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Xenogears: The Complete Script

Part 23
Chapter 54: Paradise

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[Begin music: "Omen"]

[Scene opens on a shot of a huge structure. The words "ELDRIDGE" can barely be made out at the top of the structure. The Yggdrasil, which is a fly in size compared to it, flies over the top from left to right and begins to descend.]

Driving back the Solarian interceptor forces, we took to the floating continent, Mahanon.

[Pan in slowly to the top of the ship for a better look at the word "ELDRIDGE". As camera pans, the Yggdrasil flies back from right to left much closer to camera, still descending.]

It was the central hull of a colossal spacecraft with a diameter of at least 40 kelts.
Judging from the condition of the hull, we estimated the ship was thousands of years old.

[Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a circular control room inside the Eldridge. It is identical to the one shown earlier (see Chapter 0). Pan in close to the central captain's seat to above the front of it, on the side.]

It was determined, by examining the inside of the wreckage, that some kind of accident occured on this ship about 10,000 years ago... which forced it to crash onto our planet.

[Camera pan away slowly to a full shot of the chamber from the front side.]

"Alien beings that came to our planet from a far off galaxy, aeons ago..."
Could it possibly have been that our ancestors were the passengers of this ship and had crash landed here on this planet...

[Scene fade.]

Seeking god and his divine wisdom... 'Razael's Tree'... which, it is said, lie here in Mahanon, we proceeded further.

[Set party to Fei/Citan/Billy]

[Scene opens in a circular chamber. Weltall-2, Fenrir and Renmazuo have come in. The door closes behind them. Camera in front of Weltall-2 on the side as the group stands on the edge of a platform in a circular chamber of similar size to the Anima Relic rooms. Camera pan back away from the group. A extremely large tube structure rises up from underneath the chamber with a strange looking being in it. Scene cut to above the tube and behind the creature as the tube continues to rise. Scene cut to in front of the tube. The creature's hands are folded in front of it under its face. Camera pan back away as the tube comes up and docks. Camera stop pan at a distance behind Renmazuo. A circular lock moves into place under the creature's tube.]

In the depths we saw an alien form. It was partially rotted and petrified... a giant, grotesque being...
'It' gave off an inexplicable air of intimidation.
Perhaps it was more than a gut reaction.
Perhaps it was the fear of the 'Absolute' that came from the very depths of our inherited instincts...

[Scene begin to flash black periodically. Cut to behind the creature's tube as it begins to descend from its perch. Scene cut to in front as the creature begins to break out of the tube! Rotate around to behind the Gears on the side as the tube shatters and a large creature appears with a huge head and a small tail. The three Gears quickly jump to a side platform each. The creature's eyes are red and it has the face of a walrus. Scene fade to white with a flash sound. Stop music.]

[Begin music: "Knight of Fire"]

[Battle: Weltall-2/Fenrir/Renmazuo vs. Deus]

[Stop music. Scene fade in on the chamber again. The Gears surround the entity of Deus. Camera above and behind Weltall-2 at a distance. Deus begins to fade out and stops fading, becoming slightly transparent.]

"That... was the ultimate power?"

[The circular lock unlocks and the platform begins to descend with Deus still on it. Scene fade. Black screen.]

[Begin music: "Omen"]

The partially rotted thing eventually self-disintegrated.
We procceded even further...

FMV 20: Entrance to Fate
[Weltall-2 opens a door and walks into a chamber. Scene cut to a view of a technologically advanced wall. Scene cut to a view of the Eldridge control chamber and pan back. Scene cut to a view of the ship's core that was active long ago with two glowing objects at the center of it. Scene cut in closer to the objects and pan out to reveal a huge cavern and pan back slowly as Weltall-2 lands in front of the camera in the chamber.]
[----END FMV 20----]

[Scene opens close up in a huge circular chamber. Camera pan back and away as Fei and Billy are seen standing on it.]

We came to an enormous cavern that was big enough to swallow the whole capital of Aveh.

[Pan up slowly and back in slightly to reveal two orange half-octagon shapes with colored data flowing in them, as well as Billy standing next to Fei. Citan is away from them, fiddling with a control panel. Two sections of vertical blue lines begin to flash between the two objects.]

In its center were two gently glowing objects.
It was the source of divine wisdom... It was 'Razael's Tree'.
And the cavern itself was a giant computer called Razael.

[The panel Citan is working with and himself are lifted up off of the ground in the distance. The platform stops rising about a third of the way up the level of the yellow objects. Camera pan up with Citan's "elevator" and in to above it. A bluish green screen appears in between the two yellow objects. Pan down slightly.]

The wisdom of god, hidden within Razael... We found the unthinkable when we accessed its data.

[A diagram of a human's analyzation appears on the screen. Then a diagram of two different human analyzations appear on the screen.]

A large unmanned strategic weapon and its battalion of terminal interface weapons, travelling from star system to star system. And a gargantuan mothership used to carry them...

[The screen changes to a diagram of the analyzation of a larger being.]

The creation of the -Malakh- angel... God's army to reign over the vast universe with...
And the construction of a divine ark.

[The screen switches to a shot of a pillar-like structure's analyzation. Camera pan in closer slowly.]

These weapons were called, 'Yabeh', the inter-planetary invasion weapon system.

[The screen switches to a shot of a triangular-shaped spacecraft and smaller specs of the same craft.]

What the Gazel Ministry was pursuing was right here.

[The screen cuts to a shot of a strange organism exactly like the one shown on the Eldridge before its destruction (see Chapter 0, FMV 02).]

According to the data, the giant, rotting organism we just defeated was in fact the nucleus of this system.

[The screen switches to a shot of an object similar to the inside structure of an Anima Relic. The screen cuts to a closer shot of the rectangular section previously described.]

We were on the verge of accessing the data for the object called... 'Zohar'
... the central neural circuit and power source controlling the entire system, from the weapons to the mothership...

[Scene flash white. Scene fade/switch to a closeup of Grahf's Gear. Scene fade/switch.]

[Scene fade/switch to behind Fei and Bart at a huge distance. A group of Gears surround the system Citan is working on and behind Fei and Billy, Grahf's Gear flies down facing camera with its bat wings spread! Upon closer inspection, the Gear matches that which was responsible for saving Elly earlier (see Chapter 22)!]

When suddenly, 'HE' appeared.

[Krelian speaks from a blue Gear on the side of the surrounding.]

"Ah, the hidden data from Razael's Tree... Move away from there.
This matter is far too weighty for the likes of you."

[Scene cut to behind Fei at a shorter distance, still a long way away, though.]

"We must protect it with our lives! We can't let them have the Razael data!"

[Scene cut to in front of Citan on the side as he is still fooling with the computer. Grahf's Gear hovers in the distance behind him.]

"You handle them! I will try and extract as much data as I am able to!
If anything goes wrong... I will destroy this place!"

[Camera pan towards Grahf's Gear.]

[----Battle mode----]

[Battle: Weltall-2/Renmazuo vs. Alpha Weltall]

[Alpha Weltall defeats Weltall-2 and Renmazuo without so much as a damaged circuit.]

[----End battle mode----]

[Stop music.]

[Scene opens on the floor of the chamber. Grahf's Gear, Alpha Weltall, stands above the fallen Weltall-2. Camera pan down to reveal Fei out of his Gear and kneeling next to Weltall-2, opposite Alpha Weltall. Camera on the front side of Fei at a distance.]

[Begin music: "Grahf, the Emperor of Darkness"]


[Grahf himself hovers down in front of Fei.]

"I guess that's all you can take for now. Are you frustrated?
But that is... 'only natural'. After all, you are imperfect."


[Camera pan in towards Grahf slowly.]

"Yes. You are lacking now.
The absence of wrath is an impediment to you utilizing your true strength!"

"W, wrath...?"

"The drive to massacre and annihilate, the compulsion to destroy your opponent...
Such wrath is power for the soul! By eliminating your foe, you attain your first sublimation of that drive.
It is this very sublimation that draws out the hidden powers within oneself! But, clinging to reason...
... suppressing your wrath and desire, makes releasing your true power a dream within a dream for you.
You already know this... When wrath appeared in your heart, the machine responded, did it not?
What drew out such power from your machine was truly the drive of your soul... It was your 'Id'.
The sign of the purpose you've been seeking... The mark of a natural born assassin!"

[Fei stands up.]

"You're wrong! That's absolutely untrue!"

[Fei looks down.]

"I, I am not 'Id'! I..."

"The time has come...
I'll take your soul, and draw its power out to the limit!"

[Grahf starts to walk towards Fei. Camera pan back to behind Krelian and the Executioner (Miang). Krelian stops Grahf.]


[Stop music. Grahf turns to Krelian.]

"Huh? What are you stopping me for!?"

[Krelian walks up to Fei. Grahf turns back to Fei.]

"He is bait.
If you kill the bait, the precious bird we wish to capture will fly away.
You know... a very important bird... 'needed to fulfill my earnest desire'...
You understand, don't you, Lacan...?"

[Grahf nods. He turns around and walks away.]

"... Suit yourself."

"We shall crucify them.
In the land of Golgoda, to the west of here. Collect all the broken Gears!"

[Camera pan up to the left to above Weltall-2 and Alpha Weltall standing over it. Scene fade.]

 Chapter 53: Above Mahanon


Chapter 55: Promised Land


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