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Xenogears: The Complete Script

Part 14
Chapter 34: Ocean Floor

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[Begin music: "Emotions"]

[Scene opens on the Yggdrasil outside the 'Ethos' base. The submarine takes off and pilots to the Thames in the southeast. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Thames, Man of the Sea"]

[Scene opens on the Thames' dock. Citan, Bart and Billy leave the Yggdrasil's hatch and take the elevator up to the armor ground. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the armor ground. Citan goes to the wannabe kid from before.]

I'm sure the Wels are followin' us 'cus of the Captain.

[The kid runs away a few steps. Scene cut to in front of the kid as he pulls out a rod and makes a shot sound.]


[The kid turns to his left and pulls his rod to the other side, making another shot sound.]

of the sea!

[The kid turns around. Scene cut to opposite side of the kid as he sheathes his rod. A ding sound is heard.]

never lose......... Hey!

[The kid looks around, then jumps.]

Ah, here, yep, just a little more.

[The trio progresses through the Thames up to the sick bay to find a dolphin-woman named Anna in the back with two kids. Citan walks around to them.]

"My husband was eaten by that Reaper -Wels- thing... We three were the only ones saved. What do we do now?"

"Hey, are you picking on my Mom?"

"What about Dad?"

[Citan stops by the doctor on the way out.]

"What, are you injured?"

"Then get out. There are lots of injured people from that big fishbowl thing."

[Citan and his cohorts head for the bridge of the Thames. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the bridge. Things seem to be normal, amazingly enough. The group walks over to the captain. The captain turns to Citan. Camera pan to side view near the doors.]

"Oh, Citan. You came because you were worried?"

"Yes, you could say that. But you seem to be better off than I expected."

"Of course."

[The captain turns towards the camera and thrusts his rod out.]

We are

[Scene cut to in front of Citan, opposite side. The captain turns towards camera and thrusts his rod out to the other side.]


[Scene cut to behind Bart. The captain turns towards camera and sheathes his rod.]

of the Sea!!

[Camera pan to behind Bart's right side.]

"... is what I'd like to say...
... but the truth is the situation's been pretty bad.
We've got some that are injured badly and some that are fatal.
But considering what happened to the other ships, we're in no position to complain.
And by the way, Citan. What the hell is up with that fishbowl thing?
It came out of nowhere and kicked our butts and left behind Wels.
And then, it headed for some obscure excavation site where there's supposed to be nothing.
Odd, since we were sent to go to a more deeper and bigger excavation site."

[Citan assumes his thinking position.]

"Just as I thought..."

"Some say they saw a huge Gear-like monster.
It seemed like it was guiding that fishbowl thing to the excavation site. Or so I'm told."

[Citan looks up.]

"Stone... It appears there is something there for sure."

"Call it salvager's intuition, but I don't wanna get any closer.
And Citan, is that fishbowl an enemy of yours?"

"You... could say that."

"Well, I won't ask for revenge.
But I can't just sit back and do nothing. If you're against it, we'll help any way we can.
You can ask Hans anything about the site."

[The captain pauses. Citan continues the conversation.]

"If you're gonna mess with them, we'll help however we can.
If you wanna know about the fishbowl headed towards the excavation site, ask Hans."

[Citan and his friends go to Hans.]

"Fishbowl was headed due north.
The north edge of that island... But why? There's nothing there but a small mine."

[The group goes back to the Yggdrasil. Scene change. Stop music.]

[Begin music: "Leftovers of the Dreams of the Strong" - skip intro]

[Scene opens on the Yggdrasil, outside the bridge. The group goes to the Gun Room. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the Gun Room. Citan & Co. walk up to find Jessie in Maison's bar.]

"Hah...! Just goes to show the kid needs his parents around him all the time!"

[The group goes back to the main hall. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the Yggdrasil's main hall. Citan walks over to the infirmary to find the nurse standing in front of the door.]

So-o-o-rry. The Shevat agent is in intensive care... So... No visitors are allowed!!

[The nurse turns around.]

(I've always wanted to say that...! "No visitors are allowed!" Now I'm so-o-o-o happy!!)

[The nurse turns back. The group heads for Margie's room. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on Margie's room. Citan goes over to Chu-Chu.]

"Stone was a baddie!? I'll never be able chu forgive him!"

[The group walks to Margie.]

"... I knew something was up with the 'Ethos'...
It's not permissible to use religion for wrong doing!"
[Margie switches Elly in for Bart.]

[Citan, Elly and Billy head back to the bridge. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the bridge. Citan walks to Sigurd.]

"Let's head for the excavation site."

[Sigurd pauses.]

"We're currently anchored at the Thames..."
[Leave Thames.]

[Scene fade. Stop music.]


[Begin music: "Emotions"]

[Scene opens outside the Thames. The Yggdrasil talkes off and travels north to the 'Ethos' Dig Site. Stop music. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "The Unknown" - this is not on the OST and not really music, but I had to name it something! :P]

[Scene opens at the top of an elevator shaft like the one under the 'Ethos' H.Q. Citan, Elly and Billy walk in.]

"I heard there's nothing in this excavation site."

"The main Solaris army... why... all this...
Well, let us get down."

[The trio gets on the elevator and it takes them down. Scene change.]

[Scene opens at bottom of elevator. The elevator docks and they get out. They enter a door to another chamber, and then enter an elevator door. Scene fade. Stop music.]


[Scene opens underwater. Camera pan to the left as a school of fish swim by to reveal Grahf's Gear hovering under the water with its arms folded. Scene fade.]

[Scene opens in Grahf's cockpit, side view from the left. A flickering holographic image of Miang pops up on his window.]

"Did you notice? His Gear is reawakening.
Soon, he himself will awaken also."

[Scene cut to behind Grahf on the side.]

"His friends are heading for Zeboim. It's been sealed up for 4000 years.
You know what's there better than I do.
He probably won't give anyone anything. But it's something we both need. You know what I mean?"

[Scene cut to in front of Grahf's cockpit on his side.]

"... so, please."

[The image of Miang fades. Scene fade.]

[Scene opens in front of Grahf's Gear underwater. A motor is heard and it begins to ascend above the camera shot, rumbling greatly. Scene fade.]


[Begin music: "The Unknown"]

[Scene opens on the elevator where Citan, Elly and Billy are. The elevator docks. They get out and begin to explore. They walk to the east door in the elevator's hall and go in. Scene change. Stop music.]

[Scene opens on a huge skywalk over an incredibly large technological-looking city. The trio walk out onto the bridge a few yards. Camera pan back from the skywalk several yards.]

"These are ruins of a city...
I've heard of it but..."

[Elly walks ahead of the group a few feet.]

"... I know, I know it well... Yes... the cavern city Zeboim...
When we were buried in that vast mausoleum."

[Elly nods.]

"Elly! Elly!
What is wrong!!"

[Elly shakes her head and turns back to the others.]

"Huh? ... What?
... Did I just..."

"No... Hurry on ahead."

[They leave the skywalk. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "The Unknown"]

[Scene opens in the passageways of the dig site that appear to be part of the Zeboim structure. The trio continues through the passageways, disposing of several Gebler guards stationed at watch along the way, and riding down another elevator. After disposing of a guard unit outside the elevator, they walk into the doorway that was under the unit's watch.]

[Scene opens on a red-tinted passageway.]

"Such a fine, well equipped isolation
facility. Could it be a hospital?
But the town outside doesn't look so polluted though..."

"Rather strict airlock and scanning equipment...
It does not look operational though.
... The inside is preserved so well, the outside probably too..."

[The group continues on through the Zeboim structure past another guarded entrance. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on what appears to be a laboratory. The group walks in. Camera on the side.]


[Citan turns to Elly.]

"Elly... Do you remember seeing this?"

[Elly turns to Citan.]

"Y, yes...... I wonder why...?
It's terribly lonely... and familiar."

[Citan goes to the control panel. The instruments are heard working after a switch is pressed.]

Emergency level 5
Presently, the central reactor is isolated.

[Citan tries again.]

Emergency level 5
Presently, access to all main laboratory databases is denied.

[The group leaves and descends a flight of stairs, then proceeds through another red-tinted passageway shortly afterwards. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on another hall area as the group enters.]

"What an inconvenient building... It seems like it's refusing outsiders."

"... Labyrinths are not usually built to protect against enemies...
They are usually made to seal up something inside of them."

"Not to keep something out, but to keep something in...
I wonder what that something is?"

[Citan and his friends walk down the corridor to another side door. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in another laboratory area. Citan goes and examines the control panel here, but the same messages pop up, so they continue on and eventually enter another side door. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on another flight of stairs. The trio goes to the bottom and finds a door there. Citan tries it. When he does, a notice pops up and electronic instruments are heard again.]

Emergency level 5
The emergency button inside the reactor was activated 34999999 hours ago.
From this point there is danger of nano contamination.
When entering the room, please execute a manual scan and confirm safety.
After confirming, please reset the emergency level at the nearest terminal.
Execute manual scan?
Please wait. ..................
Scan complete. Confirmed, no nano contamination.
You can reenter the room by resetting the emergency level at the nearest terminal.

[The group leaves and returns to the previous laboratory. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the second laboratory. Citan goes to the control panel and clicks it on again.]

Reactor internal safety confirmed. Please reset emergency level.
Reset emergency level?
Please wait. Reset complete. Presently, emergency level is normal.

[Citan clicks again.]

Connection to the database has been unexpectedly ended.
If this cannot be fixed, please contact the system administrator.

[Citan & Co. leave and return to the stairwell, where the door opens this time and they proceed on through. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on a red-tinted passageway. Citan and his friends walk to the other end and try the door. Yellow flashes eminate throughout the passage and a message pops up.]

'Decreasing pressure' Please wait...

[A pressure release sound is heard.]

"This floor is completely active."

'Pressure decreased'

[The door opens. Citan and his friends walk through and find two doors. They try the right one. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a control panel booth. Citan walks to the control panel and clicks a couple switches. Nothing happens. Citan looks down, thinking.]

"... No matter what, we need a password..."

[The group goes out and tries the left door which is a lot thicker. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on a red-tinted passageway, longer than the others. Citan takes a couple steps and stops.]

[Begin music: "June Mermaid"]

[Camera pan down the passageway to the other end, rotating to behind Citan on the side. Elly walks away in front of the group and turns to her left a few feet down. She looks down at her hands.]

"... Blood... covered in blood... my... blood...
There was no pain. Just... coldness and sadness..."


"She has been here all by herself for all this time..."

[Elly turns to the far door and shakes her head. She turns and walks past Citan and Billy and out the door off screen, which is heard, not seen. Citan turns to the the back section of the wall on his left, then examines all sides of the right wall, then he turns back to the front right section.]

It certainly is covered in blood... And this... scorching heat... No, maybe it is radiation?
Perhaps it is an emergency disinfection system... These marks are evidence that it has been used..."

[A door is heard slamming. Citan turns behind him.]


[Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on the control panel booth from before. Elly is standing in front of it, camera behind her at a distance. She clicks a switch twice, and then looks down with her arms folded.]

" ' Oh vessel for a new soul! May the soul who resideth in you find peace.' "

[Electronic equipment is heard buzzing. Static appears on all the screens behind the control panel. Code begins to fly up the screens at a tremendous rate. Scene cut to behind Elly on the side opposite the door. Citan enters.]

"No, Elly! We do not know what could happen!"

[Elly turns to Citan, arms still folded, and still looking down.]

"Citan... Who... am I...?
What am I doing? What am I saying...?"

[Scene fade.]

[Scene opens in the passageway behind Billy who's at the far door looking back at the one they entered. The green glass of the door tints him. He turns around to face camera. Camera pan back and to the left into a circular chamber. A sound is heard. Something begins to rise out of a circular section in the center of the floor. Scene cut to shot of the room from the door. as a large green tube is lifted into the room and docked. Camera pan in closer to the tube. Static is heard as a shadow appears in the tube. The shadow flashes into a girl with green hair that is floating up from the tube current. She appears to be only a few years in age from sight. Inside the tube, she is nude. Scene fade.]

[Scene opens in the red tinted passageway. Camera above Billy on the side as he looks on. Citan walks in from the entrance door at the far end while Elly stands in the doorway. Citan stops a few feet in.]

"What the..."

[The three regroup and enter the chamber. They circle the tube. Fade music. Camera pan to the right and down towards the floor. Camera rotate and pan to the back side behind Elly on the left side. Billy stands on the right, Citan on the left from camera. Billy puts his hands over his eyebrows, adjusting to the tube's brightness.]

"Citan... This girl...?
How did she suddenly change into human form...?"

"This girl appears to be an artificial lifeform created inside the reactor.
She was probably assembled in the reactor by using that series in the database in the control room...
Her body is most likely..."

"... Constructed from autonomic machines on a molecular scale...
In other words, a colony of nanomachines."

[The three turn to the door.]

[Begin music: "Jaws of Ice"]

[Scene cut to the door from behind Citan. The door opens. Two purple-uniformed Etones walk in and flank Elly and Billy, followed by two green-uniformed Etones. Stone is behind them and walks up to directly across the tube from Citan, in front of the green Etones.]

"I'll be taking that nanomachine colony with me, thank you...
That is the existence, or key -factor-, which god will guide us by to free humanity from its yoke."

[Stone turns to his left, forwards and then to his right.]

"So, if you don't mind..."

[Stone turns back to Citan. The purple Etones walk off the screen on both sides. A rumble is heard as the tubing begins to disappear into the ceiling. Camera begin to pan up from the group and keep panning to the ceiling where the tubing stops moving. Pan very slowly.]


"Ah, Brother Billy. You're here too. This makes matters simple.
I know you'll understand... This nanomachine colony needs to be in the hands of an honorable person.
It's destined to be the 'salvation of humanity'."

"An honorable person? I certainly do not think you are honorable anymore.
Eliminating the 'Ethos' and any surface-dwelling humans who don't agree with your own will..."

"What is the problem with eliminating those people not fit for 'salvation'?
Why, isn't our very faith based on the precept that 'only the chosen will be saved'?"

"... There is something very wrong with that.
Salvation by faith is something that everyone should have an equal opportunity at attaining."

[Scene cut to behind Billy. The girl, now free from the tubing, stands bare in the center of the room.]

"Are you saying that you can save all of humankind?
If Krelian uses the nanomachine colony, at least we can save some chosen people.
But you don't understand how to utilize this. You can't save anyone.
Are you willing to take the responsibility for the loss you will cause humankind?"

[The Etone on the side of the room behind Elly walks to the girl and takes her out of the tubing to face him.]


"My job now is to bring this nanomachine colony back to Krelian.
You see, unlike the 'Ethos', our aim is not the ancient weapons that lay in the city ruins.
I don't think we conflict with your interests."

"No! We can't allow them to take this child!"

"Salvation or not... What are you planning on doing with this girl!?
I just know your deeds are not honorable.
Bishop... I am sorry to say this but... I cannot be a part of what you are intent on doing."

"I see that I couldn't make you understand... Then it cannot be helped...
I don't have the time to convince you further. Please excuse me, as I must hurry on ahead."

[The Etone takes the girl and walks out of the room. Citan turns towards the Etone as he leaves.]

"Wait right there!!"

[Citan moves up a step quickly. All the 'Ethos' personnel except for Stone leave the room. Scene cut to the other side of the door revealing a small girl with freckles and white hair with strange aqua eyes in a green suit, and a pink-haired, strange-looking hazel-eyed girl of equal size in a pink suit. Camera behind the girls, who are facing the chamber away from camera. Stone walks by them towards camera. He then stops and turns towards the chamber on the right hand side.]

[Begin music: "Knight of Fire"]

"Sorry to have kept you two ladies waiting...
It's time for you to do your job, Elements."

[Stone turns towards camera, walks a few feet closer, stops and folds his arms.]

... Hmph!

[The green-clad girl walks slowly into the chamber. Scene cut to behind Billy. The other girl walks in and turns to her left. Camera pan to the right in a circular fashion, past Stone in the doorway. Camera stop behind Elly. Citan is out of the picture. The pink girl faces the group. Stone turns back towards the door.]

"Tolone! Seraphita! Buy me as much time as possible!"

[Stone leaves. The green-clad girl speaks up.]

"We know, we know! Stop ordering us around, already!"

[Seraphita, the pink one, turns to Tolone and shakes her hair for a couple seconds.]

"Hey, Tolone. Let's hurry up and get this over with so we can get outta here!
I don't like dark places!"

[Tolone turns to Seraphita and nods.]

"Yeah, right. It's only because it is on Ramsus' orders.
Jeez...! Now he's got us protecting this garbage."

[The two turn back to Citan's group towards Billy.]

"Well, that's how it is folks... It'll help us if you'd hurry up and lose."

"Who in heavens are you!? We don't have time to waste talking to you!"

"Well, excu~se us! But we can't let you go just yet...
We really don't care much for Krelian, but if we do a crappy job it'll make Ramsus look bad.
But, thanks to you fools reviving her, we can get this mission over with sooner than we thought."

"Yeah, we didn't know how to operate that machinery, so we were so confused!
Thank you very much for your kind help!"

[Seraphita looks down. Tolone turns to Seraphita.]

"Oh, Sera... Don't tell them that!
Just as I was building things up to make us sound psychologically superior to them! Damn..."

[Seraphita shakes her head, hair flying, which seems to be normal.]

"What! ... But...
When people do you a kindness you should always say thank you. That's what grandma always said..."

[Seraphita turns directly to Tolone.]

"But, I'm impressed, Tolone! 'Psychologically superior'?
Your 'Gin n'tonic Futon Brain' cyborg implants sure make you smart!"

[Tolone shakes her head slowly and looks down slightly.]

"That's 'Positronic-photon Brain', you idiot!
'Gin n'tonic Futon'...? You make me sound like I'm a sleepy drunk!
(It's already bad enough as it is... 'Positronic-photon Brain Cyborg'...
That's bound to get us into trouble with the makers of 'Star Trech'!)"

[Tolone looks up.]

"Be careful!! The Elements are Ramsus' elite fighters...
They look harmless but they're really dangerous."

"Then, even their conversation was planned..."

"No, that's how they are normally!
That's what makes them REALLY dangerous!!"

[Battle: Citan/Elly/Billy vs. Tolone/Seraphita]

[Begin music: "Fuse"]

[Scene opens on the same setup. The door behind the two Elements opens.]

"Seraphita!! Enough already!
We've done the job that was required of us. Let's pull out!!"

[Tolone runs down the hall. Seraphita turns and looks.]

"A~hh! Tolone! Wait for me!"

[Seraphita runs out the door and follows. The doors close. The group follows to the entrance passageway. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the entrance passageway. Citan and his friends run to the exit door. The yellow flashes begin again and a notice appears.]

'Increasing atmospheric pressure' Please wait...

[A pause.]

'Pressure increased'

[The door opens. Citan and the others go out. Scene fade. Stop music.]

 Chapter 33: Burning Souls


Chapter 35: Deep Sea Girl


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