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Xenogears: The Complete Script

Part 21
Chapter 50: Break the Seal

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[Scene fade to white.]

[Begin music: "June Mermaid"]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous. A still of Elly, Emeralda, Vierge and Crescens moving through the forest is seen.]

In order to disperse the nanomachines, Emeralda and I headed for one of the ruins of the Zeboim civilization... the Mass-driver facility.

[Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous. A still of an open circular area, the facility's outer appearance, is seen.]

Fortunately, the facility was still active which allowed us to proceed on to the central control room with little difficulty.

[Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous. A still of Elly and Emeralda moving over a mechanical bridge with rockets on their sides is seen.]

Along the way we saw various missiles and giant rockets that were created during the Zeboim era...
They stood like tombstones of that ancient civilization.
It was a graveyard for a race of people who destroyed each other over pride and arrogance.

[Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous. A still of Elly, Citan and Emeralda standing in front of a large machine is seen.]

Once arriving at the central control room, we met up with Citan who helped us activate the Mass-driver.
We succeeded in launching the capsule containing the nanomachines which would release the seal -Limiter-.

[Scene fade. Stop music.]

[Scene fade in above the circular facility. The ground begins to rumble. Rotate around the facility to level with it on the opposite side. The circular area crackles. Scene cut to a closer up shot of part of the circular area. Pan up and continue to rotate as the circular tubing crackles. Pan over to a cannon a short distance away. A white-hot projectile is launched out of the canon. Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on the sky, near the destroyed 'Ethos' H.Q. The sky becomes pink in places like the Northern Lights and begins to hum. White particles begin to fall from the sky. Rotate camera around to in front of the 'Ethos' H.Q. The particles spread. Scene fade.]

[Scene opens above the ruins of Lahan. Some white ripples are seen flying in the sky towards them and more white particles begin to fall there. Rotate around to see Citan's house at the top of the mountain and more pink northern-lights phenomenon in the sky. Scene fade.]

[Scene opens above Billy's orphanage. Bluish white particles begin to fall here now. Scene fade.]

[Scene opens above Nisan at a distance. The particles start falling here. Pan in closer to Nisan to reveal the Northern Lights effect in the sky to its east. Scene fade.]

[Begin music: "June Mermaid"]

[Scene fade to white. Fade in on the nebulous.]

The nanomachines that were scattered into the upper atmosphere began to multiply and spread throughout the whole of the world.
The nanomachines glittered in the sunlight. Flowing like a large river in the sky...
That glitter would remove the 'bonds' restraining everyone. It was to be our light of hope for regaining back our true freedom...

[Scene fade to white. Stop music. Scene fade.]

[Begin music: "Fuse"]

[Scene opens in the nebulous. A still of a huge pinwheel shaped Gear the size of a city is seen flying towards Bledavik.]

Solaris' Mobile Surface Supremacy Weapon invaded the area with great force... Shevat and Nisan's standard Gear battalions were no match against it.
It was only a matter of time before the Solaris Mobile Weapon arrived in Nisan...
After we pushed back the Solarian Gear units, we headed for Nortune... to the Kislev capital's administrative district.
We went there to obtain our one and only means of standing up against the Mobile Weapon.

[Scene fade to white.]

[Scene fade in on an aerial shot of Kislev. Pan around Kislev to face towards the northeast/east border slowly.]

The Kislev capital's, Nortune's 'Central Administrative District' itself was a secret battleship constructed by Bart's ancestor, Roni Fatima, after the Great War with Solaris, many hundreds of years ago.
The existence of the secret battleship remained hidden. Later, the ship was turned into a section of the Kislev Imperial capital during the founding of the Empire.

[Scene fade/switch.]

[Scene fade in on aerial shot of Kislev's west side. Pan to southwest side slowly.]

Uncovering this truth from some ancient records, Bart activated the secret battleship in order to fight against the Solarian Mobile Surface Supremacy Weapon.

[Scene fade/switch.]

[Scene fade in on aerial shot of Kislev, southwest side. Pan in towards the Central Admnistrative District and rotate slowly to the southeast side.]

The 'Sand Cruiser Yggdrasil' was actually the center of command and also the main secret weapon of the craft...
Awakening from 500 years of dormancy, its true form appeared before us.
Commanded by its 'new master', the secret battleship stood before the Mobile Weapon with all of us inside of it.

[The Central Administrative District detaches from the rest of Kislev and flies up into the air. It slowly turns to the west.]

[----Battle mode----]

[Scene opens on a plain area just beyond a mountain range, west of Kislev. The "CAD battleship" flies towards camera and stops in front of it. Scene cut to the side of the CAD. A part of the top lifts up. Scene cut to the front as two rounded sections emerge and extend from the CAD. They then rotate. Camera pan over and around to the side of the ship as two more sections on top of the CAD rotate down to beside the central area. Scene cut to the back of the CAD where the Yggdrasil has been locked into place with it. The CAD ship jumps up like a Gear. Pan up to reveal something triangular flying in the sky above it. The part of the CAD not connected with the ground extends some arm-like fixtures towards it. Rotate to the front of the CAD as the arm section rises to create a humanoid figure. Scene cut to the side of the CAD. Fists extend out of the arm-like extensions. Scene cut to the opposite side as the other fist appears. Scene cut to the top as the triangular object slides down the hull of the Yggdrasil (whose front end is now pointed towards sky). Pan with the object as it lands on the "head." Scene cut to a view of the background scenery. The CAD jumps into the foreground and the Yggdrasil's other end appears between its legs. Pan back to a full shot of the fully extended CAD Gear.]

Super Dimensional Gear: Yggdrasil IV

[Bart yells "Hi-ya!"]

"Aaaalriiight! Transformation complete!
C'mon monster, let's go!"

[The pinwheel-shaped Solaris Gear appears in front of Yggdrasil IV. Cut to battle shot.]

[Battle: Yggdrasil IV vs. Ft. Hurricane]

[Stop music. Scene fade to white.]

[----End battle mode----]

[Begin music: "The Wounded Shall Advance into the Light"]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous. The still of Ft. Hurricane over Bledavik is still shown.]

The Solaris Mobile Weapon was destroyed... which brought a sigh of relief to the continent of Ignas.
Peace was signed and after some 500 years of division, the land of Ignas once again became united.

[The still cuts to a scene of Bledavik with people celebrating in the main street.]

Excitement spread throughout Aveh, Nisan, Kislev, Shevat...

[The still cuts to a shot of Nisan with people celebrating on its main street. The nanomachines descend on the scene.]

The sky shimmered as if to celebrate. By the hands of Elly, Citan, Taura and Emeralda, the nanomachines had been dispersed into the atmosphere.
That was when disaster struck. ... Our songs of victory were replaced by the sounds of total pandemonium...

[The still cuts to a shot of Bledavik's street. Some people have fallen to the ground and green auras are enveloping them.]

In the beginning we had no idea what had transpired. We... witnessed unexplicable phenomena. People from all parts of the globe began to mutate into abornmal forms.

[The still cuts to a shot of the same occurence happening in Nisan.]

It seemed to be triggered when the nanomachines removed the -Limiter- seal that was placed on humankind by Krelian in the past...
... The 'human' form with its innate abilities released.
That's when I remembered what Hammer had said back in Solaris.
His words were... "What becomes of the normal humans...?"

[Scene fade to white. Stop music.]


[Fade in on the orb chamber of the Gazel Ministry. Camera looking up at the top of the orb from the side under the rotating small orbs.]

So, they are naturally germinating because the resurrection of god is near...

Those who will become the body of our servant...
I never knew so many would exist, even without using the key...

But, some of them still have not yet begun to germinate...

Are they not destined to be the flesh of god?

Or, perhaps those are the enemies of god...

Let us reactivate the strategic points of the Soylent...

At any rate, they are just incomplete mutants. They are useless now in their half-finished form.

God's apostles. There cannot be any harm in having too many of them...

[Scene fade slow.]


[Scene opens in a rather barren chamber. Krelian stands looking at an empty tube from the other side of it. Camera above and in front of the side of the tube. Footsteps are heard. Camera pan down and over to the right side of the tube's front as it is revealed that Miang has walked in behind Krelian. There is another tube and another device in the distance behind them. Miang looks down.]

"The chains that restrained humankind have been removed because of you."

[Miang looks up. Krelian turns to the side slightly and folds his arms.]

"But that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with our plan...
Everything is still under control."

[Camera rotate and pan up to above Krelian in front of him.]

"In the event of the explosion in the capital of Solaris earlier...
... I had set up a nanomachine virus to diffuse into the atmosphere.
I knew they were eventually going to break the seal... But the timing was a little close for comfort...
The current mutations of the humans are an initial response to the virus...
Once the virus we spread over the world germinates inside of the humans, they are no longer the same.
They change into a controllable form.
We need humans that do not depend on the key's invocation in order to awaken.
In other words, a being to take the place of the original body of god..."

[Miang looks down.]

"It's like a trojan horse released at the time of the assimilation with god...
A literal virus... But... isn't it different from what they intended...?"

[Krelian shakes his head, turns towards Miang, drops his arms and nods.]

"Of course. We can't let them have it their way. The 'Ark of god' is mine."

[Miang looks up and laughs.]

"... Either way is fine by me.
I will just side with whichever is the more certain one anyway..."

[Scene fade.]


[Scene opens in a rather technological looking lobby. Camera on the side of the door looking in. Quite a few people stand in it. A nurse stands behind a counter.]

[Begin music: "Omen"]

[Scene cut to black. Pan down to the lobby again as the people begin to move around normally.]

The Soylent System...
A group of facilities formerly created by Solaris.

[Scene fade/switch to the side of the lobby. Pan to the right past a laser-barricaded door to close to another normal steel door.]

These facilities existed all over the earth. It is said that, originally, these were used for biological experiments and brainwashing.

[The door opens. Pan in. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a moderately small room with a door at the back. A bunch of Wels are occupying it, facing the far door. Pan back and up to reveal some people mutating at the front of the room, and some that don't even resemble humans any more.]

The people who mutated into what were called Wels... or the true form of humans... gathered at these facilities.

[Camera rotate to a corner of the room, facing opposite wall. The Wels begin moving.]

Some of the humans turned Wels were attacking healthy humans and devouring their flesh and blood.

[Scene fade/switch.]

[Scene fade in on the same room, but its darker. Half of the Wels are gone and some of the others have changed their shape drastically, or are in the process of changing even more.]

That is because healthy human flesh and blood eased the pain of their sudden molecular changes and let them live longer.
Their lives were so short...

[Scene fade/switch.]

[Scene fade in on the room. Rotate to the corner near the far door. The scene is red-tinted. Only a few Wels remain.]

Soon after, severely mutated beings started to seek the flesh and blood of the less mutated beings.

[Scene fade.]

[Scene opens in a technological corridor. Pan up to above the corridor. Pan over and rotate around to reveal that the red tubes on the side of the corridor are carrying some bundles steadily through them.]

The Soylent System divides and merges those mutated bodies on a molecular level...

[Scene change.]

[Scene opens above an array of red tubing surrounded by walkways. Pan back and rotate around to reveal a huge network of tubes carrying the substances through them.]

A set of facilities that recreate a more perfect single lifeform to be used as... a 'weapon'.

[Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a bluish column with red tubing at the bottom. Pan in closer to the tubing to reveal it is the exit from the tubes. The end of the tubes flow into a circular device.]

This was the truth behind the Gazel Ministry's 'M Plan'.

[Pan in close to a red octagon-shaped window in the device. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a red-tinted column inside the device. Pan towards the wall and then pan up slowly. The substances fly past camera and up. A strange figure floats at the top. Scene cut to the side of the figure, which has an appearance not unlike a Ku Klux Klan member, but the mask is yellow and it is much larger. The substances flow into it. Pan down a bit. Pan down to reveal its hands starting to take shape beneath it.]

Go to those facilities and you will be freed from the unbearable agony...
So people gathered, seeking a fulfillment of this promise.
There is salvation there...
The news spread... although no one actually uttered it.

[Camera pan away and down from the figure a good distance, rotating back up to look at it.]

Their mutated blood probably told such people to 'gather' there...

[Scene fade. Black screen.]

We went there to destroy the Soylent System...

[Scene opens on a darkened chamber. A large door opens at the back, and Fei, Elly and Citan walk in. They turn to see something. Pan back to reveal a huge line of people, Wels and mutated denizens waiting in a queue near a small door.]

There, humans fought amongst themselves greedily for limited pardons to live.
It was an ugly battle to keep on living. Or so it may have seemed to the casual passerby...
But to me they were desperately trying to live. It was each person's 'natural human form'.

[Rotate around to the other side of the line. The trio walk towards the line and a couple of Elly's former Solaris unit guards walk out towards them.]

There were the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'... And... among them... were some of my former friends from Solaris...

[Pan in closer to the line and Fei's group.]

They wanted our flesh and blood. They told us, the 'haves' should share with the 'have-nots'.
They asked if a 'have' such as myself could understand their pain...
I couldn't answer...
No matter what I said it would have sounded like a conceited 'have' speaking...
Even so, I wanted to relieve their anguish... And I decided to do so.
Just like the person in the memory of my dreams... in the distant past...

[Stop music. White flash. Scene cut to above the facility the line is going in as the figure seen in the device from before flies out the top of it!]

[Begin music: "Knight of Fire"]

[The creature jumps to the side of the line opposite Fei, Elly and Citan. Camera pan with the being to behind Fei.]

Then suddenly the System went out of control! The 'Sufal Mass', a monstrous organism still in the process of amalgamation, broke through the barrier of the life-support facilities and stood before us.

[The Sufal Mass runs up to the line and kneels on it. Scene tint to deep red.]

No longer of human form... that which was once human began eating the people gathered there seeking relief...
We had to fight it... in order to save the people and in order to save 'him'...
The eyes of that which was once human looked at me, pleading for... death... to take away the agony.

[Scene fade. Set party.]

[Battle: Fei/Elly/Citan vs. Sufal Mass/Sufal x4]

[Stop music.]

[Scene opens on the chamber again. The Sufal Mass lies in front of Fei and Citan. Elly walks up slowly from under the camera. Citan turns towards her, puts his face on his fist and then drops it. Fei turns to Elly. Elly walks up and turns to Citan.]

"Citan... please lend me your sword."

[Elly walks towards the Sufal Mass. Scene fade.]

FMV 18: Awakening
[Fade scene in from red. The Sufal mass is lying on the ground shuddering. Elly stands over it. She takes the sword in her hand. She slices her finger and winces from the blow. The blood from her hand drips down the blade and handle. She takes the sword down and kneels by the Sufal Mass. She raises her cut hand over the Sufal Mass's head. A drop of blood falls into the Sufal Mass' mouth and it manages a slight smile, as if it is giving a sigh of relief. It closes its eyes.]

"I'm sorry."

[Elly quivers, as she is almost in tears.]

"I guess I couldn't help you after all. All I can do for you now is ease your wounds. ..."

[Elly is barely able to speak, overcome with emotion.]

"I'm so sorry."

[Camera cut to Fei as he looks on, concerned.]

"Elly...? You..."

[The Sufal Mass shudders a bit, opens its eyes, and then turns its head to the side, dead. A drop of blood falls on the side of its head.]

[Camera cut to behind Elly as Fei and Citan's feet are seen in the foreground. Pan back away. Elly puts her hand on her chest. Scene fade.]
[----END FMV 18----]

[Begin music: "Shattering Egg of Dreams"]

[Scene opens on the top of the remains of the structure. Camera pan down to the right to in front of the side of the edge. Elly stands on the edge. Just below her the mutated humans and Wels are quabbling harshly.]

"Please! Listen to me! Stop fighting among yourselves. We are all humans!"

[The mutants stop and turn towards Elly.]

"This facility was built by the Solaris Ministry...
It was created to implement their 'no waste' plan.
Such facilities were used to convert mutated humans into weapons that serve as tools for their ambitions.
Just one part of their overall plan of racial purification."

[Flash white. Flash back with a green tint. Elly has been replaced by Sophia! Camera pan away from Sophia and around the group to behind Fei, who stands at the very back of the group.]

"Of course, once you enter their umbrella of protection...
... you can avoid absolute death. But is that human life?
Even if you are the only one left, if you're devoid of a heart, what does it all mean?"

[Scene flash back to normal. Elly is there again. A holographic image of Sophia stands right next to her, however.]

"All of you, want to be loved... needed by someone, so we look to others...
By ourselves, we are lonely, so we try to draw close together to live...
That's what it means to be human... That's how people live.
A single hand cannot clap."

[Scene flash to green tint. Elly has disappeared and Sophia has faded in full.]

"To relieve your pain, I'll give however much of my flesh you need.
Therefore... don't throw away your dignity as humans...
Don't let go of your human heart..."

[Scene fade back in normal. Elly collapses. Camera pan in quick towards Elly. Fei makes an incredibly high jump and lands next to her, kneeling. She sits up,looking down.]

"Elly...! Are you okay? What are you doing?"

"You think I am doing something... foolish?"


[Fei stands up.]

"I only did what I could. Maybe I'm a hypocrite. A well-to-do 'have'.
Maybe it's only pity for the 'have nots'...
But if I can know the joy of giving out a little of the life within me...
Then maybe someday it may just be possible that one human can truly give love to another...
People can do it... I truly believe they can. That's why..."

[Fei walks up to Elly and kneels behind her, trying to help her up. Scene begin fade.]


[Scene fade.]

[Scene opens in the nebulous.]

After that, we went from place to place, destroying all the Soylent System facilities located on the surface of the earth and freed the people held at each of the locations.
All the people that had been mutated were taken in by Nisan where they received treatment.

[Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous. A still of Nisan's street is shown. A lot of people, mutants, and members of the Nisan Sect are gathered there.]

Those who had mutated only mildly were treated with Taura's nanomachines, which reconstructed and revived them.
They were able to return back to their normal bodies.
Unfortunately, there were some that had such accelerated symptoms that their treatment was not as promising...
Trying to bring them back to a form that resembled a human was the best that could be done.
However, mysteriously, they no longer fought each other for survival as they did when they were held by the Soylent System.
Of course, their recovery from the physical pain of the mutation may have played a factor, but it wasn't only that...
The majority of the people received by Nisan were those that had been admonished by Elly and had regained their humanity.

[Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous. A still of the Nisan cathedral's floor is seen. Elly, Margie and the Yggdrasil nurse are tending to a slew of mutants on the floor.]

Between her work in destroying the Soylent System facilities, Elly also went around and nursed the people in Nisan.
She aided the bodies of the mutated and lent an ear to those who had no other place to go for help...
She was the very image of the woman who created Nisan...
'Mother Sophia'...
It became rumored that Elly was a reincarnation or a second advent of Sophia.
Go to Nisan and you will receive salvation...
The news seemed to spread further about and people came from all over to be saved, both physically and spiritually.
Free from the supervision of Solaris, the surface dwellers began to unite in one place.

[Scene fade to white. Stop music.]


[Scene fade in on the orb chamber of the Gazel Ministry. Camera slightly under the orb at a distance, outside the rotating smaller orbs. The back of the screen seen in the chamber is in the foreground.]

The germinating of those destined to be the body of the servant of god.

As before, the humans are gathering in Nisan. At this rate...

Not to fear... This might actually be helpful for us.

The time is near.
Should we not prepare for those who are to become the fleshly body of god, and those who will awaken god?

The time has come to activate the 'Gaetia Key'...

[Pan in to the upper portion of the orb. Begin to pan down to the bottom of the orb. A lock is revealed in the floor directly beneath the orb. Suddenly, noise is heard and pink particles are directed towards the orb. The orb becomes enveloped in pink, crackling electrical lightning.]

Wha, what!?


[Rotate around the orb to the screen. Emperor Cain is on the screen which is eminating the particles towards the orb.]

"What more do you intend to do? I can not allow you to use the 'Key'!"

Cain! What are you doing!?

Without the resurrection of god, our purpose cannot be fulfilled!

Or... are you planning on perishing with god, Cain...?
Without fulfilling our purpose...

"Your purpose...? You were fated to it from your birth.
Why haven't you realized that it does not arise from your own free will?"

I've heard enough...

Yes. This is of our own volition...

If you still insist on opposing us...

[The beam's intensity increases.]


"Have you forgotten? You are my subordinates!
I can destroy you if I so desire."


"We have already done our part.
It's time to pass the helm to the next generation. The people will not perish..."

[Scene fade.]

 Chapter 49: Shot Down!


Chapter 51: Soul Vessel


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