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The Complete Xenogears Script

Hi, everybody! What follows is my own personal creation, an html file version of XENOGEARS: THE SCRIPT. I created this to be the ultimate reference to all of the mandatory dialogue and storyline in the game, and some of the more important NPC utterances are included here as well. The script is divided out by parts and chapters, so that you can easily find the section that you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Also, this is probably obvious: but massive spoilers... no... just about EVERY SPOILER in the game is found in here, so if you don't want to know yet... turn back now!! ^^

Script written by






Download Entire Script


Disk One


Chapter 00:  The Prologue
Chapter 01:  Lahan Village
Chapter 02:  Mountain Path
Chapter 03:  Fallen Shadows
Chapter 04:  Into The Woods
Chapter 05:  Girl In Forest
Chapter 06:  Dazil
Chapter 07:  Desert Attack!
Chapter 08:  Stalactite Cave
Chapter 09:  Pirate's Lair
Chapter 10:  Operation Aveh
Chapter 11:  The Tournament
Chapter 12:  Margie's Rescue
Chapter 13:  Road To Nisan
Chapter 14:  City Of Peace
Chapter 15:  Recapture Aveh
Chapter 16:  Desert Despair
Chapter 17:  Kislev Capital
Chapter 18:  Brave Battlers
Chapter 19:  Sewer Horror
Chapter 20:  Battling Champ
Chapter 21:  Gear Dock Raid
Chapter 22:  Night Purge
Chapter 23:  Secret Weapon
Chapter 24:  Escape Ignas

Chapter 25:  Adrift At Sea
Chapter 26:  Men Of The Sea
Chapter 27:  Friends Again
Chapter 28:  Betrayal
Chapter 29:  Ramsus' Attack
Chapter 30:  A Young Priest
Chapter 31:  The Orphanage
Chapter 32:  Reaper's Ship
Chapter 33:  Burning Souls
Chapter 34:  Ocean Floor
Chapter 35:  Deep Sea Girl
Chapter 36:  Babel Tower
Chapter 37:  Sky City Shevat
Chapter 38:  Intruder Alert!
Chapter 39:  Raid Of Shevat!
Chapter 40:  Protect Nisan!
Chapter 41:  Gate 1 -Margie
Chapter 42:  Gate 2 -Babel
Chapter 43:  Gate 3 -The Deep
Chapter 44:  Into Solaris
Chapter 45:  Escape Solaris
Chapter 46:  Lone Wolf
Chapter 47:  Krelian's Lab
Chapter 48:  Tears For Fears


Disk Two  


Chapter 49:  Shot Down!
Chapter 50:  Break The Seal
Chapter 51:  Soul Vessel
Chapter 52:  The Stars Know
Chapter 53:  Above Mahanon
Chapter 54:  Paradise
Chapter 55:  Promised Land
Chapter 56:  Merkava Calls
Chapter 57:  Dreams…
Chapter 58:  Fallen Star
Chapter 59:  First And Last
Chapter 60:  Epilogue


© Xenogears: God and Mind