP all. Once his HP is 5000 or lower (You can tell by how much of his HP is halved because it is how much he has left.), have Fei use System Id. The next turn Fei gets have him use the highest attack he knows.

Razael Central

Your next stop is the Razael Computer Cavern. You will fight Grahf in Alpha Weltall. You can't win against Grahf. Then you will end up in the Merkava Central Core. You'll be in a circular room with a Memory Cube and a Character Change Icon. Go through an east door to find a Robot that will sell Gear parts and Character items. You can get a new whip for Andvari and some new gear armor for all the gears. MAKE SURE TO EQUIP STUFF THAT HELPS DEFEND AGAINST ETHER ATTACKS!!!

When you are done save and head north.

Boss: Ramsus (Amphysvena)

HP: 28,000
Exp: 190,000
Gold: 50,000

Ramsus begins the battle by casting his Ultimate attack, Wave #3 Devastator. This is a very powerful attack everyone in your party's HP goes down to 1. Have everyone use a Frame HP once. Ramsus uses this attack about every 10 turns. Then have Fei use Booster and System Id. If it runs out then cast it again. Keep hitting Ramsus with Attack Level 3 combos with all your other characters.

Boss: Miang (Opiomorph)

HP: 22,000
Exp: 190,000
Gold: 50,000

Hopefully Weltall has at least 1100 in fuel and everyone else has about 3000. Don't use Frame HP's much because your gear can't run without fuel.
Miang cast Wave #4 Devastator. If you do a lot of damage to Miang then this attack will do a lot of damage to you. She uses this attack about every 5 turns. Miang has lower HP then Ramsus so she uses ethers to increase her defense and magic abilities. After casting Wave #4 Devastator, they return to normal.

Have Fei use System Id. Don't let Miang kill one hero because if she does she will attack every round. Slowly build your character's Attack Level up as high as possible. Don't attack her for more then 3 times between her Devastator attacks. When she is close to defeat, her ether powers will increase after casting Wave #4 Devastator. When this occurs use Booster and use your strongest attacks to take her down.

Boss: Id

HP: 30,000
Exp: 200,000
Gold: 0

Id's attacks cause about 2000 HP of damage. Have each of your gears use Booster. Then use Attack Level 1 combos. If it is possible with the characters use Attack Level Infinity. Use Frame HPs as needed.

Boss: Grahf (True Weltall)

HP: 15,000
Exp: 198,000
Gold: 0

Xenogears has 30,000 HP and tons of fuel. System Id is gone but you always reach Attack Level Infinity. Use Booster and either trash Grahf with Attack Level 1 combos (no fun) or use Attack Level Infinity with Fei. This is an easy fight.


A small stone marker on the ground marks Shevat's dismal presence. The once big city of Shevat was blown out of the sky.

There are many upgrades for all your gears including Xenogears. Exit the room with the Memory Cube. This will take you to a large plaza with many shops.

Enter the door to the east of the Gear Shop. Follow the path down to the bottom and then head northwest. Jump up onto the platform with the man on it. From there go northwest and climb the ladder. Now go up the set of stairs and speak with Queen Zephyr.

After talking to her return to the main room. You can now exit the Snowfield Hideout through the doorway just west of the room with the memory cube. This will take you outside and next to the Yggdrasil III.


Taura's House:

On the world map, return to Taura's house. It is in the southeastern part of the World Map. Go into the back room. He is glad to see that everyone is safe and he gives the party a Manly Mantle and a Goddess Robe.

The Lighthouse:

Get Emeralda into your party and go to the northwest section of the large continent in the same area that Babel Tower is in. (the Southwestern section) There is a lighthouse there. In here, Big Joe supplies you with EXCELLENT Gear Parts (for a HIGH price of course) including Z Chargers (which is something you are going to want for the Final Confrontation). Also there is a good movie. In the back on the floor, you can learn about Emeralda and 'Kim'…

Battling in Kislev:

Go back to Kislev it to the battle arena. It is in the northernmost Blue Crystal on the town map.

In the Battle Arena's lobby, talk to the lady at the counter. Choose the option "Special Mode 2." With this mode you can battle with Xenogears, Weltall 2, or Weltall. You battle for Battle Points (BP) that you can exchange for Normal or Rare items. The lower mode that you choose the fewer BP that you get. This will take a few hours to get good items…

If you have 2 controllers, you can choose "Special Mode 1" to battle against each other.

Duneman Isle:

-------Fly to Bart's Lair, near Aveh, and land on the big island just west of there. Land on the grassy portion along the western coast and then press the X button to enter the Duneman Isle. Fascinating discoveries await you here, especially a powerful sword along with some tough monsters. You'll encounter three Dunemen. When they ask you to leave, select "No" to fight them. Defeat the Dunemen and then go east three screens. Go north one screen to find some Sand Shark enemies hopping across the sand dunes. Once they leave, go north into the next screen to find a large dinosaur skeleton. Obtain the Yamoto Sword embedded in the skeleton, and then head west into the next screen. Go south into the next screen until you see a bunch of moving sand and two treasure chests atop two rocks. Press and hold left or right on the D-pad to reach one of the chests. After getting one of the chests, you'll fall down the sand waterfall, forcing a fight with a Wyrm. After defeating the Wyrm, you can retrace your steps to obtain the other treasure chest. Don't worry about missing the treasure chests your first time through; you'll have an infinite number of chances to get them.

Final Dungeon

Fly to an island that is west of the main island that most of the game is on. You will see a big structure. When you get to it, it will say Deus.

(To access the map press Select) (The light blue pathways are the upper levels and the dark blue paths are the lower paths.)(1st map at the bottom of the page)

As you enter the room, jump into the pit to the north. Take the path north and turn northeast when you hit the first fork in the road. The room will have red lasers in it. Dodge the lasers by jumping over them. Then head northeast again. At the next intersection, head southeast and then northeast at the first chance you get. The small side room has a memory cube in the corner. It is very smart to use it. Go back and head north to reach the next section of the dungeon...

Step off the ledge and you will start falling into a tunnel with lasers around the tunnel. Try your best to avoid them. Use the D-Pad to try to avoid the lasers.

You will land in a large area with a bunch of sextagonal (6) pods with a red circle inside. This is where you want to be...(2nd map at bottom of page)

There are no enemies in this room...

Take the elevator connected to the starting platform. When you get down head south. Then take the elevator to the next platform above. Proceed to the southeast to the next pod and jump up on the top to find a huge switch. (To jump up there you need to stand on the elevator and jump to where you see the white step.) Examine the switch and move it. Jump down and take the elevator down to the lower level and then head east along the path that you just moved.

Go up at the elevator platform and then go north. Go down a level and then head northeast. You'll find a column of light on top of the next platform. Hop up the same way you did before. Examine the light to move a platform on the opposite side of the room. Now go backtrack to where you moved the first switch. The directions are southwest, up, south, down, west, and then up. Head northwest from the switch to a junction and then go southwest and then southeast to a door that leads into the tunnel.

Head south and take the first path to east. At the 'T' intersection go south and then take the southeast path at the next junction. This puts you back in the main room in the upper northeast corner. Proceed to the next platform and ride the elevator up. At the end of the northwest path there is a Repair Bot.

Head back down and return to the tunnels where you came from. Go northeast until you reach a split in the path and head southwest. Then take the first path south. In the main room and continue south and ride the elevator up at the first platform you reach. Walk east and climb the platform at the end to find another light column. Examine the column of light to complete the path to the next gate.

Backtrack west and take the elevator platform down one level. Go southwest and then go up taking the elevator. Cross the bridge south and stop. There's a switch on the top platform that connects the bridge you just crossed. If you need some repairs throw the switch and return to the Repair Bot.

Go down another level and head west into another section of the tunnels. Head northwest at the split and turn north at the 'T' intersection. You are almost there. Continue southeast in the main room and go down a level. Cross the bridge to the east and then you are where you want to be. Jump in and avoid the lasers.

You will land in a room with a memory cube and a character change icon. There is an east door go through it for all final repairs and upgrades.

HP: 54,000
Exp: 1
Gold: 0

Sundel looks like a bunch of spinning red diamonds. At the beginning of the battle, Sundel will choose one of your gears to counter attack... The gear that Sundel chooses to counter, don't attack with him/her. If you do it will do an extremely powerful attack on all your characters. The attack causes nearly 6000 HP of damage to each character. Have the character that is chosen to be counter attacked on use Frame HP's or charging. Sundel will heal itself often but your attacks do enough damage that it doesn't help.

Now Deus' healing ability is gone. Also his HP is down to 52,000.

HP: 45,000
Exp: 1
Gold: 0

Metatron is the robot looking one of them all. This battle could be the most difficult of the four. Use Booster and X attacks for all characters. I suggest one of your characters use X then Attack Level 1 combos. Then the other two use X and build up to Attack Level Infinity.

Now Deus' Earth Anointment is gone. Also his HP is down to 52,000.

HP: 45,000
Exp: 1
Gold: 0

Harlute looks like a vortex. It attack infrequently but its agility is low. Use X and Attack Level Combos. Its attack Heavenly Anointment causes multiple status effects that can lower your accuracy, evade rate, cast slow, or cause you to lose power. Harlute will freeze all but one of your characters every few turns. Use Booster as soon as this happens. So you will have to build up your Attack Levels and if possible use Attack Level Infinity on Harlute.

Now Deus' Heavenly Anointment is gone. Also his HP is down to 52,000.

HP: 54,000
Exp: 1
Gold: 0

Marlute looks like a flat, golden phoenix. Marlute's main attack is Fuel Drain, which is a pain in the behind. You can't use Attack Level Combos so just use X. This battle is long. If you were lucky you equipped your gears with Frame HP's, Z charges, and Tank Guards. If you need fuel charge and the Z Charger will give you 500 fuel each turn. Use can use Attack Level Infinity attacks but they don't do very good. It does about half of what it normally does. Use charge and you will charge fuel 10x better than regular charges. This is the longest battle of the four.

Now Deus' Fuel Drain is gone. Also his HP is down to 52,000.

HP: 75,000 (Defeated 0 Orbs)
52,000 (Defeated 1-3 Orbs)
40,000 (Defeated All four)

Exp: ???
Gold: ???

Equip everyone with Frame Hp's, Z Chargers, and Anti Angel Systems.

Use your best characters for this fight. Deus has several very powerful attacks that really damage the party severely. If you defeated any of the Orbs then this battle will be much easier. Basically, you need to get your character to Attack Level Infinity and hack away at him. You will need to us healing and charging when needed.


HP: ???
Exp: ???
Gold: ???

Use Booster immediately. Urobolus' strongest attack causes 7000 HP of damage so defeat this boss quickly. Charge up to Attack Level Infinity and unleash the X attack. About 3 sets of Attack Level Infinity X attack should kill this boss.


~ Congratulations on beating Xenogears ~