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Xenogears: The Complete Script

Part 15
Chapter 38: Intruder Alert

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[Scene opens on the main area of Shevat. Fei's group walks to the central dock entrance elevator. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in the elevator shaft. The elevator descends towards camera. Camera pan down as the elevator passes. Then it stops suddenly, because a door is blocking the shaft below it. Maria walks to the side.]

"It's no use! The defensive shutter is closed..."

[Fei looks down with his hands on his hips.]

"Isn't there another way to go down to the hangar?"

[Maria turns to Fei.]

"We may be able to go down if we use the emergency shaft.
But it's not normally used..."

[Fei looks up and shakes his head.]

"I don't care. We can't waste time here anyway."

[Elly looks down.]

"You're right. They won't wait for us."

[Elly looks up. Maria nods slowly.]

"I see. The entrance to the shaft is just above here."

[Maria walks back to the center of the elevator. The elevator flies back to level with camera and stops at a door. Maria walks to it and opens it. She turns back to the others.]

"This is it. We can go down by entering the shaft from here."

[The others nod.]

"Fine! Then, let's go!"

[The trio goes through the door. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Forest of the Black Moon"]

[Scene opens in the hallway shaft. Fei walks to a corner and opens a treasure chest.]

[Item sound]

Received Shevat Map.

"This map is of the lower layer levels in the emergency shaft.
You can use it once we get down to the floor several levels below here."

[The group continues on and descends several levels. Stop music.]

[Scene opens on an outer area of Shevat's wall. The group continues down to a green switch by some rotating windmills.]

"If you hit this switch you can change the direction the windmill is spinning."

[Fei takes Maria's advice and uses the windmill as a stepping stone to get to the next elevator. They take it down. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Forest of the Black Moon"]

[Scene opens in a lower hallway area. The elevator drops in with the group.]

"You can use the map you found earlier on this floor.
It's always good to have a map to look at when you lose your way, right!?"

[The group navigates the lower level layers and enters a staircase area. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on a circular staircase. The group gets to the bottom but when Fei tries the door it is stuck.]

"It won't open..."

[The group turns around to see a certain Big Joe hanging about again. (We've got a stalker, folks! :P) He laughs.]

"That door just won't open...
This is no good... Even Big Joe here has given up!"

[The group leaves and navigates around by other means to the lower level. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the lower level. The group wanders around to, according to the map, what is the other side of the door Big Joe was standing by. A strange object is blocking it and begins rotating when Fei walks up to it.]

"Hey! It's moving!?"

[Pause music.]

[Begin music: "Stage of Death"]

[Battle: Fei/Maria/Elly vs. Gimmick x3]

[Resume music.]

[Scene re-opens. Fei walks in the door. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on Big Joe's area again, revealing that Fei's group has come full circle.]

"I'm thinking about life... so leave me alone."

[The group leaves and continues to the end of the chamber, taking another elevator down. Stop music. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on an outer wall. The group proceeds down the new set of windmills to the next elevator. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Forest of the Black Moon"]

[Scene opens on the third level layer hallway. The group descends two flights of circular stairs and exits. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the low level. The group finds a manhole at the far end of the hall.]

"Once we get through that manhole, we'll be able to enter the hangar."

[The group opens and jumps through the manhole. Scene change. Stop music.]

[Scene opens on the docking entrance. Fei tries an elevator at the southern end, then shakes his head.]

"Nope... This doesn't work either."

[The group runs down towards the hangar bay Maria was at before. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in the green-tinted hangar 17 bay from before. Camera facing out from the door. The three walk in. Maria shakes her head quickly several times. Pan back a few feet and above the group. Maria speaks quickly.]

"Where is the intruder...!?"

Hmph, it's you again... You pests aren't making my job any easier.

[Camera pan to behind the group while tilting up to Seibzehn's head. The intruder is standing on top of Seibzehn. Pan in close to Seibzehn to reveal that the intruder is Dominia!]

"Dominia...! Is that you!?"

"Never thought I'd come across Seibzehn in my place of escape."

[Scene cut to behind Dominia. Pan up a foot or so.]

"I'll take Seibzehn.
Originally, this belonged to us, Solaris."

[Elly speaks very quickly.]

"Dominia! I can't let you have the Gear!"

[Dominia turns to the side.]

"Fool, not even knowing this Gear is the point of contact between us."

[A pause.]


[Dominia turns back to the group.]

"That child... Hey, you...
Are you the daughter of Nikolai...?"

[Maria nods and speaks fast.]

"Undoubtedly, I am the daughter of Nikolai, Maria Balthasar!
What about it...?"

"I see...
So you're his beloved daughter to whom he offered himself to undertake that difficult task..."

[Dominia turns to the side with her arms folded for a few seconds, then turns back.]

"Hey, young girl. Want to hear an interesting story?
Let's see... How about the cursed secret of Seibzehn?"

[Maria is still spouting her words quickly.]

"...!? What do you mean?"

[Dominia starts to talk as fast as Maria, half-mocking her.]

"What do I mean? You'll understand it when you hear the story."

[Scene fade/switch.]

[Begin music: "Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People"]

[Scene fade in at the top of the hangar and rotate slowly to pan down behind Dominia at a long distance.]

For the past several decades, our scientists had put so much effort into the research to create evolved Gears.
Regardless of how great a pilot one is, as long as it is human, there will always exist a time lag and human error when interfacing with a machine.
That's when your father, Nikolai, was targeted. He was a genius in the field of cranial nerve mechanisms.
They made Nikolai search for a way for humans to go beyond humans... By merging humans and machines.
In other words, they were trying to create a new life, an ultimate living weapon, by connecting a living human brain to a Gear directly.
It would've stayed as a mere fantasy without Nikolai. But that genius made the fantasy come true...

[Scene cut to in front and above of Maria. She takes a step forward. Yes, she's still spouting her words quickly. ;)]

"That's a lie!! My father wouldn't do such a horrible thing!!"

[Dominia mimics Maria's speech speed. Scene cut to in front of Seibzehn at a distance.]

"I don't lie, Maria. This is the truth.
Your splendid father succeeded in fusing man and machine.
And he opened the gates to hell for the Lambs."


[Scene cut to the lower portion of Seibzehn's dock. Pan up and rotate to under Seibzehn's feet.]

As a matter of fact, various data and components obtained from the war in Ignas, and the Battling in Kislev, were used as experimental materials.
That is how the special humanoid mutants, Wels, were born. Wels created in Solaris were tested on the surface.
Only the Wels that passed the tests were dismantled, restructured, and reborn. They became the Gear's central control circuit... and became part of the machine...
It's all the result of your father's great research. Seibzehn is the prototype of a man-machine fusion Gear.
In other words... Seibzehn was completed at the cost of innumerable land dwellers' lives.
And in the nerve circuit of Seibzehn lies...

[Stop music.]

Don't you think you've said enough, Dominia?

[Scene cut to behind the trio, looking out at Dominia.]

"Who is it!?"

[Dominia turns to her left. Camera pan to the right and up a few feet to reveal Jessie, standing on a protruding wall structure. He is also talking fast. Dominia runs over towards him a couple feet.]

"Why are women so gossipy?
They jabber about things they shouldn't be talking about. Hopeless..."

[The speaking slows down. Scene cut to in front of Jesiah on the side.]

"Jesiah!? You...!?
What're you doing in Shevat!?
At one point, weren't you considered to be the next Gebler commander-in-chief!?"

[Jessie folds his arms and nods.]

"Don't get so excited."

[Jessie walks up a few feet and turns towards Dominia, off screen. He then turns slightly to the side and brandishes his shotgun on his shoulder. Scene cut to further away, revealing the two.]

"I think you've played with enough fire for today. Just go home.
Maria is the only one who can operate Seibzehn.
You should be well aware of that."

[Dominia folds her arms.]

"Hmph, fools! Don't get so cocky. The party's just begun.
But, I guess it's alright. My mission is complete. All that's left is..."

[Dominia turns towards Maria. Scene cut to behind Dominia.]

"Maria, I'm afraid I must go now.
Enjoy your party. Hah hah hah...!"

[Dominia hops off the Gear and then hops below it. Scene cut to behind Fei's group.]

"Wait! Dominia!"

[A long pause. Camera pan down and level behind Maria.]

"... Father..."

[Fei turns to Maria, then looks down and puts his hands on his hips.]

"Hey, Maria. Don't mind what she told you..."


[A high shrill repetitive alarm begins, and lights in the wall begin to flash. Fei looks up. Camera pan to the right to see Jessie looking out with his shotgun still brandished at the top of the structure.]

"...!? This... is...?"

[Scene cut to in front of Jessie on the side. Camera pan back very slowly to reveal the trio below.]

"It looks like our guests have arrived. Let's go upstairs.
The Yggdrasil is also accommodated in the dock.
I'm sure the other guys are making a fuss over it."

[Jessie sheathes his shotgun and turns to the group.]

"I have an ominous premonition...
I doubt it but... they could've..."

[Scene cut to below Seibzehn's side from the dock. Fade alarm sound. Pan in slowly close to Seibzehn's head.]


[Scene fade.]

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