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Hello, everyone! Welcome to XENOGEARS: THE SCRIPT! I have spent the past month and a half compiling this, consisting of late nights, earrrlyyyyy mornings and lots of gaming! The idea behind this was to create the ultimate reference guide to Xenogears, and what better way to do that than to capture the dialogue?

Xenogears: The Script is laid out in a movie shot-like fashion. I have done my best to describe camera angles during action sequences, and the situations the characters are appearing in. The action sequences, obviously were harder to describe than the dialogue! :P. As you go through you will also notice every once in a while my little side comments (as a result of too much caffeine, way too much work and not enough sleep :P) that usually occur during repetitive sequences, just to try and spice things up. Anyway, one must explain how some of the terms work.

Speaking is denoted by the charachter's name in caps, followed underneath by their dialogue. Each screen of dialogue is broken into one line 90 percent of the time, unless it was a long screen of dialogue.

For example:

"Hey, Elly, this food's not hot enough! Can you cook it longer?
I don't want to eat raw food!"

Fei speaks two screens in the previous example. At the end of longer, the screen is switched.

Action sequences are denoted by [] around the descriptions.

Such as:

[Fei turns to his left, grabs Chu-Chu and throws her in the microwave.]

Scene fade: When the scene fades to complete black.

Scene cut: When the scene just immediately changes to a different angle.

Scene change: When the scene changes completely to a different area, different time, etc.

Black screen: When the dialogue is being voiced without anything actually being seen.

These denote movies. When one of these pop up, a makeshift title appears after it and then the FMV goes until the script denotes that the FMV has been cut or ended.

For example:

FMV 99: Chu-Chu's Death
[Chu-Chu cries out as Elly stomps on her with Vierge, trying to mash her like potatoes. Elly screams in triumph as Chu-Chu turns into a pancake.]

"That's what you get for trying to take Fei away!!"

[Chu-Chu lies still.]
[----END FMV 99----]

Battles denote mandatory battles that must be fought, most of the time, unless the game tricked me (i doubt it, but it could've happened!)

[Battle: Your party/Your allies vs. Enemy/Enemy]

The music in Xenogears is, IMHO, some of the best to ever cover a video game, and so I took it upon myself to describe what music is playing at what time. The names are the same as the titles on the Xenogears OST.

For example:

[Begin music: "Flight"]

Stop music: Stop music.

Fade music. Turn music down and then off.

Some things got so repetitive that I eventually skipped over them to the next place something was worth describing.

I hope everyone appreciates this script and the work that went into creating it. If you are not a member of XGAM and would like to know about using this script on your site, please read the disclaimer at the end of the script, and contact both the webmaster and myself. My email address is plastered all over this script, so you should have no trouble finding me!

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