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Xenogears: The Complete Script

Part 08
Chapter 18: Brave Battlers

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[Begin music: "Invasion"]

[Scene opens on the D Block bunker. Fei walks up the stairs. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the main area of the bunker. Camera pan 270 around Fei as he walks up the stairwell. Hammer walks in from the east door and walks up to Fei.]

"Huff, huff, huff... I just finished signing you up!"

"Gee... that was quick! Is it really that easy?"

"Normally it isn't so easy!
But a woman called Rue from the Battling Committee seems to have done some pushing and pulling on your behalf!"

"The Battling Committee...? Oh, you mean those three?"

"Well, anyway, thanks to them, the enrolling process went like a breeze!
Hey hey! This means you can start Battling whenever you want to, bro!"

[Camera pan to behind Hammer.]

"But besides that, Hammer, since yesterday, you've seemed a little too happy!
Is there something strange going on behind the scenes that I don't know about?"

"... Huh? N, n, no! N, nothing! N, n, nothing at all!
The mechanic of champions, me, has had his sins wiped clean so there is nothing to be suspect of! Hahaha!"

"Hmm, really?"

"What do you mean? I told you there is nothing at all!
Oooh! I've got a lot to do, so I'll go on ahead of you!"

[Hammer runs out the door. Fei walks a step towards it.]

"Oh...! Hey...! W, w, wait...!"

[Fei ponders.]

"What are you up to. Not saying where you're going to..."

[Fei is interrupted in mid-thought. Camera pan to behind Fei on the side. Hammer charges back in the door and stops just past it.]

"Oh, I forgot to tell you!
The Battling Arena is on the outskirts of D-Block. Talk to the guard and he should let you pass. Bye!"

[Hammer leaves again.]

"... The outskirts of D-Block?"

[Fei walks towards the door when the west door behind him opens. Fei turns around at the sound.]

"Fei! Hold on a second!"

[Citan walks up to Fei. Camera pan to behind Fei on the side.]

"What is it doc? Last night you said we should act separately..."

"Yes I know I did. But there is something that I am curious about!
I shall join you in going to the Battling Arena. Is it not too late to split up after that?"

"...? Well... whatever! Anyway, let's get going!"

[Citan joins Fei. Fei heads for the counter.]

Has Monsieur decided what he wants from 'ze menu yet?
[Yep, I've decided!]

Which would Monsieur like?
[Dishes a 'la rank: Battlin' Steak]

[Camera pan to behind Chef.]

One moment pleeze...

[Chef turns to the cooks behind him.]

We 'ave' 'ze order! One 'Battlin Steak' pleeze!

That's right

[The chef walks over to get something from the cooks and takes it to Fei.]

Monsieur's victory iz certain! Our glorious 'Battlin Steak' has ze taste assured by ze use of ze finest ingredientz!

"Let's see... how it tastes."

[Fei eats.]

"Scrumptious, flavorsome, nicely chewy... quite good!"

[Fei overhears a Battler muttering to himself as he walks behind him.]

... Soon they will start the Battling Imperial Games that will be watched by the Kaiser himself... Right then's...
Yeah... errh... right then's our chance! We'll use a Gear... and make it look like an accident...

[The Battler realizes Fei is behind him.]


[The Battler turns around.]

What's with you!? Get lost!!

[The Battler turns away. Citan and Fei leave. Scene change.]

[Fei and Citan get to the exit of D Block when the guard stops them.]

"Hey, you... huh? Oh it's you! I heard from the Imperial Battling Committee...
I can let you thru, but as long as you have that bomb collar on it's no use trying to escape...!
If you don't wanna die, stay away from the off-limit areas, such as the civilian section, okay!?"

[The guard walks back to his post. Fei and Citan exit. Scene change.]

[The duo heads for the Battle arena at C-Block. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Stage of Death"]

[Scene opens on a small corridor in the Battling Arena. Camera behind Fei as Fei and Citan enter. Fei looks around.]

"... So this is the Battling Arena."

[Citan nods.]

"... Or the reception area to be exact."

[Fei looks to the side without turning.]


[The subordinates and Rue walk in from the right. Scene cut to behind Rue.]

"Welcome to the Battling Arena... Fei, Sir...
Several days ago you were adamant about not piloting Gears...
Has something happened in the last few days to make you change your mind in such a large way?"

[Fei nods.]

"Well, I have my reasons. For starters, you can't say prison life is that easy."

[Fei looks to the side.]

"... And then there's the matter of personal safety!"

[Citan looks to the side, thinking.]


[Fei turns back to Rue.]

"Then there's this collar! It gets in the way so much!"

"Your collar...?"

[Rue figures out what Fei is saying.]

"Hahahmm... You're amusing!
Are you intending to aim for victory despite it being your first try at Battling?"

[Fei nods.]

"... Is that strange?"

"No, no! Not the least... Please excuse me!
You seem to have quite some confidence in fighting with Gears... I'm looking forward to..."

[Rue stops.]


[Rue starts again.]

"Oops... excuse me!
Well, I guess I'll show you the way to the paddocks. We don't have much time..."

[Fei nods.]

"The paddocks...?"

"What, you're thinking that you're going to fight with flesh and blood?
... Hahahmm, not that I wouldn't mind seeing it, but..."

[Rue gets back to business.]

"We told you before that the committee would prepare a machine for you...
What did you forget?"

[Fei shakes his head.]

"Oh, err... The Gear I'm going to pilot will be, er..."

"Well, come on now. Walk this way..."

[Rue turns around. Citan turns to the committee and nods.]

"Hold on! We are not ready yet... Can you spare us a little time?"

[Rue turns back.]

"... Understood. But we don't have much time to spare, so please hurry up now..."

[Rue walks into a side chamber. The subordinates walk to the door and post guard. Fei walks up to the counter and begins to talk to the informationist.]

"Nothing learned nothing gained. Ask and you shall receive... perhaps.
Anyway, 'Battler', what do you need to know about the Battling Contest?"

[Informationist begins.]

"What shall I explain?"
[What's Battling?]

[The informationist begins to answer.]

"Okeydokey! Well then, I'll now explain a bit about 'Battling'."

[The informationist begins.]

"Battling is the sport of fighting one-on-one with Gears and is held in the Imperial capital's arena.
The rules of the sport are simple - fight until one or the other breaks down. In other words, just bash your rival to pieces!
But you don't have to fight till you trash your Gear. You are allowed to give up during a match... so if you can't win... well, you know!"

[The informationist stops.]

"Well that's the rough explanation... I guess. Did you get the drift?"

"Well, errh..."
[Sure, no problem!]

"The next thing to do is to gain experience by actually Battling. The key is to get used to the controls!
But perhaps jumping straight into an actual battle is too much for you? Well then, why not try our 'practice mode' for help with the controls?
This is a simulation mode where you can practice the basic control methods. We recommend that beginners should train here first!
Also, there is a 'tutorial mode' that provides easy lessons, from the basic controls through to an explanation of the screen."

[Informationist stops.]

"Is there anything else you want to ask about?"

[She stops.]

"What shall I explain?"
[Basic controls]

"... Fei, sir, you haven't registered your Gear yet. But I can explain the basic controls if you like...?

"Battling control method?"
[Please explain.]

"Which button do you need an explanation of?"
[Directional button]
"O.K., about the Directional button... assuming that your opponent is on your right (from your viewpoint) then:
- UP moves your Gear back away from the screen. - DOWN moves your Gear in towards the screen.
- RIGHT moves your Gear towards your opponent. - LEFT moves your Gear away from your opponent.
Lastly, when you're close to your opponent, pressing LEFT invokes a special move momentary back acceleration!
This momentarily distances you from your opponent (or allows you to 'run away')! Just remember the opposite direction to your opponent.
That's it in a nutshell! It's probably easier to get the idea by actually trying your hand at the controls!"
[X button]
"The X button is ATTACK. (There are 3 attack buttons and X is one of them.)
It changes from Gear to Gear but is mainly meant for close combat. And you're not limited to just one blow.
By combining the X and [] buttons you are able to make a chain of attacks up to three long!
All together there are 14 such combinations that you can use!"
[[] button]
"The [] button is ATTACK. (There are 3 attack buttons and [] is one of them.)
It differs from Gear to Gear but is mainly utilized for close combat. And you're not limited to just one blow.
By combining the X and [] buttons you are able to make a chain of attacks up to three in length!
All together there are 14 such combinations that you can try out!"
[A button]
"The A button is for JUMP! Your movement controls are the same during jumps.
Also, you are able to attack with the X and [] buttons during jumps!
Oh, and it's alright to use the R1 button to make Ether Bullet attacks too!"
[O button]
"The O button is for DASH. Your movement controls are the same as usual.
The only thing is that you cannot continue running indefinitely.
For more details, try the 'Tutorial Mode', where you'll get an explanation from a different official."
[L1 button]
"Attacking isn't everything! Although it is said that 'offense is the best form of defense', at times it is important to defend oneself.
That's why we have the L1 button to GUARD you! But, it doesn't prevent all of the damage so be careful!"
[R1 button]
"The R1 button launches a special attack called 'Ether Bullet'. It's good for long range attacks on your foe!
'Ether Bullets' have homing ability so you may tend to rely on them, but you might regret it if you use them too much! Do be careful!"
For more details, try our 'Tutorial Mode', where you will get an explanation from a different official."
[Start button]
"The Start button will permit you to pause the battle.
At this time, you may select the 'GIVE UP' option if you think you won't win."
[End explanation]
"Oh, is that how it is? Well, is there anything else you want to inquire about?"

[The informationist keeps talking.]

"What shall I explain?"
[I'm alright thanks!]

[The informationist is disappointed.]

"... Are you sure you don't need to hear what I've got to say? If you have trouble don't blame it on me!"

[Fei moves down the counter and talks to the receptionist.]

"Your entry has already been made. Please follow the supervisor's instructions to compete in your first bout."

[Fei moves to another person guarding the back door.]

"Beyond here is the competitor's Gear storage paddock.
Sorry, but to prevent pilots from cheating, unauthorized entry is not permitted."

[Fei walks back to the area Rue went in. The subordinates are guarding it.]

"If your preparations are complete then talk to Rue."

[Fei walks in to the back room. Hammer is off in the corner. Fei walks up to him. Camera pan to behind Hammer on the side.]

"I'm a mechanic, so I took the liberty to set up shop here for a while.
Let's not waste time, bro, care to make a purchase?"
['spose I have to.]

"Yeah! That's my bro! You're too kind man! Much appreciated!"

[Hammer gets down to business.]

"What you be needin' bro?"
[Hammer's Gear parts]

"The procedures were quite sudden so the approval for
servicing Gear parts won't make it in time for the first bouts.
Oh and bro, you haven't been allocated a Gear yet. ... I wonder what Gear they will give you...?"

[Fei and Citan head over to Rue.]

"Are you ready?"
[You bet!]

[Fei and Citan walk to the side.]

"Very well then... Over there please..."

[Fei and Citan walk back into the main hall. As Rue comes to join them, Hammer yells out. The subordinates as always, move to behind Rue.]

"Yo, Bro~! You forgot your mechanic! Wait up a little!"

[Hammer walks out and joins the group. Rue turns towards the back door.]

"... It's that way!"

[Fei nods and walks towards the door. Citan follows him. The Gate Keeper moves out of the way.]

"Beyond there is the Gear paddock...
Not much time till the first bout. You had better hurry..."

[Fei looks to the side. Then he walks in the door. Citan and Hammer follow. Camera pan in closer to Rue. The subordinates walk up behind her.]

"Rue, ma'am, what shall we do?"

"Report to the officials. Pilot confirmation complete. Suggest first bout opponent to be the black Gear..."

"Yes, ma'am!"

[The subordinates turn and leave. Pan up and away. Scene fade.]

[Scene opens on the Gear paddock. Fei is standing in front of the Gear. Citan and Hammer are on the side, also looking at the Gear. Not just any Gear. Camera pan up slowly to reveal... Weltall! Scene cut to side view of Weltall's upper portion.]

"Hey, is this...!?"

"This must be the Gear that was furnished by the committee!"

[Scene cut. Pan down to behind Fei and Citan at a distance. Hammer is at the base of the Gear.]

"... My this IS a surprise."

[Fei shakes his head, turns to Citan and nods.]


[Citan assumes his thinking posture again.]

"... Hmmm. I do not think this is coincidental... ... I am simply assuming,
but they probably intentionally furnished you with Weltall to collect some data."

[Fei nods.]


[Citan shakes his head.]

"Battling itself serves as one of Kislev's plans.
From Battling, they can obtain the various combat data...
... and talented Battlers which can be used for the military."

[Fei turns back to Weltall.]

"Exactly what kind of data could they get outta him and I...?"

[Citan shakes his head.]

"I would not know."

[Citan continues.]

"But I can assure you that this has something to do with that incident
with Aveh..."

[Scene cut to top of Weltall, opposite side.]

"Well, regardless of what the empire is up to, this is good for us."

[Citan continues.]

"You are able to get the Gear you are most used to."

[Citan muses.]

"If you think about it, this just enhanced our probability of escaping..."


[Scene fade.]

"Your Gear has been entered. What do you wish to do?"
[Tutorial Mode]

"Well, I'll now explain the basic control methods using the actual screen."

[Begin music: "The Steel Giant"]

[Scene opens on Battle simulator between Weltall and Tin Robo. During the tutorial a number of actions going on are self-described.]

Welcome to the Tutorial Mode. Here you can learn more about the 'Battling' controls.
[About Battling]
Battling is a game where you fight one-on-one with Gears in a wide-open, circular field or arena.
A match ends when either you or your opponent's Gear takes too much damage and has its Durability (H.P.) reach zero.
[Screen Layout]
The game is played on a screen that displays the two Gears sides on.
This is the Gear you control. You start the battle on the left-hand side of the screen.
This is your opponent's Gear.
These are Durability Gauges tht show your damage level. The top gauge is yours, and the bottom is your opponent's.
When you attack your opponent, his Gear's Durability will be depleted. The Durability in the gauge cannot be recovered.
The one who depletes his opponent's Durability Gauge (H.P.) to 0 first will become the match winner.
This is your Heat Gauge.
It indicates the temperature of your Gear, which is raised when you use your Dash ability or fire Ether bullets.
Your Gear's temperature can be recovered also, and this too will be reflected by the gauge's level.
This is your opponent's Heat Gauge.
To approach your opponent, press the Directional Button towards him/her.
To retreat from your opponent, press the Directional Button away from him/her.
Pressing Up / Down on the Directional Button will move you away from / towards the screen respectively.
Push the A button to jump.
Hold down the O button while moving to Dash. You will run at twice normal speed, but your Heat Gauge will rise.
You cannot Dash when your Heat Gauge is at maximum or when your Durability (H.P.) Gauge is low.
Also, your Heat Gauge will not decrease during the time spent in the air when you jump while Dashing.
When you are right in front of your opponent and you push the Directional Button away from him/her...
... you can perform a Back-Dash (momentary back acceleration). Use this to instantaneously dodge your opponent's attacks.
Moving while in desert areas raises the Heat Gauge faster than normal. Acceleration is not as responsive either.
You cannot Dash in the water areas. Water will also absorb Ether Bullets, so you cannot fire while under water.
However, the rate of recovery of your Heat Gauge is a little better while your Gear is in the water.
You can use the [] and X Buttons to attack.
For example, if you just push the [] Button once you will enter an attack sequence.
If you don't push another button in the meantime, you will simply execute the [] Button's attack and finish.
Now watch what happens if we push another attack Button before the first attack's movement is completed...
Either the [] or X Buttons is okay, but here we will try pushing the X Button after our initial [] Button attack.
... The X Button's attack will follow immediately after the [] Button's attack.
In this way, you can enter up to three attacks in advance, and execute them in one swift sequence.
The type of attack changes with the number of times and order that the [] and X Buttons are pressed.
Try combining the attack buttons in any order that you like. For example, [] X [], [] [] [], X X [] and so forth.
In all, there are 14 different kinds of attack combinations for you to try out.
You may input up to 3 attacks before the first attack is completed.
Among your opponents, there are Gears that can only attack up to 2 times in sequence.
[Heat Gauges]
When you use Ether Bullets or your Dash ability, your Heat Gauge will increase. You have to avoid heating up too much!
The gauge will recover when you're using normal attacks or just doing nothing at all.
Even during your normal running movement it will slowly drop back down.
If you use your Ether Bullets and Dash abilities too much, the rate of heat recovery won't be able to keep up...
If your Heat Gauge reaches its limit, your Gear will start to overheat...
At this point, any further use of such abilities will damage your Gear and cause your Durability (H.P.) to decrease.
When the indicator alongside of your Heat Gauge is blue, you can use Ether Bullets and Dash abilities as per normal.
But, if you use these abilities while the indicator is yellow...
your Heat Gauge will exceed its limit and your Durability Gauge (H.P.) will decrease.
When the indicator is red, you have no Durability (H.P.) left and so cannot fire any more Ether Bullets.
One strategy is to attack your opponent as much as you can while you still have Durability (H.P.) to spare.
[Ether Bullets]
For long range attacks, you can press the R1 Button to launch an 'Ether Bullet'.
Ether Bullets have tha ability to track the enemy, but will dissipate upon contact with such things as walls or water.
For each shot launched, the Heat Gauge will rise markedly.
If you're not careful, you may lose all your Durability (H.P.) by just continually firing Ether Bullets.
So always keep an eye on your Heat Gauge, for fear of losing Durability.
If your opponent fires an Ether Bullet at you, Dash or jump to avoid being hit by it.
Also, if you hit your enemy's back while he/she is fleeing, you may be able to knock him/her off his/her feet.
There are times when you can't dodge your opponent's attack by simply moving out of the way.
In those occasions, it is best to use the L1 Button to guard against enemy attacks.
If you're about to be hit by your enemy and you don't think you can dodge it...
then press the L1 Button to take a guarding stance.
If you were able to guard yourself in time, the damage from your opponent's attack will be halved.
However, you cannot guard yourself against attacks that come from behind you.
It may be difficult to use at first, but when you get used to it, guarding will probably become a useful tactic.
[End Tutorial]
This ends the tutorial... Now why not try out our 'Practice Mode'? Good luck! Oh, and have fun Battling!

[Scene change to black screen.]

[Begin music: "Stage of Death"]

"Your Gear has been entered. What do you wish to do?"
[Practice Mode]

"So, you want to try out the actual controls, huh..."

[Begin music: "The Steel Giant"]

[Weltall uses practice mode for a bit then returns to the black screen.]

[Begin music: "Stage of Death"]

"Your Gear has been entered. What do you wish to do?"
[Begin battle]

"About to start a bout! OK?"
[A'bout time!]

- Beginning Bout -

[Begin music: "The Steel Giant"]


[Weltall takes out about 60% of Ganador's Durability. Stop battling action.]

"Hm! Not bad.
Have it your way then... Playtime is now over!
Let's get serious..."

[Camera pan in close to Weltall. Fade music.]

"???? What's going on...?
[Steam and smoke begin to come out of Weltall.]
What the...!? My Gear's...!?"

[Weltall breaks down and fire breaks out all over it. Scene fade.]


[Begin music: "Ominous"]

[Scene opens on the doctor's room. Scene enveloped in green hue. Fei is lying diagonally on the training table. No one else is there.]

"Uuuh... Aaah... Gasp... Uuuugh..."

[Scene pan up and away from Fei. Scene change.]

[Scene opens somewhere in the Kislev sewers. Leonardo and Heinrich enter, and stop after crossing a bridge.]

"Heh heh... Jerk... he's probably in bed somewhere now."

"Wasn't that a bit too much? If Champ finds out, we're done for!"

"Hmph, I don' get it.
Let's just get this over with. Tonight's creepy, the rats are restless."

"What, this isn't like you...
Alright, then you take that one..."

[Heinrich leaves. Leonardo watches him go.]

"Oh man, this is bad...
The hairs on the back of my neck are all standin' up.
Something weird's out there."

[Scene fade.]

[Scene opens on another section of the Kislev Sewers. Heinrich walks over a bridge and past a drain, with his back turned to it.]


[Heinrich turns around to the drain.]

"... Huh?"

[Nothing's there.]

"Hmm... must just be my imagination."

[Heinrich walks a little further.]

[Scene cut to the sewer "river." Scene is red tinted. Heartbeat at fairly fast pace establishes that the camera is the POV of SOMETHING not natural. It flies up the river and comes up behind Heinrich as he walks up the side. Heinrich turns at the last moment towards camera.]


[Scene fade.]

[Scene opens on Leonardo's section. A noise in the distance is heard. Leonardo turns.]

"Tch! So you came out!?"

[Leonardo runs off.]

[Scene cut to the red POV again. Resume heartbeat. The camera turns a corner to see Leonardo at the far end of the "hallway."]

"What the!?"

[Leonardo starts backing up as the camera closes in on him.]

"Crap... this... monster's..."

[Leonardo runs around the corner and over a bridge. He turns back to camera as it pans to the river junction.]

"St... stay away..."

[Camera moves towards Leonardo as he backs up. A noise is heard like the one previously but this one is right here.]


[Scene fade.]


[Scene opens on the doctor's room. Fei has an arm over his face. No one's there but him. Fade from green hue to normal and pan back to behind the side of Fei facing from the wall.]

"... Where am I... Oh, the infirmary?"

[Citan walks in.]

"Well hello, Fei! Are you wide awake yet...?"

[Citan walks up to the training table. Fei removes his arm from his face and looks at Citan.]

"Doc... What happened to me...? How did I get here...?"

[Hammer walks in.]

"During the Battling match... there was a sudden explosion... remember?"

[Fei puts his arm back over his face.]

"... That's right... In that explosion... I lost consciousness!?"

"It was a large explosion, but you were fortunate the Gear was Weltall...!
Any other Gear and I would hate to think... Anyway, you are safe, that is what matters!"

"Thanks to... Weltall, huh?"

[Fei removes his arm and looks at Citan again.]

"... Doc. How many days have passed since then?"

"Only a day has elapsed since the accident.
Your injuries were relatively minor, so..."

"Only one day... ..."

"What is the matter, Fei...?"

[Fei puts his arm back over his face.]

"I had an awful dream... I can't remember it, but... I just know it was awful..."

"A dream...?"

"... It was nothing, I guess. Don't worry about it, doc."


[Fei takes his arm away and turns to Citan again.]

"Doc, I've got to get back to the Battling.
I want to get this explosive collar off of me as soon as I can."

"Fei, how is your health holding up? I do not want you to push yourself..."

"There's no use saying that. Time is not going to wait! I can't just do nothing..."

"... I suppose you are right. I understand what you mean, Fei.
We have got to try and get out of here as soon as we possibly can."

[Citan continues.]

"But that does not mean you have to over-exert yourself again, straight away!
Take time to rest up a little more..."

"You're the doc, ...doc! I'll try... and get... a little more... rest..."

[Fei puts his arm back over his face. Scene fade.]

 Chapter 17: Kislev Capital


Chapter 19: Sewer Horror


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