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The ingame images section of the Xenogears: God and Mind Image Archive is updated and maintained by Sephy. You can email him or click here to visit his homepage.

Disk One

Chapter 01
Lahan Village

Chapter 02
Mountain Path

Chapter 03
Fallen Shadows

Chapter 04
Into the Woods

Chapter 05
Girl in Forest

Chapter 06

Chapter 07
Desert Attack

Chapter 08
Stalactite Cave

Chapter 09
Pirate's Lair

Chapter 10
Operation Aveh

Chapter 11
The Tournament

Chapter 12
Margie's Rescue

Chapter 13
Road to Nisan

Chapter 14
City of Peace


Disk Two

Chapter 49
Shot Down

Chapter 50
Break the Seal

Chapter 51
Soul Vessal

Chapter 52
The Stars Know

Chapter 53
Above Mahanon

Chapter 54

Chapter 55
Promised Land

Chapter 56
Merkava Calls

Chapter 57

Chapter 58
Fallen Star

Chapter 59
First and Last

Beginning and the End


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