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Xenogears: The Complete Script

Part 10
Chapter 24: Escape Ignas

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[Scene opens on a section of the Goliath floating on the ocean like a raft, fairly large. Elly is lying on it, prostrate.]

"Ah, oooooh..."

[Elly gets to her feet and looks around, then does a quick double take.]

"Where am I...?
I was with Fei, heading for the rear block... Fei...! Where are you, Fei?"

[A noise comes from the other side of the raft.]

Rumble rumble

[The "raft" is somewhat severed, enough to make a division, but Elly easily jumps over it. The noise keeps going. Elly examines a small door in the floor of the raft from which the sound is coming. Camera pan to the side. The doors open and Fei jumps out to the side.]

"Elly, you are awake."

[Camera pan to behind Elly slowly.]

"Am I awake...? What were you doing!?"

"I was looking around inside here. There's less than 2 days worth..."

"Of what?"

"Food. We're lucky we even found any."

[Fei turns to the side.]

"But, where is everyone!? Are we the only survivors?"

[Fei turns around with his hands on his hips.]

"We gotta do something. Guess I'll go catch some fish."


[Fei looks up.]

"... They're okay."


[Fei walks away to the side of the raft, looking out to the ocean.]

"They're okay... doc, Rico, Hammer, everyone... They're all going to be okay."

[Camera pan up. Scene fade.]

[Begin music: "Leftovers of the Dreams of the Strong" - skip intro]

[Black screen.]

Hammer, Rico... Wake up!

[Scene opens in one of the Yggdrasil's quarters under the Gun Room. Camera behind Citan. Rico and Hammer look around the room.]

"Where are we?"

"What is this place? Something smells."

[Citan and Hammer turn to Rico.]

"We are inside the ship of Bart and his crew.
They rescued us after we were shot down in the Goliath."

[Rico turns to Citan.]

"Who the heck are 'Bart and his crew'?"

"Let us say... they are bandits... robbing Aveh.
Bart is their leader, though he is still a young man."

[Rico turns around.]

"A robber in this day and age? A man with an attitude. I like it!!"

"... Do you want to start off by going to meet Bart?"

[Rico turns around and nods.]

"Hmm... You read my mind!"

[Hammer turns to Citan.]

"I'm staying here!"

[Rico joins Citan. Hammer reemphasizes.]

"I'm staying put here."

[Citan and Rico leave. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the Gun Room. Citan and Rico head up to see Maison.]

"Oh! Doctor Uzuki. I'm sorry to put you out so much...
We should've stopped the young master... I am terribly sorry!"

[Maison turns around.]

(Uh... uh... uh......! My chronic lumbago has gotten worse since I hustled in Aveh...)

[Citan and Rico leave and head for the crew quarters. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the crew quarters. Citan and Rico go over and talk to the man tending the beds.]

Oh! Are you Rico, the Battling Champ? I'm originally from Kislev. It's great to meet you!!

[Rico turns around.]

Well, I'm no longer the Champ. So there's no need to get so excited.

[Citan and Rico head for the bridge of the Yggdrasil. Scene change.]

[Citan and Rico walk up to Sigurd.]

"Forgive me, Hyuga... I couldn't save Fei and Elly..."

[The duo walks over to Bart. Bart turns around. Camera pan to behind the wheel. Citan walks to the side as Rico walks in front of Bart.]

"Well if it isn't Doctor Citan Uzuki and... errh, his very big friend!
I see you've finally woken up. I am terribly sorry about what happened... Please forgive me..."

"I have a name, you know... It's Ricardo Banderas... But everyone calls me Rico!
So, what are you apologizing to us for?"

"... I suppose I had better stop beating around the bush...
I'm not usually this frank or apologetic but, well..."

[Citan turns to Rico.]

"What he is trying to say is this...
The people who shot us down, and the people who saved us, are one and the same... this ship's crew!"

[Rico turns to Citan.]

"...? You don't mean...
That Goliath which we were riding in was shot down by...?"

"Yes, you're a bit slow there... errh, big friend!
Actually our Yggdrasil II did a good job in shooting down that monster of an airplane!! It was great!"

[Bart turns around. Rico looks to the side and down.]

"You should've seen it! Wow! My 'Bart Missiles' sure were awesome...!!"

[Bart turns around. Rico leaps onto Bart as the scene begins fading.]

"AAAARRRGGHHH!! I won't forgive you so easily!!"

[Scene fade. Stop music.]

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