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Xenogears: The Complete Script

Part 15
Chapter 36: Babel Tower

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[Begin music: "Emotions"]

[Scene opens outside the 'Ethos' Dig Site. The Yggdrasil pilots to the east to the gigantic Babel Tower. Scene change. Stop music.]

[Scene opens outside Babel Tower. Even the Gears are ants compared to this structure. Weltall, Vierge and Brigandier boot up and enter the front door. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Omen"]

[Scene opens in the lower area of Babel Tower. The Gears make their way up. After climbing over a shaky crane and going through a covered passageway, they stop. Camera pan in close to the Gears.]


[Camera pan up to a portion of the tower that appears to be some sort of control booth.]

"It appears to be some kind of relay station."

[Camera pan down. The Gears climb up the rope. Scene change.]

[Scene opens closer to the booth. The Gears walk by a human-sized door.]

"This looks like some kind of relay station to the upper atmosphere."

[The Gears walk back. Camera pan to in front of the Gears.]

"Can we control it from this room?"

[The group exits their Gears and walk to the door.]

"Looks like we can get in through here."

[Fei and his friends enter. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in the control room. Fei examines the screen in the center. Pan up to the screen to reveal a diagram of some sort.]

"This appears to be the relay station control room."

[Camera pan back as the group turns around.]

"Let's try a few things around here..."

[Fei walks to a screen and punches a few buttons. Nothing happens. He then tries the control screen above it. A rumble is heard. Fei turns around.]


[Stop music. Camera pan back up and away from the group. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Omen"]

[Scene opens high above the watery ground of Babel Tower outside, a few hundred yards from the relay station. The rumble continues. Camera pan past the relay station to just to the left of it from the center of the tower. Scene cut to the water's surface. A rectangular capsule rises out of the water and begins to slide into place next to the relay station. Scene fade.]

[Scene opens on closeup of relay station as the structure slides up the side of the relay station and comes to a complete stop. Camera pan up to the docking point with the machine. The machine steams after stopping. It appears to be a transport of some kind. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in the control room. Fei and his friends leave. Scene change.]

[Scene opens outside the relay station. The group gets back into their Gears and approach the transport. Its door opens and the Gears leap in. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a crate filled area inside the transport. The Gears climb to the top. Camera pan to the top to reveal a door on the top of the transport.]

"It looks like we can get to the upper room through here..."

[Fei stops.]

"Hmm... We'll need to get out of the Gears and cross via the handrails."

[The group does that and gets to the top. They leap into the next compartment. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in the upper part, which is more scaled to human size. Fei goes to the left screen and hits some switch. Then he goes to the left control panel in front of a seat.]


[Fei turns to the seat on the right side.]

"Looks like the driver's seat is next to it."

[Fei tries the screen on the right side, and then tries the seat control panel over there. Stop music.]


[A bootup sound is heard. Fei turns to the left.]

"Hey! It's started!"

[Camera pan back and away to reveal the whole room. Fei turns towards the panel again.]

"Alright. Let's go!"

[A shifting sound is heard. A rumble begins, as a result of the transport moving. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Omen"]

[Scene opens outside the relay station. Camera in front of transport's side. The transport begins to ascend past the relay station. Camera pan back and up to its front side. It rises several lengths past the relay station and then boosts off at a super-fast speed. Scene change. Stop music.]

[Scene opens on the wall of Babel Tower, about 5000 feet (a guess :P) past the relay station. Camera looks down as the transport is a speck at the bottom. A fire exhaust is fired and it passes the camera within the space of two seconds. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the side of the transport. Camera pans with the transport as it rises at a steady rate. It breaks through a ledge barrier. Scene fade.]

[Scene opens on a higher section of Babel Tower's wall, looking up towards the top. The transport is heard. It fires its engine again, and flies past the camera towards the top of the tower, then steadies again. Camera stays at opening shot. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in the control room of the transport. Camera behind Fei's group.]

"Where are we going to climb to?"

[A long pause. A shift is heard. Fei turns to his right.]

"Hey! We're going out on the outer wall."

[Scene change.]

[Scene opens outside Babel Tower where the transport is exiting. Camera pan with the transport as it continues to ascend, at a slower pace. From offscreen, a power boost is heard. An explosion hits the transport, followed by two more above its path. When the smoke clears, the transport has stopped. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in the control room. Fei turns around towards camera.]

[Begin music: "The Steel Giant"]

"A shot, from where?"

[The transport begins to rumble greatly.]

"Crap! The track's gone. We're goin' outside!"

[Fei turns to the right. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on Babel Tower's wall. The three Gears have just jumped from the platform and land on a "ledge" near it on the right hand side. They walk to the center. Camera pan back very far. The Gears turn towards camera.]

"What's that!?"

[Scene cut to the side of the Gears. Rotate around and up to the sky to reveal the Gebler battleship head-on.]

"A Gebler ship?"

[Scene cut to in front and underneath the Gebler ship. Pan in to under the ship. Continue to pan and rotate back towards the tower, revealing a large circular bluish mirror above the ledge. Pan back to by the side of the ship as the wings fold in. Scene cut to above the ship looking towards the ledge. Two Gears fly out of the ship and are barely able to be identified: Wyvern and Miang's Gear. Scene cut to directly behind the two Gebler Gears. They boost up and fly quickly towards the ledge. Then they fly off in a V shape from each other. Scene cut to in front of the ship as they cross in an X pattern in front of the ship. Scene cut to above the sky, looking down as they fade from sight and then hover back up towards the tower. Scene cut to the edge of the ledge. Wyvern and Miang's Gear fly up from below. Camera pan with them. Wyvern has its sword drawn with both hands again.]

"What is that Gear?"

[Wyvern draws its sword back behind it.]

"I've been waiting, Fei.
Last time at sea, I was rendered unconscious by a surprise traitor, but
that won't happen this time. I won't let you go up."

[Scene cut to behind Wyvern.]

"How did they know we were here?"

[Vierge takes a step up.]

"But I removed the recognition code and tracking."

"Our back's to the wall, we can't run. I guess we have to fight..."

[Fei stops.]

"Here we go!"

[Camera rotate 720 super-fast as Wyvern and Miang's Gear land in front of the Gears. Camera stop rotate and pan back to the side of Wyvern.]

[Begin music: "Knight of Fire"]

[Battle: Weltall/Vierge/Brigandier vs. Wyvern (Miang's Gear)]

[Begin music: "The Steel Giant"]

[Scene opens in front of the Gebler ship at a distance.Wyvern and Miang's Gear fly out from under camera towards the ship and turn back towards camera. Wyvern still has its sword drawn.]

"It's not over! Not yet!"

[Miang's Gear turns and flies in front of Wyvern.]

"No Commander! Pull out!"

"Let go, Miang! I, I can't retreat now...
Augh... guh...!"

"It's impossible with your wounds."

[Miang calls through her radio.]

"Bridge! Secure the retreat! Main gun, elevation 0.8.
Support fire 30! Fire!"

[Scene cut to in front of the ledge at a great distance. Wyvern and Miang's Gear fly towards the screen and past as an explosion goes off near the ledge. Another shot goes off in front of the ledge. Scene cut to above the Gebler ship at a short distance. The ship fires another round from the laser cannons under the cockpit. It fires a second round as Wyvern and Miang's Gear appear on its starboard side and fly up to it. Scene cut to the side of the ship and a few feet under it. Suddenly a laser blast is fired straight down through the cockpit of the ship. The whole front of the ship becomes enveloped in black smoke and fire.]

"From above!? No... it couldn't be!? Bridge!"

[Scene fade.]

[Scene opens on the Gebler bridge where six operators are stationed at the sides, front and back. The high shrill alarm is sounding.]

Dimensional vibrations, level 8! A huge formation is coming this way!

[Scene change. Stop music.]

[Scene opens on the side of the Gebler ship's cockpit, enveloped in smoke and flame, with Wyvern and Miang's Gear almost directly underneath it.]

"... Just as I feared... Shevat!
Change heading, 180 degrees. Now!
All ships full speed! Retreat from this position!"

[Wyvern and Miang's Gear fly into the ship above the wing. Scene cut to in front of the Gebler ship at a huge distance. It does a 180 and begins to fly off in the distance until it becomes a speck and fades.]

"... Huh? What was that?"

"Looks like an air attack. Let's go."

[Scene pan down and rotate 180 to reveal the Gears on the ledge below camera. They enter a door. Scene fade.]


[Begin music: "Omen"]

[Scene opens in a large corridor. The group navigates the corridor over a gap when Weltall turns around.]

"Can't we go through the door down below?"

[The Gears jump down the corridor and the group disembarks, and enters the door. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in what appears to be some sort of control room, in a circular, uneven floor shape. Fei and his friends jump to the bottom. Fei tries the first panel on the left and some sounds accompany the message.]

Lock clear.

[Fei tries the second switch and some radio noise is heard.]

"Communications are up."

[Fei switches it off. He goes to the far right panel and clicks, but nothing happens, so he tries the one to the left of it. Stop music. Scene change.]

[Scene opens above the outside ledge in front of the huge mirror. It detaches and extends a few feet and then turns over so it is facing upwards. It then locks into place. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in the control room. A couple sounds of the mirror shifting are heard. Fei looks around.]

"What the!?"

[The group leaves. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Omen"]

[Scene opens outside the door. The Gears work their way up the tower from there past a maze of elevators to the top.]

[Scene opens on the top area of the elevator platforms. The group makes its way across the area twice, ascending until it discovers a piping lined up a wall. Camera pan to in front of the group on the side.]

"Looks like we can climb up..."

[The trio climbs up the pipes. Stop music. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on a sun-shaped platform at the top of Babel Tower. Camera pan up and away from the group. Weltall, Vierge and Brigandier walk out to the center of the platform. Camera pan up and away to the sky, just above the top of the tower. Something appears to have been ripped off from the top of the tower.]

"What... no ceiling?"

"It seems that it's true. Shevat was here before. Look around."

[Camera pan down to the wall on the right to reveal strange scrapes.]

"There are marks from some huge thing..."

"Oh yeah! Is there any comm equipment nearby?"

"I don't see anything else but..."

[The sound of a Gear flying in is heard.]

"Fei! Look up! Something is closing in! ... It's a Gear!"

[Camera pan back up and to the left quickly to reveal a Gear in flight. It stops a few yards in front of camera and begins a landing cycle.]


[The strange blue Gear is about twice the size of the normal Gears. It flies down to reveal a young girl with brownish white hair and black eyes, and wearing a pair of goggles on her forehead, standing on top of it. Camera pan with the Gear. The Gear hovers over the trio amid the noise of its exhaust.]

"From here is Shevat's territory.
Many people have tried to get in, but Seibzehn and I remove them."

"Wait a minute. We just want to..."

[Camera pan in close to the Gear.]

"Get ready!"

[Camera pan back to behind the trio.]

[Begin music: "Knight of Fire"]

[Battle: Weltall/Vierge/Brigandier vs. Seibzehn]

[Stop music.]

[Scene opens in front of Seibzehn directly, a few feet below. A large hovering object is flying up behind Seibzehn.]

That's enough, Maria. Bring them in.

[Seibzehn turns around to reveal Shevat flying up behind them.]

"Yes, Queen Zephyr."

[Shevat flies over Seibzehn. Scene fade.]

[Scene opens on the side of Shevat. It flies slowly across the screen. Scene cut to above Shevat as it flies to the left over Babel Tower's top. Scene cut to a distance shot of Shevat as it continues to align with Babel Tower. Scene cut to in front of Shevat's heading as it flies slowly towards screen above the tower. Fade to white. Fade in on top of Shevat. The barrier surrounding it has disappeared, but it continues to rotate around itself.]

[Begin music: "The Wounded Shall Advance into the Light"]

[Camera pan back slowly to reveal the whole of Shevat over the tower's top.]

Aerial City Shevat

[Scene fade. Stop music.]

[Scene opens under Shevat behind Seibzehn who's still looking at it away from camera.]

"Sorry. Just wanted to test your strength."

[The girl stops.]

"The queen is awaiting for your arrival above."

[Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the orb chamber. Camera at a far distance, revealing a circuit board which is the screen from before.]

... Useless. They allowed contact with Shevat...

There is an 'Anima Relic' in Shevat...
... We can't afford to have them align before preparations are complete.

It's meaningless if it is not compatible with our type.

You want to bury all of Shevat?

What of the 'Animus'?

There are others. We must respond severely so this doesn't happen again.

What about the Shevat gate? As long as it is there, we can't get in.

Easy. We just use Achtzehn's gravity cannon to compensate for the time-space warp.

Achtzehn? Is it operational?

Re-education is complete. It is ready. The airborne squad is already assembled.

Any side effects?

The regulated 71st Airborne should have no problems.

Well then, I look forward to this.

[Scene fade slow.]

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