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Xenogears: The Complete Script

Part 22
Chapter 52: The Stars Know

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[Scene fade to white.]

[Begin music: "Flight"]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous.]

Having completed the alignment of the first Anima Relic with Billy, there was a remarkable change in the appearance and structure of Billy's Gear.
They were units that merged with the inorganic...
Of course we had no idea what purpose these ancient Anima Relics were created for. But the fact that they played some kind of role as weapons was blatantly obvious.
Eventually their true power will be released... And we cannot allow this power to fall into the hands of evil.
In order to obtain the final Relic, we headed for a ruin that is believed to be almost 10,000 years old. ... The remains of the first civilization on our planet.
a reunion with an old 'friend' awaited us...

[Scene fade to white. Set party to Fei/Elly/Rico]

[Stop music.]

[Scene opens in a cavern. Shopkeep Johnny has shown up here too.]

"Hi there! Nice to see you again."

[Johnny pauses.]

"If you say 'dungeons', I say 'traveling merchants'!
You say 'traveling merchants'... and I say 'Shopkeep Johnny!'"

[Johnny does his thing.]

"Wanna buy something, or fix up your Gear?"
[Fei buys stuff.]

"Thank ya."

[Weltall-2, Vierge and Stier push a huge boulder out of the way, then Fei's group gets out of their Gears and goes into a small door. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a room with 3 pillars. Fei examines a message on one of them.]

Find the 3 hidden stones, then put them in the holes.
"Aim your sights higher!"

[Fei looks down and puts his hands on his hips.]


[Fei looks around at the walls.]

"Looks like there's writing carved on the walls..."

[They examine the writings, and eventually solve the puzzle. They continue on until they are required to leave their Gears again. The group navigates over a stone bridge and through a dark hallway to a pit. They find a secret passageway in it and walk to the end. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a square room. Fei's group walks out the door to a smaller platform of the same shape as the room. Camera rotate around to in front of Fei on the side. When they all get there, however, the platform allowing access to the door disappears! Fei turns around as it descends out of sight.]

"Huh? Now what?"

[Camera pan up to reveal spikes on the ceiling above them.]


[The ceiling shudders.]

"Yikes! The ceiling! It's falling!!"

[Fei and his friends quickly jump to a nearby platform. An inscription is there.]

Show some courage and stand your ground!

[Fei, Elly and Rico get dumped into a trap door and have to make their way back up to the room again. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in the square room again. The access platform has been restored. Fei and his friends walk out to the center platform again. Camera rotate to in front of Fei on the side. Like before, the access platform disappears. Fei turns around.]

"What!? Again?"

[Camera pan up to the spiked ceiling.]


[The ceiling shudders.]

"Damn! The ceiling's dropping again!!"

[The group stays put this time. The spikes move past them and they jump on top of the platform the spikes are hanging from, allowing them to continue their trek through "Indiana Jones" territory. (Sorry... I couldn't resist!! ;) ) They eventually make their way through a security passageway exactly like the one in the previous dungeon on foot. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in another circular chamber with an Anima Relic in it, exactly like the last dungeon. The Anima Relic makes the noise similar to the previous one as it glows. Fei walks up to the control panel at the edge. Rico walks up to the edge of the platform.]

"So there is an Anima Relic in these ruins."

"Hmph, so ancient people worshipped meaningless things too, huh?"

[Fei hits a switch. Camera pan away to behind the Relic on the opposite side as the sounds and glowing frequency begin to speed up. The circular lock below the Relic is detached. Scene fade to half-white. The glows and sound of the Relic double in speed like they did previously.]

"Who's that? Wha'd you say?
Say something I understand! Who're you!? Get outta my head!"

[Fei turns to Rico.]

"Rico, are you okay?"

[Pan in closer to the relic as its rotation picks up speed. Power crackles from it. A shrill powerup sound begins. The Relic appears to disintegrate into white light. A Gear similar to Rico's is seen. Scene fade. Scene fade back in immediately to normal as the particles disappear. The Relic is gone.]

"I've seen that shape somewhere before."

"Wasn't that Rico's Gear? So it looks like it was your turn, Rico!
Well anyway, we'll soon see when we go outside."

[Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on the room directly outside the security passageway leading to the Anima Relic. Stier has transformed into an Omnigear. The Gears are being piloted. Camera on the side of the Gears as they walk down a narrow bridge. Pan with the Gears. At the other side of the bridge, the Gears stop and look off the edge of the cliff below them.]

"Whoa! What the...?"

[Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on a POV shot at the base of the dungeon's cliffs. It moves towards a high cliff wall and Weltall-2, Vierge and Stier are seen out of its viewpoint at the top of the wall. It turns to look up at them. The POV shifts back to the base directly in front of it. A Gear shift is heard and the POV begins to move up. Scene cut to immediately behind Weltall-2's group as a large floating Gear with huge fists flies up in front of them. Pan back to reveal everyone.]

[Begin music: "Ominous"]

[The Gear's pilot is attached to the Gear directly. It's Hammer!!]

"Hey, bro..."

[Hammer pauses for effect.]

"Heh heh heh. It's been a long time no see, bro!"

"Hammer, is that you? What are you doing in that outfit?"

"I was finally able to get it... Super-strength... Just like you, bro!
It feels so good... being one with your Gear. Krelian did this for me.
Anyway, just leave that Gear and Miss Elly for me.
Resistance is useless. I'm much too powerful for you now..."

"What are you saying, Hammer?"

"What? You're not handing them over? ... I see.
Then I'll just have to use force and take the girl and the Gear from you!"

"Stop it, Hammer!"

"Even you, 'Champ', won't win against me now."

[Hammer pauses.]

"Here I come!"

[Begin music: "Fuse"]

[Battle: Weltall-2/Vierge/Stier vs. Hammer]

[Begin music: "Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People"]

[Scene fade back in behind the Gears. Hammer's Gear is flaming up and black smoke comes out from all over it.]

"Heh heh... That's my bro... Far too strong...
Even for me... Just when I thought I finally got powerful enough to beat you, too!"


"Champ... Promise me you'll go back to Nortune one day...
You are... the next in line... to be the Kaiser..."

"You knew?"

"Don't underestimate the power of my information network...
But... it's no use now... I...
For a bit player... like me... this is probably... the end... I deserve..."

[Hammer's Gear begins falling. Pan up above the trio of Gears as Hammer's Gear descends out of view.]


[Scene fade.]

[Scene opens in the nebulous. A still of Hammer's Gear falling in front of Weltall-2 and Vierge is seen.]

Hammer disappeared into the chasm with a look of satisfaction...
Was he happy because he had been able to attain it...? 'His brief moment of power'...
Hammer's smile... Was that the look of joy from attaining power...? Or was it the look of relief from the pain that was brought upon him by his mutation...?
Ultimately, we had no other choice but to defeat our 'friend', Hammer, for the sake of our own survival...
Was there any other way around it...? I've never felt that fighting was so futile, until now...
Elly cried continuously... She hated herself for not having the power to be able to do anything to help him.
When I saw her like that, I couldn't help thinking... I can no longer allow her to fight like this...
We returned to Ignas... feeling that this had become much more than we could bear...

[Scene fade. Stop music.]


[Scene opens in Emperor Cain's chamber. Ramsus stands with his sword drawn on a one-man platform near Cain's throne.]

"What do you want... Ramsus...?"

[Cain flares up in a red aura.]

"You... If you didn't exist... I...
That's why... I must... get rid... of you...
Only then will I be able to beat him..."

"What do you think you're doing? Ramsus...!?"

[The platform Ramsus is on flies towards camera and turns him more to the left. A unearthly growling mechanical sound is heard.]

"That's absurd! Do you think you can neutralize my power!?"

[Camera pan up away to above the throne on the other side. Krelian stands on another one-man platform above Cain and Ramsus. Camera below Krelian on the side.]

"Of course he can. He was made to be able to do so."

[Scene cut to behind Ramsus on the side.]

"Krelian...!? Surely you're not on their side now!?"

"Oh, really now...
I don't care about a group of old geezers who are so obsessed with clinging onto their dear little lives...
... that they had to resort to turning themselves into data on the SOL-9000 in order to survive.
That's not why... Your existence obstructs me from reaching my goal. That's all..."

"Haven't you been working for humanity's future... for humans to live longer?
That is why I assisted you..."

"Yes, that's right.
I try to lead the people in 'my own way'. That hasn't changed in the least."

"Krelian, what's got into you...!?"

[Krelian turns around.]

"Kill him, 'Ramses'!"

[Scene cut to in front of Cain's throne.]


[Ramsus takes his sword and thrusts it through Cain. Cain turns to the side and his head falls off like a bony skeleton. A wind sound begins and the pictures in Cain's chamber stop rotating and begin to slowly fly up and down away from the throne. Pan back away from the scene. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in the orb chamber of the Gazel Ministry. Camera above the side of the orb inside the circle of smaller orbs. Krelian stands on the one-man platform in the room, outside of the rotation of the smaller orbs.]

So... Cain is dead?


The final fate for one bound within everlasting flesh...

If only he had just accepted our logical ideals too...

A fitting end for someone who had become dominated by needless flesh. Excellent work, Krelian.


Now there is nothing that can stand in the way of us accomplishing our objective.

The 'Anima Relics' have been awakened and have aligned with their respective 'Animus'...
Dan, Joseph, Gad... have each been aligned with a surface dweller as their 'Animus'...

Hyuga's Asher, Ramsus' Zebulun, Krelian's Judah, Sophia's Dinah...

Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Issachar were already aligned 500 years ago...

And finally... Grahf's Naphtali... All of the 'Anima Relics' have now been activated.

The identity of the -Persona- mask of the 'mother' has also become clear.

The time has come.

Now is the time to open the door to god's domain to attain the fleshly body and the wisdom of god...

The time of the true awakening... To carry us to new horizons...
Yes, the time of the gospel has come...!

Now, humans! Extol the awakening of god!

[Scene cut to below the orb's side. Stop all sounds. A large key descends from the bottom of the orb. Pan with the key as it slides into the lock in the floor beneath the orb. The key begins to turn the lock slowly with a mechanical sound. Scene cut to directly above the key. The key locks into place after turning. A buzz is heard. A circular holographic image spreads over the floor. Scene fade to white slowly.]

 Chapter 51: Soul Vessel


Chapter 53: Above Mahanon


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