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Xenogears: The Complete Script

Part 19
Chapter 47: Krelian's Lab

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[Scene opens in an elevator shaft. Fei, Citan and Elly use the elevator and travel up it. They proceed through an adjoining passageway. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Invasion"]

[Scene opens at the base of a laboratory. Fei, Citan and Elly head to a nearby passageway and enter a door a short distance down. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a room with a Memory Cube and a device with several Memory Cubes in it. Two circular glass chambers with cubes in it are seen. Fei goes to one of the control panels and plays with it. The cubes inside the chambers begin spinning. The group walks away a couple feet and turns to the back wall, looking at the machines. Camera behind Fei on the side. Elly puts her hands on her mouth.]

"What's this!? Memory cube data!?"

"Is it the thing we usually use to save?"

[Citan turns towards Fei. He puts his hand on his face and then drops it.]

"The information of all the people who have accessed the memory cube
from all over the world is being sent here now."

[Citan turns back towards the wall. Elly turns to Citan.]

"This facility is the Integration Control Center?"

[Fei turns to Elly.]

"What's it for...?"

[The group leaves and continues on to another door. Stop music. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a darkened huge room. Dripping is heard. Fei's group walks down the steps and halfway over the room. Fei touches a console and lights come on via a strange sound. Camera pan to behind the group at a distance. A huge Gear lies in a pool underneath them with its arms folded. It is gray with purple stripes and a yellow shoulder base. Elly looks down at it.]

"What... is this thing...?"

[Elly looks up.]

"A... Gear!?"

[Elly shakes her head.]

"No... Look! The surface of the armor isn't segmented...
It's the same as Bart's Gear Andvari and the Gear we saw in Shevat... It's an Omnigear!"

[Fei shakes his head.]

"But, this thing is huge!"

"Yes. It's got to be around 3 times as powerful as our Gears."

[Fei and Elly turn to Citan. He puts his face on his fist and then looks down, dropping it.]

"So... This is Solaris' Omnigear."

[The group leaves and proceeds into another room.]

[Scene opens in a laboratory with caged people in them. As Fei walks through, one of them, a green-skinned man, stops him.]

Yo! Long time.

[Fei's group walks up to the cage.]

It's me. The one who owned that dog in Kislev...
... I may look like this, but the dog's doing fine...
... Please, don't think about letting me out...
... even though I'm still conscious... eventually... I'll...

[Fei goes to a switch and hits it. The gate in front of the man opens. He walks out to in front of them.]

Y... you opened it... I told... you not... to open it!!

[The man charges Fei.]

Uh... my mind... min? M, min mi mi m...

[A roar is heard.]

[Begin music: "Stage of Death"]

[Battle: Fei/Citan/Elly vs. Orphan]

[Stop music. Scene re-opens on the laboratory.]

Mi... my dog, please... take care of him...

[The man vanishes.]

[The group goes around, eliminating the other experimental models and leaves, continuing on to the end of the lab. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Invasion"]

[Scene opens in another corridor. Fei's group continues and eventually finds the security system controls. Naturally, they get deactivated (I thought we could just bust down the doors instead! :P). They re-enter the first chamber to find the upstairs doors unlocked. They head through a passageway and enter the far end. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Jaws of Ice"]

[Scene opens on a laboratory area that's much better lighted. They proceed through to another portion of the laboratory and eventually come to another large door. Scene change. Stop music.]

[Scene opens in another experimental caged area. As Fei walks up to the switch one of the characters inside speaks.]

Hey, could you open the door?
What, it's easy. Just press on that panel over there.

[Fei opens the door.]

Thanks... In return I'll... Eat you!!

[The creature charges.]

[Begin music: "Stage of Death"]

[Battle: Fei/Citan/Elly vs. Neo Wels x4]

[Stop music. Scene re-opens on the laboratory. Fei and the others wipe up the rest of the trash (there's a ton of small fights here!). The last creature makes a rather interesting note, though.]

I... in the sewers... You seem to have taken good care of... my brother...

[Begin music: "Fuse"]

[Battle: Fei/Citan/Elly vs. Bloody Bros. x2]

[Stop music. Scene re-opens on laboratory. The group returns to the main area. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Jaws of Ice"]

[Scene opens on the previous section of laboratory. The group goes in the adjoining door. Stop music. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on a passageway. The group continues on through several rooms with elaborate technology. Scene change.]

[Begin music: "Jaws of Ice"]

[Scene opens on another passageway. The group heads through it and finds a locked door. It asks for an input, but strange noises are heard. Fei puts his hands on his hips and looks down.]

"What is this?"

[Fei turns to Citan and shakes his head.]

"I have no idea."

[Citan assumes thinking mode.]


[Citan continues.]

"There must be a password in one of the rooms."

[The group turns around and eventually finds another unlocked door. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a room with three platforms. Fei goes to the control panel at each one and flips it. The platforms fly up to reveal that they are containers. Strange statues with halos above them are contained within each of them. They begin to make a strange sequence of noises. Fei goes to a nearby control panel and switches it on. The sound sequence is heard again. Fei turns to Citan.]

"What's that sound?"

[Citan assumes thinking mode.]

"That is..."

[Citan turns to the side and looks down with his face on his fist. Then he turns to Fei and he looks up. Then he turns to the side and looks down again.]

"It is probably an audio signal password."

[The group leaves the room. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the previous area. The group eventually returns to the door and tries the audio signal sequence. It works, and they continue on. Eventually they get to the higher floor. After trying several doors, they enter another. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on a small room. A circular table-like structure is in the center. But what's of more interest is what is on the table: images of Fei, Elly, Citan, Bart, Billy, Rico, Emeralda, Chu-Chu and Maria! Camera pan to behind the group on the side.]

"What is this place?"

"H, holograms of us...!?"

[Fei shakes his head.]

"Why are there holograms of us in a Solaris place?"

[The group leaves. Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the hallway again. They continue until they are blocked by a door. Citan and Elly step back a bit as Fei tries the door. Camera behind Citan on the side. Fei shakes his head.]

"Huh? This one won't open either."

[Citan walks up beside Fei and turns to the wall next to him, then hits a couple buttons. The door opens. Citan turns to the others and nods.]

"This way."

[Fei and Citan walk through. Elly stops for a second and looks down. Camera pan with Fei.]

(Why... is the deactivation code for the door lock known?)

[Elly looks up and follows. Fei stops after a few steps. Citan stops when he speaks.]

"Doc, wait..."

[Scene cut to in front of Citan on the side. Pan over left an inch.]

"What's this facility for?"

[Citan turns around and assumes thinking mode.]

"This place was not meant to be seen since the origin of time.
This facility centers around the Emperor and the Ministry's longevity experiments."

"The origin of time?"

[Citan nods and looks up.]

"Yes... 10,000 years ago. Beings called humans were born here.
The first were the Emperor and the Ministry's elders."

[Elly shakes her head. Citan folds his arms.]

"How could a human... live 10,000 years...?"

"Now only the Emperor is left. His destiny is to never die.
However, the Ministry is different.
Once, during the Diabolos invasion... the Ministry elders died losing their bodies.
Now, the Solaris governing Ministry exists as data in memory banks.
Each of their personalities are bits of data."

"It's the data on the memory bank?"

"Having neither flesh nor souls they are just binary numbers.
They both exist and do not exist at the same time..."

[Camera rotate around Citan to the opposite angle. Citan turns away from the others.]

"After the Fall, wanting to resurrect their bodies, and create a worthy vessel,
they transferred a research facility that was once the Soylent System on the land to Etrenank.
Eventually the facility was no longer only for the Emperor's life and the Ministry's resurrection,
but it began producing food and drugs with additives that controlled the public.
The memory cube Fei and them were using was meant for obtaining living data.
Of course, the 'Ethos' also sent various data to help."

[Fei walks up a step.]

"That means we were living for those elderly people of Gazel?"

[Citan turns to Fei and nods.]


[Elly looks down and folds her arms.]

"They're transferring and taking living data
via memory cubes to the Ministry so they can use them to resurrect their bodies!?"

[Elly looks up. Citan turns to the side, puts his fist on his face and then drops it. He nods.]


"You mean those mutants getting disassembled at that factory were too?"

"Basically, they wish to reuse the useless dregs."

[Citan turns back to Fei. Fei shakes his head and looks down.]

"That's horrid... How could they..."

[Scene cut to behind Elly on the side. Elly nudges Fei and he turns to her. He moves off to the side and Elly walks up closer to Citan. Camera pan to Elly and Citan's side. Fei faces camera.]

"Hold on, Fei! Something's not right!"

[Elly directs her attention to Citan.]

"Citan, how would you know that?
Not even the government or the army know such things!"

[Fei looks at Citan, then Elly without turning.]


[Elly folds her arms and looks down.]

"Come to think of it, it seems like we took the long way here on purpose.
There must've been a faster way to Bart and them.
Also, the route to get to this block can't even be downloaded on the map.
So how did we know what streets we were on?"

[Fei turns to Elly. She looks up.]

"Doc, didn't you also find out..."

[Elly turns to Fei.]

"That's impossible.
First of all, that partition we took to get into this block.
That panel was displayed to be a P4 facility.
Even a high ranking officer of Solaris can't get in here.
You think they'd leave a facility like that unlocked and open?"

[Elly turns to Citan.]

"And you could open it? Who exactly are you?"

[Fei shakes his head.]

"Hey, wait a minute. It could've been luck."

[Elly shakes her head.]

"Something's wrong! You were able to get into Solaris under martial law,
sneak into the palace, get through a P4 level door,
and even learn the purpose of the P4 facility... How is that possible?"

[Elly looks down.]

"Even father. I'm sure it was possible you were in Solaris then."

[Elly looks up at Citan.]

"Even Jessie, who was also in Solaris then,
didn't know the motive behind the M Project.
So Citan, why do you know? You know even more details than Maria... something's not right... I know it."

[Fei looks down and puts his hands on his hips. He closes his eyes.]

"Elly, uh, uhmm..."

[Elly turns to Fei as he looks up. Camera rotate around Elly to the side.]

"I'm not done!"

[Elly turns to Citan.]

"I should've noticed sooner. Citan... Who are you?"

[The two turn to Citan. He puts his fist on his face and then drops it, looking up. Scene cut to side view of Citan. The lights go out and only Fei is seen! He looks up.]

"Wh, what...!"

[Fei turns towards Elly's direction and shakes his head.]

"Hey, you okay? Elly. Elly...?"

[Fei runs towards where Elly was but she's not there.]


[Fei runs in Citan's direction.]

"Doc... Citan!"

[Fei turns around.]

"Damn! Got us!"

[Fei turns around again.]

"Elly! Citan! Where are you!"

[The room is lighted up very dimly. Fei runs back to the door, which has closed. He shakes his head.]

"Damn! No good! It won't open."

[Fei runs into a nearby side door. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a square room with cubed sections on all walls, ceiling and floor. A circular device is hovering at the top of the room. Camera in front of Fei on the side as he enters the room. As he walks in, the door behind him becomes cubing like the rest of the wall and disappears! He turns around and then turns back to the room. He walks up a step.]


[Fei walks a few more steps to underneath the device. Camera pan with Fei.]

"Doc... You there?"

[The cubing lights up a little brighter amidst a loud noise. Camera rotate to in front of Fei. Fei looks up.]

"Uh, wha, what..."

[All of the cubes light up with all of the basic color spectrums on them. Fei shakes his head and looks up again.]

"Th, this..."

[The cubes all begin to flash white. Camera rotate fast around Fei. He puts his hands behind his head and looks up.]


[Fei sits down with his face in his hands. Stop rotating on Fei's side in front at a short distance. Fade to white.]

[Scene fade in on the room. Fei is strapped in the device near the top of the room. It is connected to four corners by thin metal poles. Fei is looking down as if unconscious. He begins to look up. Fei has a rather depressed look on his face.]


[Fei shakes his head, looking down.]

"Huh? This is..."

[Fei looks down at his situation.]

"Guh... gr.."

[Fei appears to be struggling without moving.]

"Can't... get it."

[Fei looks up. Four panels open around Fei. They then proceed to show a picture of Weltall during the destruction in Lahan. It then switches to a shot of Id's Gear (see Chapters 17 and 35). The panels keep alternating between these two pictures. Rotate around Fei to behind him on the side.]

"Uh... This is..."

[Fei stops and looks.]

"What is this!? Why are you showing me this!?
Who!? Who did this!?
Elly! Doc!
Where are you!? Where..."

[A power sound is heard three times in succession. The cubes on the walls and floor light up with a shot of the lead Orb Face Elder from the orb chamber! Fei shakes his head.]

You brought about this spectacle.

That voice is the one which haunts you...

Cursed, untouchable one...

Oh god's beloved child, those who prevent our prayers...



Burn with god's fire...

[The screens shift to a shot of the orb chamber with Citan standing under them. The screens then shift to a closer up shot of Citan!]


[Fei looks at the different screens that he can and then turns to the one in front of him.]

Th, these guys? What is this!?"

[The screen on Fei's left shows a shot of Bart lying on a table, camera on the side. Fei turns his head to see it.]


[The screen switches to a shot of Billy on a table, camera in front of him. Fei turns back to the orb chamber panel screen.]


[Fei turns to the screen with his face.]

"Doc!! What's going on!?
What are you all...? Doc! Answer me!"

[Begin music: "Ominous"]

[The orb faces begin to speak.]

"One of the Solaris Guardian Angels is here, Hyuga Ricdeau."

"This man is Cain... Receiving the orders from the one known as Emperor,
you've entered his realm, and have been under his continued supervision..."

"Solaris Guardian Angel? Monitoring me?"

"Oh yes.
We've guided Solaris and even selected the 'Animus' which have been drawn to you.
And guided you here to Solaris."

"The 'Animus' is needed for our resurrection...
These are our bodies... This what we possess."

"Yes, this is the only reason we exist..."

"The bodies of Bart and the others belong to you?
Is that true!? Doc!
What they are saying?"

[Begin music: "Pray for the People's Joy"]

"Why so apprehensive?
Is it that you were sold out by one you trusted?"

"I'm not talking to you guys! Doc, answer me!"

[The left screen changes to a shot of the orb chamber from a distance.]

"3 years..."


"For three years I have been by your side.
I had to determine whether you were going to be our enemy or not..."

"... Revenge?"

"Yes, the enemy. Your existence is a threat to us..."

"It was necessary to keep an eye on you."

"The one who ordered you to be watched was Cain..."

"We were planning on the maturation of the 'Animus', and your termination.
We also sent Hyuga to you."

"However, every attempt to terminate you has failed...
Because of that good for nothing trash..."

"Even so, we now possess 'Animus'.
Hyuga has fulfilled his duties well."

[Camera rotate around Fei as he looks down. Camera stop in front of Fei on the side to reveal that the other two screens also have a distance shot of the orb chamber.]

"Is... that it...?
You were in with these guys...
That's why you, everyone..."

[Fei looks up towards the ceiling.]

You've had your way all this time with us land dwellers!
You already own the world!
What more do you want?"

"You must know by now that we plan to resurrect god."

"God will awaken from his long slumber after man has populated the land...
Then, Mahanon too will awaken..."

[Fei looks at the screen.]

"Aerial Paradise Mahanon? The place fell to earth..."

"Paradise... Hah hah hah.
That may be a proper description... Our ark...
In the center block lord 'Mahanon' is sealed in.
That is the source of god's wisdom... A paradise of knowledge..."

"Using that knowledge, we will resurrect the awakened god and build our 'ark'
to take us both into the great universe."

"The construction of our ark...
To reign over god's forces in this great universe...
The creation of the angel 'Malakh'. The M Project was for that very purpose..."

"What do you mean!?"

"We are orphans in this universe.
We were thrown away onto this planet in solitude along with god."

"We humans were not born on this planet.
Long ago, we came here from another heavenly body. We are beings from an alien planet."

[Fei shakes his head.]

"That's ridiculous!?"

"This is true. You have seen the various regions of this world.
Why do you think there are no records of humans before 10,000 years ago..."


"This is the will of god.
The god's revival has been fated since before the time before genesis..."

"We will be one with god.
Attaining a new 'Animus'... We will once again return to the starry skies..."

"That is the meaning of our existence."

"That is our supreme objective."

"So you're not planning on using Solaris'
power to dominate the world?"

"Of course.
What meaning is there in having control of a planet as insignificant as this?
God has given us the right to rule over the universe."

"Yes. Only we, who do not carry impure blood, have the right
to a pardon..."

"So, we will resurrect god."

"It's been an eternity since our exile from paradise.
If the time of god's revival does not come,
we will have to follow the path to destruction. But..."

"Having attained 'Animus', our resurrection is near... Next is god's resurrection."

[Camera rotate to behind Fei. The screen in front of him changes to a close up shot of Krelian in a laboratory. His arms are folded.]


"This one only waits for the awakening..."

[The screen cuts to a shot of Elly lying on a laboratory table.]


[Fade everything black by a loud noise.]

[Scene opens in a laboratory area. Krelian rides down an elevator platform. Camera behind Krelian as he faces the front. The elevator lands to reveal the room with Elly in it. Rotate around the room slowly as Krelian walks over to in front of Elly's table and looks at her. Then he walks past and hits a switch on a control panel. Camera pan with Krelian. Elly's table is surrounded by some circular tubing and a hum is heard as she is lifted into a machine behind the table. Krelian walks back to the elevator and hits a switch as Elly's table comes back out and stops. A couple of power starts are heard and holographic panels pop up in front of Krelian and beside him. Stop panning. Stop music.]

"Where am I...?"

[Krelian turns towards Elly from the elevator.]

"I've looked into your records."

[Elly moves her head to see Krelian.]

"K, Krelian... Commander?"

[Krelian nods.]

[Begin music: "Forest of the Black Moon"]

"Elhaym Van Houten. That incident at the Jugend one year ago...
Case 102. The release of your latent powers from that systematic...
... administration of mental enhancement drugs.
In that instant, your Ether value had increased beyond 400.
And in that moment, 2 were critically wounded and 3 required recycling.
Am I right?"

"Please, stop!"

[Krelian turns around.]

"But, this record is wrong.
This wasn't the usual uncontrollable mental side effects."


[Krelian turns back to Elly.]

"This was caused by the 'awakening of your other inner self'."

[Krelian turns back to his panel.]

"My other self...?"

[Elly stops.]

"Where's Fei? Where is everyone...?"

[Krelian turns to Elly.]

"They will be used as an offering for the...
... resurrection of the Gazel Ministry.
The same fate awaits that girl, the artificial organism.
I've already taken enough samples from her.
I'm already well into the fourth stage of my plan. All I need now is the final factor.
Hence, your friends are no longer of any use to me. They're worthless.
But, you are different."

"You're planning on sending them to the same fate as...
... those people in that research facility!
Doing all this for your own selfish ambitions... Do you know what you're doing!?
People playing with other people's lives. That's deplorable!"

[Krelian nods.]

"I see... So you've seen the research facility.
Presently, the Solaris researchers are working on genetic engineering down there.
It's just a nest for fools who've learned the despicable pleasure of...
... playing with their own organic creations. They seek only serendipity and inhumanity.
That is not my place. I specialize in molecular engineering... Nanotechnology."

[Krelian turns around and hits a few buttons. A hologram pops up behind him. He turns around.]

"Do you know what this is? A nanomachine... a molecular machine.
This is the assembler, which is one of those nanomachine machines.
It can break down molecules and atoms and reconstruct it into anything.
Each of these spheres are equivalent to an atom.
Until recently, we were only able to produce...
... materials which were several times the size of this.
Thanks to that girl, the one we obtained from the ruins of the Zeboim civilization,
we are now able to make it this compact and elaborate.
To think that such a mechanism was created 4000 years ago. It's quite astonishing.
Up until we discovered this, the work was rather crude.
The best we could possibly do until now was to apply amino acid solutions to wounded areas for...
... amelioration or to seal up any peculiar abilities.
I'm sure you've had some exposure to genetics when you were in the Jugend.
Each type of those enzymes inside the DNA... are also molecular machines that were created by nature.
That is, if we are indeed the progeny of the very first organism."

"What do you think of accomplishing by using that molecular machine?
What connection do I have with it?"

[The hologram switches to a different diagram. After a pause, it switches to a different one.]

"Although the nanomachines up until now could recombine DNA...
... they couldn't uncover any information in the intron which are located in the replacements...
... of the double helix. However, the newer nanomachines easily discovered this data.
Data that originally 'should not have existed'. And we are about to see the results of that."

[An error alarm is heard. The diagram changes again.]

"Hmm, according to the transferred record, it depicts...
... a similar wave frequency as expected."

[A huge ring appears around the hologram.]

"And... yes, the Urobolus Ring...!
That is it, isn't it...?
Miang, and Lacan's actions... This explains everything."

[Krelian stops.]

"Elhaym... You were the 'mother'..."


This is what your genetic exon looked like before replacement...
This is the conceptualized form of the intron which carries information that isn't supposed to exist.
Observe. This is the Urobolus Ring which contains 'intron information' which only...
... exists in 'certain people'. Urobolus... if we were to anatomize such a thing...
Wouldn't you be interested in what type of information it would have to offer us?"


"Elhaym, you are beautiful.
When I look at you, I appreciate the artistic aspect of the human form, its elaborateness...
I can't help but feel the importance of that.
As if my molecular machine is unworthy of you.
You haven't changed 'since then'.
Just like the 'other one', Lacan..."

[Scene fade. Stop music.]


[Scene opens in the cubed chamber where Fei is trapped. He is still strapped to the device. The panels are gone. Camera in front of Fei, slightly above him at a distance. The cubing underneath and behind him opens and becomes a door. Citan walks in. Camera rotate to behind Fei on his right side as Citan walks up to the opposite end of the room so Fei can see him. He turns to Fei. Fei has his depressed look on again. Citan looks up at him.]


[Fei shakes his head and looks down at Citan.]

"Are you conscious?"


"It is impossible to move. This machine has physically cut your nerve signals.
You will not be able to lift a finger regardless of what your mind says."

[Fei shakes his head and looks up straighter.]

"What're you gonna do to me? To Bart and them? Where is Elly?"

"Do not worry... They have their roles... you have yours.
I simply investigate."

[Fei looks up to the ceiling.]

"Damn it... This... What was I..."

"So the battle has been fought... you say?
That was discussed earlier by the Ministry..."

[Fei looks down at Citan.]

"Godammit! We weren't born to be used by them!
We didn't come all the way to Solaris for that!
I, we, everyone... we just want to make a place where we can belong...
That's what we were fighting for... But now..."

[Citan looks down and puts his fist on his face. Then he looks up normally, without looking at Fei.]

"It is much easier to be given a place to belong than to make one yourself.
You do not even understand a simple concept like that?"

"Only the true...!"

[Citan looks up at Fei.]

"Childish ideals pale when placed before reality.
But actually many are satisfied with that.
Being given one's place, frees one from any risks.
Misfortunes may be blamed on others.
Do you know why people can not exist alone but only under some bigger concept such as a group or country?
People need a place to go to be themselves...
The more stable it is the more effective it is."

[Citan keeps talking.]

"The Ministry gives them such a place.
Under total surveillance, there is no need to bear the risk of maintaining one's own individuality.
They simply live under the delusion of being an 'individual'. What could be easier?
Facts are facts so let's just accept them. It will be easier for all of us.
Resistance is futile. It only makes things painful."

"I... I..."

"Do you still intend to do something about it?
Look at yourself...
What do you think you could possibly do at this stage? You cannot move.
You could not even protect your friends who fought with you, when they needed you.
You could not even protect the most important person in your life, Elly."

[Camera rotate around to above and behind Citan on the side. Fei looks up at the ceiling.]

"Stop! Please!"

[Fei looks down and becomes depressed again. Citan turns to his left and puts his fist on his face and then drops it, looking down.]

"You can do nothing."

"Quit... it..."

[The lights go out by a loud noise. Black screen.]

"Now, we may take our time and talk... Id..."


[Scene opens in Krelian's lab. He is standing on the elevator platform, facing camera from a short distance. The machines have turned off, but the panels on the platform, with the exception of the large one are still on. He turns around to the panels. He turns to the side slightly and hits a switch. The panels turn off. He turns back to camera and nods. He walks up to the side of Elly's table. Camera pan with Krelian. He turns to Elly. Stop pan. Krelian walks off to a nearby door. Camera rotate to behind Krelian on the side. Pan with Krelian. He leaves. After a moment, the same door opens. Ramsus walks in. He laughs. He walks up to the side of Elly's table and turns in the opposite direction. Camera rotate to in front of Ramsus. He laughs again. Ramsus turns around and walks directly up to the side of Elly on the table. Camera rotate around Ramsus to the side. Elly turns her head to see him.]

[Begin music: "Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People"]


[Ramsus pulls out a dagger and places it at Elly's neck.]

"What're you!?"

"Wh... re...?"


"Where...? I'm asking you where!!"

"Th, that hurts! P, please! Please stop!"

"Where is he!? Where!?
I know you know! Take me to him!"

"Who're you referring to when you say that man... Are you talking about Fei?"

[Ramsus takes the dagger away and turns around.]

"Fei, Fei, Fei...
Fei this... Fei that..."

[Ramsus walks away a few feet. Pan with Ramsus. He turns towards camera, laughs a minute and then looks down.]

"Fei...! In what way is he more superior than I!?
I will not accept it. I will not!!"

[Ramsus turns to the side slightly and pulls out a cup. He drinks from it.]


[Ramsus turns completely away from Elly.]

"R, Ramsus... that drug... A mental stabilizer...?
Why are you so shook up like that? What's forcing you to go through all this?
What happened between you and Fei..."

[Ramsus turns towards camera and laughs some more.]

"Dammit Fei... I'll show you... I..."

[Ramsus laughs. He turns and walks a step towards Elly. Begin to pan with Ramsus. He turns towards the door. Rotate around to directly behind the door. Ramsus leaves. Fade music. Camera rotate around to Elly's side.]


[Scene fade slow.]

 Chapter 46: Lone Wolf


Chapter 48: Tears for Fears


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