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Xenogears: The Complete Script

Part 12
Chapter 30: A Young Priest

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[Begin music: "Emotions"]

[Scene opens next to the Thames. The Yggdrasil takes off to the north and travels up to the 'Ethos' H.Q. Scene change. Stop music.]


[Begin music: "The Ship of Regret and Sleep"]

[Scene opens in the 'Ethos' H.Q. main hall. Elly, Bart and Citan walk in. A bishop is standing by the door.]

The 'Ethos' was created to save people-- to save people's souls and revive lost technology.
We wish happiness to all the people of the world.

[An Etone stands by the entrance. Elly and her group go talk to him.]

This is a practice hall. This facility was built for us Etone.

"Are we not allowed inside the cathedral?"

No. Only 'Ethos' members or those with known identities can enter the cathedral and its related facilities.
The same thing applies to this practice hall, but the bishop made an exception for brother Billy.

[The group walks towards the back to find Billy at the back of the hall. He walks up to the group.]

"We have been waiting for you.
I received permission to treat Fei so long as it is in the practice hall's infirmary.
Let us 'Ethos' staff take care of the rest."

[Elly nods.]

"Please, take care of Fei for me..."

[Scene fade.]

[Scene opens in the same hall, same setup, a while later.]

"The brothers from the 'Ethos' are looking after Fei in the infirmary.
Let me take you there. Please follow me, this way."

[Billy walks away. A door is heard opening and shutting. Elly and her friends follow. They go through a see-through cage door where Billy is standing on the other side. Camera pan to in front of Billy on the side.]

"This way."

[The door behind Billy opens and a Etone dressed in red robes comes out. Billy turns around. The game introduces Verlaine automatically.]

"Billy, I hear your father has been rather active again."


"It is said that there was an attack on an excavation site which injured many of my 'brothers' and workers."

[Verlaine turns to the side slightly.]

"Well, you're such a fine Etone - destroying Reapers and proving the justice of the 'Ethos' to the world.
But your father is..."

"We are father and son in blood only! I have nothing to do with that man..."

[Verlaine turns back to Billy.]

"Don't get me wrong. I don't suspect you, our good 'brother'.
I just wanted to inform you about your father."

[Verlaine walks back in the door and leaves. Billy looks down and puts his hand on his forehead.]

"... That father of mine... I wish he'd think about my position before acting."

[Camera pan quickly to behind Elly. Billy walks to the door. Elly and her friends walk up to him.]

"The infirmary is this way. Let's go."

[Billy opens the door and goes in. Elly & Co. follow. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a narrow hallway. Billy is standing just inside as the others walk in.]

"This way."

[Billy walks down the path a ways and stops.]

"The infirmary is this way. Let's go."

[Elly & Co. walk in the door beside Billy. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on a flight of squared stairs. Elly & Co. walk down them. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in an underground hallway. Elly & Co. walk over to find Billy standing in front of a door.]

"The infirmary is this way."

[Billy turns, opens the door and walks in. Scene fade.]

[Scene opens in the Ethos infirmary. Fei is in a fairly elaborate hospital bed surrounded by monitors. An clergyman is monitoring him. Elly, Citan and Bart stand at the foot of the bed while Billy is off to the side.]

"How is he?"

The patient hasn't regained consciousness yet, but we see no abnormality with his brain.
The low water temperature lowered his metabolism and saved him.
One false step and he could've suffered from brain death.

[Bart nods.]

"That means..."

[The clergyman turns to Bart.]

Yes, don't worry. However, we need to conduct more tests for a while.
After that, he can be treated at your medical facilities.

"... Will Fei ever regain consciousness?"

[The clergyman turns to Elly.]

The reason why he hasn't regained consciousness is physical exhaustion. He overworked himself.
It'll probably take him a few more days, but don't worry, he'll wake up.

[Elly walks over to the side of Fei's bed. The clergyman and Billy clear a path as she walks. Elly looks down at Fei.]

"... I'm sorry, Fei. I caused the engine room to lose control..."

[Citan walks up a step and shakes his head slowly.]

"Elly, that is not true. You cannot resist being hypnotized.
More importantly, you saved Fei.
Fei could not have been protected from Kahr without you. Is that not correct?"

[Elly looks up.]

"Thank you..."

[Bart turns to Elly.]

"Hey, we don't want to disturb his recovery. Let's take a little walk.
It may take a little longer to finish treating Fei."

[Elly turns to the others.]

"I... would like to stay a little while. Is it okay?"

[Citan nods.]

"I agree. Fei will feel at ease that way. Please let us
know when you finish treating Fei. We will leave the rest up to you."

[Bart joins Citan and they walk around.]

"Fei... I'm sorry."

"All we can do is wait and see."

He is in stable condition. His treatment is almost complete.

[They leave and find the Bishop's room. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on bishop's room. An etone is in it as well.]

The Bishop's been worried about Reapers, refugees, Etone, the faith...

[The bishop thinks to himself.]

("... Too many Wels are out there now. More than we can handle...
What are 'they' thinking?")

[They leave and find Verlaine's chamber further up the hall. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on Verlaine's chamber. Verlaine is there.]

"... I have no business with people not associated with the 'Ethos'."

[Citan and Bart continue to wander around until they enter a chamber. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on an Ethos quarters. An Ethos priest yells at them when they come in.]

Aha! You!
Ask Billy if his dad holds a grudge against the 'Ethos' or not.
They say his father bombed the 'Ethos' supply dump. Oh, my head hurts.

[The priest calms down.]

Why does Jessie attack the 'Ethos' buildings? I heard he was once an amazing Etone...

[The group leaves and returns to the main hall. Scene fade.]

[Scene opens on the main hall. Elly is up from the infirmary and walks towards them.]

"Elly, how is Fei doing?"

"Yes... It looks like he is going to be alright."

[Bart nods.]

"Come on. Let's go to the infirmary."

[Elly & Co. finish their touring and return to the infirmary. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the infirmary. The clergyman turns to the group.]

Hello, everyone. His treatment is finished.

[Citan thinks for a second.]

"Did Fei regain consciousness?"

Unfortunately, the patient hasn't regained consciousness yet. But there's no need to worry.
When he recovers physically, he'll also regain consciousness. You can take him to your ship now.

[Bart nods.]

"Thanks a lot!"

Please don't worry. I did my job as a clergyman.

[Elly walks up a couple of steps and nods.]

"Um... Where is Billy? I'd like to thank him..."

[The clergyman turns to Elly.]

Oh yes, brother Billy...
He went back to the orphanage. He was worried about the children left behind.

[Citan turns to the clergyman and nods.]

"We are in Billy's debt. We should go thank him."

[Bart turns to Citan, looks down, and shakes his head slowly.]

"First, let's take Fei to the Yggdrasil. We can go thank him afterwards."

[Stop music. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Leftovers of the Dreams of the Strong" - skip intro]

[Scene opens in the Yggdrasil's infirmary. Fei has been placed in the bed again. Elly, Citan and Bart are there. Camera behind Fei's side on the wall. Elly walks up to the bedside.]


"Fei, I'm sorry..."

[Fei seems to mumble as he sleeps.]

Uh, no...

[Elly checks with the nurse.]

Fei... You're alright, aren't you?
Oh, I'm so happy! It's wonderful to be a nurse!
[The nurse checks their weight.]

[The group leaves and heads for the Gun Room. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the Gun Room. They walk over to Maison.]

"For people from a heathen nation like us to receive such charity...
My word, god is so very, very tolerant..."

[Maison stops.]

"How may I be of service?"
[Elly buys stuff.]

"I hope I can be of such service again!"

[Elly & Co. head up to Margie's room. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on Margie's room. Elly walks over to Chu-Chu.]

"Fei, still sleeping?
A maiden's kiss might wake you up. Oh, what am I saying!? This is chu embarrassing!!"

[Elly goes to Margie.]

"What a relief!"
[Margie switches Rico in for Bart.]

[Elly, Citan and Rico go to the bridge. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the bridge. Elly goes to Sigurd.]

"I see. So, Fei'll recover if he continues to rest. I'm relieved to hear that.
It seems the orphanage is located to the southeast of the 'Ethos' headquarters."

[Sigurd stops.]

"Shall we launch the Yggdrasil?"
[Go ahead!]

[Scene fade. Stop music.]

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