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God and Mind - Author's Notes
By Dark

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     In a patch of sunlight, the young man sat. His dull blue-grey eyes intent behind their protective circles of glass, indiscriminate dark hair plastered neatly about his large square head. The young man's hands rested, like broad slightly tanned seashells, lying passively on the keys of the out of date laptop. Around him the quiet of the library gathered in sleepy folds, wide windows siphoning in the autumn sunlight to fall heavily across the disorganized mass of books scattered on their solid wooden shelves. On the dusty dim green carpet the grey school-spattered tables and chairs huddled like ungainly turtles on a lazy beech.

     Then the young man started to stir stretching back in the chair, the navy blue suit jacket he wore tightening across the broad shoulders, the tie, patterned with a piano keyboard in sky blue, rustling ever so slightly, like a snake waking from sleep. Then with a neat careful swiftness the young man's hands began to move, his big head craned down as the deft squat fingers tapped at the grey keys.

     Something came into the room, a continent riddled with war, a huge purple gear, striding arrogantly through blood colorer fire, storms and love and evil chased each other across the dizzied eye of the boy's imagination. And so began the novelization, on a sleepy Thursday afternoon three years ago, when a young man should have been doing his biology coursework, but preferred to chase dreams and fire.

     Much has changed, I'm 20 now, and taller, my hair is now shoulder length. When I write, it's in a little study bedroom over a hundred miles from that small church-school library. My laptop is white now, new and up to date. I don't wear a suit anymore but a black kimono with a dragon emblazoned on the back. Nor do I write in sleepy sunlight, but in the chill sodium filled darkness of night, the florescent glare of the strip light set above my desk turning my keyboard into a haven of whiteness in the otherwise dim room. But the fire is the same, the purple gear and it's gentle pilot still fill my mind with fear love and hope. I still think of a girl with autumn colored hair, and long to hold her in my arms, to protect her from the darkness ahead --- for I know what is coming.

     From being a casual pastime, the Xenogears novelization has grown to mean a lot to me, and I faithfully promise to guide Fei and Elly safely through their terrible night's journey, to the dawning glory of a new day. I promise to try and keep the chapters coming thick and fast from now on --- with hopefully no big absences (except for exams, of course).

     I'd like to say a big thank you to Mist, for providing research, suggestions, online support and Xenogears related speculations. Then to Starcraft Squall, for his diligence and care in editing and generally polishing my erratic texts. And finally, to all the people who have the patience to struggle through my waffling --- for a book that nobody reads is as hopeless as a frost in spring.

~ End of Author's Notes ~

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