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Full Name:

Emeralda Kasim


Emeralda was created about four thousand years prior to the events of Xenogears in the Zeboim civilization by Kim Kasim, the second incarnation of the contact. In that time period side effects of war such as radiation were beginning to render the populace infertile due to genetic defects. Emeralda was created entirely from nanomachines in an effort to avoid a slow death for the species, using Kim's DNA and that of his wife, Elly, as the basis.

A future for Emeralda in Zeboim was not to be, however. The Zeboim military, likely under the orders of Miang, stormed the lab to secure her for their own purposes. It is generally assumed that Kim and Elly both perished in the attack, but evidence also suggests other alternatives. Regardless of the ultimate fates of her "parents," Emeralda ended up sealed away and the area was quarantined due to nano contamination.

Emeralda has existed in stasis until the present day when the area was unearthed by the Ethos as part of a plot for world domination.

A very impressive fighter, Emeralda can manipulate the nanites in her body quickly and efficiently. This allows her limbs to take on various destructive forms such as blades. Some of her more powerful techniques allow her to transform her entire body, even to the extent of pure energy. Emeralda also has a great deal of offensive power in the ether department, resembling that of Elly. Emeralda is probably the strongest offensive ether user in the last few areas of the game.

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