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Added: September 25, 2007
Name:  Corey

hey dark, i dont know if you guys read these, but
i helped you a while back on the novelization, and
was wondering if you were getting back into it. id
love to see it done someday and ill help if need

Added: March 28, 2007
Name:  Vayth

this novelization thing is really useful,
actually, I don't really understand the story of
xenogears when I played it fo the first time (I'm
still a kid that time, it's too much for me
btw, is it still on going project? because I cant
find part 4 & was last updated in 2006..

Added: December 4, 2006
Name:  Chad

I just want to thank you so much for making a
novelization I played xenogears when I was younger
and it has one of my favorite stories. So thank
you and keep it up the awsome work.

Added: November 2, 2006
Name:  Velles

I wanted to thank you for the time you spent
building this page.

Added: March 24, 2006
Name:  Tim

great writing skills the persona of the characters
is marvelous, the synopsis of the story is great.
Your own creative touch adds a splended concoction
to the story line which makes it so addicting, I
hope for the rest to be finished soon.

Added: March 22, 2006
Name:  Alex Chew

I've been reading the story for the past 3 days.
It brought back memories when I played Xenogears
years ago. I have not been able to complete the
game then due to the spoilt memory card and I have
to return the CD to my friend. Nevertheless, the
story has captured my attention as the game has
done then. In short, the story is great. I think
now I'll have to check on the site at least once
every day to see if the story has been updated. XD
Can't wait for the new chapter to come out.

Anyway, I noticed that there are a few typo and
spelling mistakes. Just want to let you know. =)

Now, I'll sit back and wait for the new chapter to
come out. Great work!5

Added: October 26, 2005
Name:  Ryan

I loaned a friend of mine my Xenogears Disc 1
years ago and haven't seen it since. This is the
only game that I have craved in regards to story
and characters to the point that I hoped someone
had written it in novel form. Low and behold, two
years ago I stumbled on to the XGAM site. I have
eagerly awaited each coming chapter in the
continuing story.

Now for my critique....(sorry I'm a writer, gotta
do it)

Your writing and detailed structure are
magnificent. You have captured the characters in
the same ways that originally hooked me to the
game. The added details that you have given the
story such as simple costuming description have
truly filled any gaps that would make this a run
of the mill synopsis. Your attention has also
shown to me as a fan how seriously you do take
this work, and I thank you for that.

I look forward to reading the newest chapters, and
if there is anything I might be able to do to
help, feel free to contact me.


Added: October 21, 2005
Name:  Jesus H. Christ of the Divine City of Heaven

Keep it up Dark. You're just at about 500 pages
worth of story already man. Can't wait to see the
sheer size of this monster when you've reached
disc 2. Good work my friend, good work.

Added: October 15, 2005
Name:  Sic_zohar

Very very nice!
I'm a member of the XGAM forums...sic_zohar, and I
wanted to say Congrats! It's awesome!

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