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Grahf was born from the ashes of the third Contact's life. Following the death of Sophia as a result of Shevat's betrayal, a grief-stricken and distraught Lacan left in search of 'the legendary power.' His journey ultimately led him to the resting place of the Zohar modifier, and contact with the Wave Existence. Their second such encounter was an imperfect one, resulting in a complete split in Lacan's personality, with his anger, hatred, and bitterness forming an entirely independent persona. Hence Grahf's first advent.

He immediately set about on his mission to end the Contact-Antitype cycle--one way or another. Making his way to 'Mahanon'--a large portion of the crashed Eldridge--he awakened and gained control of some of the weapons he found there, and unleashed them upon the world. Known as the Diabolos Collapse, this saw the eradication of at least ninety-five percent of the planet's population before Roni Fatima and his allies were able to drive the weapons back with their omnigears. Grahf vanished after Diabolos' defeat, biding his time for the following five hundred years until the next Contact's appearance.

A few years after Fei's birth, Grahf once again appeared to claim the boy for his own purposes. The ensuing confrontation between himself and Fei's father Kahn ended with the latter's defeat and a complete manifestation of Id. Grahf inhabited Kahn's battered body and took Id under his wing, training him as an assassin (who was employed by the Sacred Empire of Solaris from time to time) and grooming him for the day he (Grahf) would eventually be 'reunited' with is 'true' body (that of Fei, the fourth Contact). But his control over Kahn was a tenuous one, and he resurfaced long enough to temporarily seal Id's persona away and deliver Fei to the small village of Lahan in the guise of Wiseman. Grahf then reasserted himself, resuming his self-imposed mission with only periodic interruptions form 'Wiseman.'

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