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XENOGEARS: The Script is a product completely furnished and created by Starcraft Squall at the expense of nearly a month and a half of grueling work. This work entitled "XENOGEARS: THE SCRIPT" is solely authorized for use by Xenogears: God and Mind (XGAM) and its staff.

This script MAY be REFERRED to on other sites, but in order to receive the right to use this script directly, you must obtain permission from both myself at and the webmaster of XGAM at , and you must give credit to me as the author on the site you wish to use the script or portions of it on. You must also print the permission somewhere on the site that I and Mist have given you authorization to use the script. If you do not have this permission printed you do not have legal permission to use the script on your site and are presenting it illegally. You will obtain proof of permission if I reply to your email with a permission notice and you have received the same permission from the webmaster of XGAM. This script took me a lot of time to put together, so please do us the courtesy of giving credit where it is due. Thank you.

This script is intended to be used solely as a reference for the game, and is not to be reproduced without the aforementioned written permission from both myself and XGAM. The original material present in this script is all (c) 1998 by Squaresoft. All of the descriptions and accounts not already present verbatim in the game are (c) 2002 by me, Starcraft Squall and may not be reproduced without my permission and XGAM's permission.

(c) 2002 by XenoGears: The Script is a compilation of a previously released video game and all original material contained within XenoGears: The Script is (c) 1998 by Squaresoft. XenoGears: The Script is licensed exclusively to Xenogears: God and Mind and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the permission of and/or Xenogears: God and Mind.