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God and Mind Novelization

The God and Mind Novelization is an ongoing project that was started late 1999. Written entirely by with research, advice, motivation and technical assistance by

The God and Mind Novelization was last updated on 15th April 2019

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This Novelization is not intended to be a direct copy of the game to another medium. Therefore, you will not be finding dialogue reproduced word-for-word; we feel that if you are looking for this sort of thing, you would be better reading the script



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Volume I - Lost

Fei remembers nothing of his life before the masked stranger bought him to Lahan Village; a peaceful haven in the war-torn kingdom of Aveh. But Fei's tranquil life is soon cruelly shattered when his past catches up to him and he is flung into a world of danger, mystery and self-denial. Who is the terrifying figure in the dark mask? And why does the soldier from the city of Solaris seem so familiar, even though she claims Fei is her enemy?

Click here to read Volume I - Lost

Volume II - Revolution

Fei and his faithful companion, Citan, have fallen in with a band of desert pirates, lead by the impetuous Prince Bartholomew Fatima. The young man finds himself quickly caught up in the Prince's desperate plan to free both Aveh and his cousin from the tyrannical Shakhan, and his menacing Solarian allies. But not all of the Prince's enemies seem to be from Solaris!

Click here to read Volume II - Revolution

Volume III - Freedom

    Chapter 23:  Kislev Capital
    Chapter 24:  Baptism of Blood
    Chapter 25:  Life Sentence
    Chapter 26:  Sentence Repealed
    Chapter 27:  Black Hole
    Chapter 28:  Water of Hope
    Chapter 29:  Brave Battlers
    Chapter 30:  Sewer Horror
    Chapter 31:  Storm Clouds Gather
    Chapter 32:  Attacks and Tactics
    Chapter 33:  Battling Champ
    Chapter 34:  A Butlerís Mission
    Chapter 35:  Assasin
    Chapter 36:  Gear Dock Raid
    Chapter 37:  Departure

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