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Xenogears: The Complete Script

Part 24
Chapter 56: Merkava Calls

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[Scene fade in on the orb chamber of the Gazel Ministry. Krelian stands on the one-man platform on the side of the room. Camera in front of Krelian on the side, on the left of the screen.]

The fleshly body of god has been recovered...

The Anima and the Animus have all been obtained...

All that is left for us to do is change into the Animus, and become one with the mother -Persona-...

"... That is incorrect."

[Camera pan in closer towards Krelian. Rotate and pan to the orb chamber. Pan back above and behind Krelian.]

What? What do you mean, Krelian? What did you just say?

[A click is heard. A low hum is seen and a teal -colored computer chip is extended from the top of the orb. Another click is heard. Everytime this happens, one of the orb faces disappears.]

What are you doing!? Krelian, have you gone totally insane!?

[Another hum and a second computer chip extends from the side of the orb. A stopping click is heard again.]

What are you doing to the memory banks!?

Do not touch them! We cannot survive without them...!

[Camera pan in close towards Krelian and rotate to behind him on the side. Another hum is heard and a third chip is extended on the bottom half of the orb. A stopping click is heard.]

"You were the only ones who could have activated the key...
But now that it has been activated, I no longer need you. I am having you all erased."

[Another chip extends via a hum on the lower section and a stopping click is heard.]

How dare you!

[Camera pan away to the left in front of the top of the orb. Another hum, and another computer chip extends on the top half of the orb, and stops with a click.]

"The only obstacle that kept me from my goals was Cain.
He was the one person who had total control of the people and thus was my greatest nemesis.
But the only person who could terminate Cain was Cain himself.
That's why I created... 'a copy of Cain'. Ramsus acted exactly as I predicted... killing Cain.
Now, there is no one who can stop 'me'. And I'm not interested in your power or authority.
Did you really think you were acting on your own free will? You are all just parts of the system.
Created only as weapons of invasion and oppression... You are just terminal interface weapons."

[Camera pan in closer to the bottom half of the orb, opposite Krelian. A hum, another computer chip extends near the bottom, and another stopping click is heard.]

We... can... become... god! And... you're...

[Camera pan in towards Krelian, turn and back off to the front side on the side of the orb at a distance. The Gaetia Key in the floor is seen. Another computer chip is released at the bottom of the orb, humming, and it moves into place with a stopping click.]

"God? Who said you'd be god?
What impertinence! We are 'humans'. We were created to be terminal interfaces of god.
It is the same for you, who were once humans.
'Man cannot become god.' ... We can only entrust ourselves to god."

[Another hum, and yet another computer chip is released until it stops with a click.]

Ri... diculous... Going... a... gainst the... Mother...

[Camera pan in to looking up at Krelian from the side and below the orb. Another chip hums and is released on the top part of the orb. A stopping click is heard.]

"I have not gone against her. This is the will of the 'other mother'."

You... think... you... can... elim... inate... us... and... still...... revi... ve... god...?

[Camera rotate quickly to behind Krelian on the side. Another chip extends from the orb's midsection and stops with a click.]

"It can be done.
Your genes were scattered in order to keep the world alive after the 'Fall' in the days of destruction.
Those genes live on today within the humans.
The -Anima- vessels... and the recipients of their alignment, the -Animus-... and also the -Persona-...
By combining these with my nanomachines, humans will become living beings very much the equivalent of you.
Actually, they may far surpass you in becoming worthy terminal interfaces for god.
So you are no longer of any use to me. -Deus-, the physical manifestation of god, only wants results...
The means are insignificant to him... So this is my 'Ark Plan'... My -Project Noah-!"

[Another chip is released on the orb with a hum and moves into place with a stopping click.]

K... re... li...

"May all your worries cease. Rest in peace... ancestors of mortal man!"

[The last chip hums into place and clicks off. All of the orb faces are gone. Fade noise. Camera pan up to above Krelian looking down at the Gaetia Key floor on the side of the room.]

"Now, it is just you and I... Sophia!"

[Scene fade to white slow.]


[Begin music: "Omen"]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous. A still of Elly is seen in the background.]

I was powerless...
All I could do was stand by and watch as they took Elly away from me...
I... am powerless...

[Scene fade to white.]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous without the chair. Fei sits on the ground in the nebulous with his face in his hands. Camera on Fei's side at a distance. Wiseman fades in with his cape flowing behind him. He walks up behind Fei and turns slightly towards him.]

"What are you doing there?"

"Oh, it's you... I... I wasn't able to beat Grahf...
I didn't stand a chance against him... It was obvious from the start."

[Fei pauses.]

"It was impossible to try to defeat a monster machine like that to begin with...
And... Elly... Why was she so damn foolish...?"

[Fei pauses again.]

"I implicitly told her not to come... I told her to run away...
She had to have known it was a trap."

"... Hmm..."

[Wiseman turns towards camera and shakes his head.]

"Yes, you won't be able to defeat him like that...
As long as you continue fighting with that kind of an attitude, that is."


[Wiseman walks towards the screen and away towards Fei. He turns back to Fei.]

"The reason you lost and that young lady was taken was because of your pride.
Weren't you depending far too much on the power of your machine?
... Not to mention that new 'Id Power' you're now able to control!
What is Grahf's source of power? His machine? His technique? His experience?
I do not think so... It is his feelings.
His heart, his feelings, are dominated by his resentment and his hatred of this world.
That hatred is his source of power. Your feelings weren't focused enough to fight off Grahf.
That is why you could not win. Your feelings must be in the right place. That is strength."

[Wiseman turns towards camera and shakes his head.]

"I'm not surprised you lost...
... seeing as you do not understand the true meaning of strength..."


[Wiseman turns towards the side slightly, away from Fei.]

"That young lady...
The only thing in her heart was her desire to save you all. She set aside her fear and piloted that machine."

[Wiseman pauses.]

"It was because she had such strong feelings that you are all still alive...
That is what I think. Of course you have been defeated. However, that doesn't mean it's over."

[Wiseman turns towards Fei.]

"How do you plan on responding to her feelings?
It is now your turn to save her... is it not?"


[Wiseman walks to behind Fei and turns back towards him. He turns to the side slightly and his cape begins blowing in the wind.]

"Well, what are you going to do? ...Fei..."

[Wiseman fades out. Fei turns towards camera still with his face covered in his hands. Camera pan to the left slowly and stop. Fei stands up and looks up.]

"I, errh... I'm going to..."

[Scene fade to white.]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous. The chair is back. A still of a huge metallic blue-colored circular object flying over the land is seen with grooves in the permiter of the object.]

In order to save Elly, we began to search desperately for her whereabouts...
And two weeks later, we found her.
Using the data obtained from Razael and his own nanomachine technology, Krelian had begun the construction of god's ark, 'Merkava'. Its completion was imminent.
To prevent its activation, and to rescue Elly... we headed for Merkava!

[Scene fade to white.]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous without the chair. In the top of the background a still is seen of Weltall-2 squared off against the G Elements Gear. Dominia, Kelvena, Tolone and Seraphita fade in on the nebulous in front of the still. Fei appears in the foreground. Camera pan to the right and center behind Fei when he gets to the right side of the screen.]

"You again...? Are you girls thinking of going in there too?"

[Dominia turns to Fei.]

"Don't get any wrong ideas there. We are here to help our Commander.
Miang and Krelian have been manipulating his emotions for the sole purpose of eliminating the Emperor.
We simply want to free the commander from those bonds so that he may be saved!
It's neither for the sake of the world... nor for the sake of your girlfriend, Elhaym!"

[Dominia pauses.]

"We have no intentions of fighting on the same side as you!"

[Fei shakes his head and nods.]

"... Fine.
You have your own battles to fight, and we have ours... Let's leave it at that."

[Fei pauses.]

"But... if things get out of hand, you head back. We'll handle it."

[Dominia turns to the side.]

"Hmph... We'll make you eat those words... You wait and see!"

[The Elements fade out. Scene fade to white.]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous. On a still nside of Merkava, a large Gear stands on a platform engulfed in a red aura.]

We entered inside of Merkava and, while fighting back units of weapons that self-regenerated through the use of nanomachines, we headed for the central core...
And then...
Once again, Ramsus appeared before us.

[Scene fade to white.]

[Scene opens in a large vertical chamber. Camera below Weltall-2 at a large distance as it hovers down towards the bottom. Scene fade/switch. Scene fade in on the side of Weltall-2 as it descends between two holographic angels exactly the same as the ones on the altar in Nisan. Continue rotating around Weltall-2 as it descends. Scene fade/switch. Scene fade in above Weltall-2 as it finally finds the floor underneath the angels. Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on the bottom floor. The group, composed of Weltall-2, Fenrir and Renmazuo moves into a side door and moves through a passageway. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a smaller vertical section. Weltall-2 walks up to the edge and turns.]

"Looks like this shaft somehow connects to the outside.
But we don't have time to turn back. Let's hurry ahead."

[Shopkeep Johnny is present and Fei takes advantage of his wares. They return to the first chamber and head down the main passageway. The passageway opens several tightly locked steel doors and the trio make their way down further. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in an octagon shaped chamber. A constant metal banging sound is heard. Weltall-2, Fenrir and Renmazuo form a formation.]

I've been waiting for you, Fei!!


[Camera pan up quickly to a large ledge above the floor a good height. On top of it, a large blue Gear stands pounding its fists together, revealing the source of the sound.]

"Fei... If only you hadn't have been born..."

[Scene cut to closer in under Ramsus' Gear.]

"I... I... We're going to settle this now!!"

[Scene cut to above Weltall-2's group at a great distance in front of Weltall-2.]

"Stop it, Ramsus! What reason is there to continue fighting me!?
Who are you fighting for!? Why do you always have a bone to pick with me!? Tell me why!"

[Scene cut to in front under Ramsus' Gear.]

"It is all because of you...
If only you hadn't come in and destroyed my prospects in life..."

[Scene cut to directly in front of Ramsus' Gear. The fist banging is twice as loud.]

My life... was given to me within a Nanoreactor in Krelian's laboratory.
To be born as the superior being, above all humans... But then...

[Scene change.]

[Scene opens in Krelian's secret laboratory with the test tube. He stands behind the test tube looking at an organism floating within the tube. Footsteps are heard. Camera in front and above of Krelian on the other side of the tube - the Nanoreactor. The footsteps stop. Krelian turns behind him to his left.]

"Hmm... 'This time' your body is young."

[The footsteps start again. A woman in a blue dress walks up to near Krelian on the other side of the Nanoreactor.]

"... The previous one got too old."

"... And the name?"

"Karen... but individual names have no meaning to me."

"So... what brings you here?"

[Krelian backs up as the woman walks up to the Nanoreactor. Upon closer inspection, "Karen" is the same woman that flashed through Fei's dream (see Chapter 46) and was on the still during Ramsus' invasion of Nisan (see Chapter 51).]

"Is that thing inside the Nanoreactor there... the one?"

[Krelian turns to the Nanoreactor, nods and folds his arms.]

"Huh? Oh... Recognition code 0808191 - 'Ramses'.
The Emperor's been told it's a prototype for an artificial 'Contact'."

[Karen turns to Krelian.]

"What's its status?"

[Krelian drops his arms, walks around the tube a foot or so and turns back to it. He nods.]

"It has entered the so-called first growth stage.
From now until the binding, its growth will be several times faster than that of an ordinary human.
But its psychological development will be a little difficult to control..."

[Krelian shakes his head slightly and closes his eyes.]

"It is a replica... so that is to be expected."

[The organism shifts. Karen turns to the Nanoreactor.]

"It is moving... Can it hear us?"

[Krelian opens his eyes and nods. He folds his arms again.]

"Yes... It already has a will of its own."

"Then... I have a better way... Let us dispose of it."

[Karen pauses.]

"We do not need this... We have my child. My child will be 4 this year."

[The organism shifts again. Krelian drops his arms.]

"Your having a child is... significant?"

[Karen turns to Krelian.]

I checked it out... There is no mistake, it's a 'Contact'."

[Krelian nods.]

"What's its name?"

"My child's name is... 'Fei'.
So... you understand what this means?"

"A corresponding 'Antitype' is..."

"Yes... probably already born somewhere."

[Karen pauses.]

"... The final one!"

[Krelian laughs.]

"Then... this thing is... worthless."

"Yes, totally useless."

[The organism shifts, as if raging, twice. Camera pan in closer towards the tube. Karen turns to the Nanoreactor.]

"Ha-ha... Chase after it, 'boy'.
A love that's unattainable for you, no matter how hard you try to pursue it."

[Scene fade. Black screen.]

Until then...

[The organism shift sound is heard.]

[Scene fade in below the front of Ramsus' Gear, still pounding its fists.]

"Because of your existence, I was discarded...!
I was destined to be the representative of god... having the might of the Emperor.
I was destined to be the ultimate existence, having the power to exercise absolute control over all!
But... I lost it all... because of you!!"

[Scene cut to above Weltall-2's group at a long distance.]

"M, my mother...? How... do you know her...? Ramsus...!"

[Scene cut to the side of Ramsus' ledge at a distance. A pillar blocks the view. Pan left slowly to reveal Bladegash standing on a ledge near Ramsus' ledge. Bladegash extends towards Ramsus.]

"Commander! Please stop this!
Commander, if what you say is true, then that is even more of a reason not to fight!
You were just used by Krelian and..."

[Ramsus' Gear turns towards Bladegash, still pounding its fists.]

"Silence!! You... even you... dare to censure me!?
I saved you from nearly becoming a test subject and now you turn on me!?"

"You are mistaken! We are only thinking of your best interests..."

[Scene cut to below Ramsus' Gear on the side.]

Ultimately, only I can help myself! I am the only one that can correct this!"

[Ramsus' Gear turns back. Scene cut to above Ramsus' Gear.]

"This is the end for you!! En garde! Cause, here I come, Fei!!"

[Stop music. Ramsus' Gear jumps off the ledge towards the floor. Scene cut to behind Weltall-2's group. Ramsus' Gear lands facing the side and immediately turns to the trio. It assumes an attacking stance and trains its head guns on the group.]

[Begin music: "Knight of Fire"]

[Battle: Weltall-2/Fenrir/Renmazuo vs. Amphysvena]

[Stop music. Scene opens on the floor again behind Amphysvena on the side. A shock flash and Amphysvena, Ramsus' Gear, is knocked out of sight. Scene cut to behind Renmazuo on the side. The screen flashes in bright light and the area trembles.]


[The trembling subsides. Fei sees a hole that has blown open in the back wall from the malfunction of Amphysvena.]

"What's this...?"

[Weltall-2 walks up to the hole. Camera rotate around slowly to behind Andvari. Scene change.]

[Scene opens in a run-down laboratory-like area with a door at the far end. Amphysvena lies on the floor in front of the entrance. The three Gears enter. Camera behind and above the trio. Weltall-2 takes a step forward.]

"What is this place?"

[Camera pan down and rotate to look up more towards the ceiling.]

This is where Kahr was born. And where his hatred of you was forged...

"Who's there!?"

[The door at the far end opens.]

[Begin music: "Omen"]

[Scene change.]

[Scene opens in the next room. A strange dome-shaped organism with tubes connected to its top is in the center. Camera above the organism. Pan down to behind the three Gears. Just barely in front of the organism, a small crucifix can barely be made out.]

"What is this...? ...!! That's Elly!!"

[Weltall-2 walks up towards the crucifix. Scene change.]

[Scene opens closer up in front of the organism and the crucifix. Fei, Citan and Billy have left their Gears. Krelian and Miang stand on each side of the crucifix. But attached to the crucifix itself is Elly! She now has a uniform on similar to Miang's. Camera behind Fei at a short distance. Camera pan in closer to Fei as he takes a step towards the crucifix.]


[Krelian nods.]

"I would have liked to have been able to commend you for making it here...
But your efforts were all in vain. The resurrection of -Deus- is imminent.
Sacrificing this girl will bring about the awakening of 'god'."

"What are you talking about!? Why does Elly have to be sacrificed!?"

"There's no need for you to know. For all of you, it will all end here..."

[A huge serpent-shaped Gear erupts from behind the organism and flies up! Camera immediately pan to look up at the Gear.]


[Camera pan back to behind Weltall-2. Scene cut to in front of the mysterious Gear.]

[----Battle mode----]

[Scene opens in front of the mysterious Gear. Miang speaks from the cockpit.]

"... Hehem... Adieu, boys..."

[Battle: Weltall-2/Fenrir/Renmazuo vs. Opiomorph]

[The group defeats Opiomorph and it falls to the ground in a heap with a roar of pain. Camera pan in to above the fallen Opiomorph.]

"My, aren't we powerful..."

[Scene fade. Tally earnings.]

[Scene re-opens above the fallen Opiomorph. Suddenly, it returns to operating status and rises up again! Camera rotate to in front of Opiomorph.]

"Heh... Well then... let's start over from the beginning again.
You think you can beat me this time?"

[Camera pan back to behind Weltall-2, Fenrir and Renmazuo, still squared off against Opiomorph.]

"What the...!? I thought I defeated you...!?"

"Unless you can decompose her atomic structure,
you don't stand much of a chance.
Normal attacks are futile against one who has the ability to regenerate
using nanomachines."

[Scene fade.]

[----End battle mode----]

[Scene opens behind Weltall-2's group. Opiomorph sits in front of the strange organism again.]

"Now, the time has come for the great awakening!"

[Blue flashes. The screen begins to fade out and in completely. A eerie noise begins. Blue, green and black flashes envelop the scene.]

"Argh...!? I'm getting torn apart!?"

"It is our... Omnigears!?"

[Scene cut to closer in front of the organism. The silhouette of Elly's crucifix is seen barely.]

"That thing... That thing is trying... to eat us all!?"

"Damn, what's going on!?
Huh!? Hey... Is that...!?"

[Scene cut to above the organism on the opposite side above the middle portion of the tubes flowing into the organism. It is revealed that Stier and Andvari have shown up now as well.]

"Our Omni...? No, that's not it!!
Is that... our Anima Relics!?"

"Is it trying to detach the Anima Relics from our Omnigears!?"

[Camera pan in closer. The Omnigears of Fei and his friends are sucked into the organism!]

"Deus is... swallowing up our Anima Relics!?"

[The flashes subside and stop. The sound fades.]

"What's going on? My Omnigear... It's not moving.
I think it's dead..."

[Camera pan back and away. The trio of Weltall-2, Fenrir and Renmazuo now stand back where they entered originally. Camera behind the Gears. Opiomorph is gone.]

"This is the true meaning of the -Anima Relics-...
To attain their respective -Animus- and return to the -Persona-.
The Anima Relics are really one set of parts that make up -Deus-, the physical manifestation of god.
They regain their original powers or functions by aligning themselves with their destined partner...
An Omnigear that has lost its respective Anima Relic, is but a puppet.
It becomes a mere vessel or container in which there are no contents."

[Scene cut to behind the organism. Pan up slowly to see Weltall-2's group through the tubing at the top.]

"And this girl too was destined to become one with god...
You see... Elhaym is really one of the parts of god as well..."

"What the hell are you talking about!?"

"Put simply, you served to help bring all the parts of god together, here, for me.
You're a bunch of stupid fools. It's as if you're all clowns..."

"You believed the legend of how our world and the universe was created...
But the Ministry and I fabricated that very myth a long time ago to suit our purposes."

"That's a lie!! How can that be true...?"

"I think you'll find that your friends' Omnigears are all dead too...
I'm talking about your friends who split up and took a different path than you into this place...
They were all parts of god that were disassembled in the past, but once again, are all gathered here."

"Yes. It is indeed the time for the resurrection of god."

W, what was it all for... Everything that I have done up until now...

[Scene change.]

[Scene opens close up in front of Elly's crucifix like before. Everyone is still there, but now Ramsus has shown up in front of Fei and his friends. Camera behind Ramsus with Fei just barely seen in the foreground. He inches up to the edge of the higher platform in front of Elly's crucifix.]


[Ramsus walks up closer to the crucifix. Krelian turns to him.]

"Hmph... It's just you..."

[Miang turns to Ramsus.]

"What are you doing here, Kahr?"

[Ramsus walks to the end of the plank extending from the platform Fei's group is on and jumps off it. He walks towards Miang, stops a few feet in front of her, and looks up.]

"What about me...? My existence... What was its purpose?"

[Scene cut to below left behind Elly's crucifix. Miang turns to Ramsus more directly. Pan up slowly to the upper right to see Weltall-2 standing behind Fei's group. At a great distance rotate left and pan back to the gathering from a great distance. Stop panning.]

"There was only one purpose to your existence... To eliminate Emperor Cain.
Cain's will had become too much like that of 'humans'. He was too concerned about them.
He had forgotten his mission to revive god. That is why you were created.
You were only made to remove our main hindrance... Cain.
But, as the original living being, Cain had absolute power.
To make you turn on Cain, it was necessary to focus your mind on a single point.
However, being an artificial life form, you were mentally unstable.
That is why... we used Fei's existence. Resentment... That is the source of your strength.
And you have excelled superbly at fulfilling our expectations of you.
But... we no longer have any more use for you. Haven't you realized that yet?
You're a piece of trash. And being the reject that you are, why don't you just leave? Hah hah hah."

[Ramsus walks up to in front of the crucifix.]

"I... I... What was I born for? What was I living for?"

[Ramsus falls on his knees. Krelian and Miang turn towards him.]

"A pathetic excuse for a life. Why, you aren't even human!
Kahaha... Hah hahaha...!"

[Krelian turns to Miang. Miang turns towards Fei's group.]

"Now, what to do with the lot of you...
Well, I can't just kill you all... seeing as you have served me so well.
So, as a reward, I'll allow you to be sacrificed too... To be assimilated into Deus along with this girl..."

[Ramsus moves quick. Scene cut to in front of the crucifix. Ramsus takes his sword and thrusts it through Miang! She falls on her back.]



[Ramsus stands up over the fallen Miang. There is a long pause.]

"Good... This is how I wanted it, Kahr...
I am fated so as not to be able to kill myself...
Now... all... my... wishes have... come... true. Thanks... to... you...!"

"... Miang..."

[Ramsus turns around towards Krelian slowly.]

"Uh, uhaaaaaaaahhhhh!!"

[Ramsus charges Krelian, raises his sword and brings it down through him! Krelian slumps over on his front. Ramsus turns around towards Miang slowly. He walks away from Krelian and sheathes his sword. He stops in front of Miang and turns towards the crucifix. He just stands there. Then he falls on his knees. Scene cut to in front of Fei. He turns around to see that all of his other friends have come in.]

"Fei, sorry we're late. Our Omnigears broke down.
Anyway, let's hurry up and save Elly!"

[Fei nods.]

"Yes, I know!"

[Fei turns back. Scene fade/switch.]

[Scene fade in in front of the crucifix on the side. Billy and Fei are on the platform directly underneath Elly with everyone else on the ground below as well as Ramsus and the bodies of Krelian and Miang. Fei raises his hand to the crucifix.]

"Hang in there, Elly! I'm letting you down now."

[Elly descends off of the crucifix and stands in front of Fei. Stop music. A shot is suddenly heard! Fei kneels. Scene fade.]

FMV 21: Double Crossed
[A hazy shot fades in. Elly is holding a gun out. She has just shot Fei!! Citan and Billy look on, perplexed with Fei slumped backwards in Citan's hands. Billy is looking at Fei, then he turns to Elly but all he can manage to say is a grunt of confusion. Elly brings the gun down to her side and begins to look up. She looks up and a quiet groan from her is heard. She begins to smile - not a normal smile, but one far more sinister. She raises her head with her eyes closed. Her hair changes from the normal bright auburn to a strange, sapphire blue. Her face quivers as the change takes place. She opens her eyes and immediately scowls. All signs of the compassion she had are gone. She tosses the gun to the ground. Behind her, the strange organism's multiple eyes open and it seems to be waking up. Pan back to behind Citan and Billy on both sides. Scene fade.]
[----END FMV 21----]

[Scene opens in front of the crucifix. Now Elly has blue hair and all signs of emotion have drained from her face. Her eyes have become a darker shade of blue as well. Everyone is below the platform. Camera behind Rico at a short distance.]

[Begin music: "Jaws of Ice"]


[Fei kneels from the wound. Citan kneels behind him.]

"Fei! Now you hang in there!"

"Sh, she took my gun...!?"

"W, why did you do that, Elly...?"

[Citan stands up.]

"Elly!? What happened to you!? How could you!?"

"Don't tell me she's been... brainwashed!?"

"It has nothing to do with brainwashing..."

[Everyone turns towards the body of Krelian except Fei, who is holding his wound. Krelian stands up as if nothing happened!]

"The majority of my body is comprised of a nanomachine colony.
Not only for longevity... but also to unify with the 'mother'...
So don't be surprised. This much damage can be recovered rather quickly."

"Unify with the mother...?"

"That girl... Elhaym, is our 'mother'."

"Yes. I am the mother of all humans..."

[Everyone turns towards Elly.]


"What are you babbling on about!? Snap out of it, Elly!!"

"You're as dense as usual... But, I don't blame you...
So be it. I will explain to you all about it."

[Camera rotate slowly to the right to the other front side of the crucifix. Elly always faces camera during this rotation.]

"This Deus, the one you call god, is an 'inter-planetary invasion weapon system' that was built in ancient times by humans from another planet.
It was created as an automatic weapon which could act upon its own will to take control of a targeted planet. But you should've known this much from looking at the Razael records.
Anyway, during a test run, Deus became uncontrollable. It released its power and annihilated a whole planet.
The creators of 'Deus' found its immeasurable power to be too much of a threat and hence forcibly shut it down.
In order to analyze the cause of the problem, its core was dismantled and placed on an inter-planetary emigrant passenger ship to be transported to another planet.
Becoming aware of this, the disassembled Deus resisted. It tried to take over the passenger ship that was transporting it.
However, as a last line of defense against the escape of Deus, its creators unexpectedly destroyed the whole ship, sending it crashing to this planet.
Deus knew that it would not be able to get away from the explosion or the imminent impact and so it detached its core from the 'Zohar' power reactor."

"Zo... har...?"

"Yes, 'Zohar'... It is what drives all of the Gears on this planet.
It is the master generator that transmits its energy to the slave generators in our Gears.
It is also the source of all the Ether power that the inhabitants of this planet utilize.
By utilizing the energy displacements caused by actualizing potential future phenomenon...
... this 'Zohar Modifier' has the ability to produce infinite amounts of energy."

"The source of all our Ether power!?"

"Are you saying all our energy comes from that one power reactor or engine?"

[Scene cut to behind Elly on the side. Camera pan back and away slowly several feet.]

"Yes, but there is more...
The core that was detached from Zohar, the 'Biological Computer Kadomony' crashed onto this primitive planet.
It activated -Persona-, its life support plant, which can generate organic material.
Using this it prepared for itself a genetic-based system for the day when Deus would be resurrected.
Thus, the first humans were created from there... Emperor Cain and the elders of the Gazel Ministry."

"Are you saying the Emperor and them Gazel geezers were people born from Deus!?"

"Do you know why the Gazel Ministry desired the Anima Relics and your bodies? Well, here's the reason...
Before becoming human, the bodies of the Ministry were once part of the organic elements in the core circuit that made up 'Deus'.
There were two types of organic elements. The female type was called 'Anima', while the male type was called 'Animus'.
They were also created with the added ability to become mobile weapons by merging with machinery that was suited for use as terminal interface weapons for Deus.
In other words, those Omnigears you were using were one form of such weapons.
The Ministry, which were Animus, were to become one again with their separated Anima at the time of the resurrection of god...
But, in a war 500 years ago, they all lost their physical bodies.
It was then that they decided to extract their own genetic factor from certain individuals of their human descendants who carried the appropriate sets of D.N.A..
All so each of them could become one with their respective Anima again."

[Scene cut to behind Weltall-2's side looking out at the scene.]


"Then we're all...!?"

[Camera rotate around Weltall-2 to the opposite angle. Elly continues facing camera.]

"Yes, you humans are all descendants of Cain and the Gazel Ministry...
They were born from the -Persona-, gave birth, and propagated.
They followed their inbuilt program to someday resurrect the heavily damaged Deus."

"All the people in the world were created solely to resurrect Deus!?"

"Yes. But it wasn't just to restore its old body.
More than half of Deus is constructed of biological parts. Do you remember those mutated humans?
Those are all people who were destined to become replacement parts for Deus."

"We humans are... parts for god..."

[Camera begin to pan back, away and up slowly to a clear shot of the open-eyed organism with Weltall-2 in the foreground.]

"Yes, almost all the people are destined to become parts for Deus.
But you people gathered here are all different.
You could say... you escaped that destiny by existing through multiple generations...
In actuality, there wasn't enough parts for Deus... But, Krelian compensated for what was lacking.
The reduction in the number of parts, was due to humans living through multiple generations...
But that deficiency in the human factor, was made up for by the nanomachines created by Krelian.
Not only that, but his nanomachines added additional functions.
Deus has thus evolved into the perfect weapon."

What has happened...? Why... do you know all... that...?"

"I am Miang. The keeper of time. The representative of our god -Deus-.
I was born to guide the people toward the path of the resurrection of Deus."

"That's ridiculous! Miang was just..."

"You're limited in your ability to understand...
Miang's factor exists within all women.
The one who transcends the generations, the caretaker of humans.
When the previous one dies, somewhere another Miang is awakened.
It is programmed into all women's DNA to be that way.
Who inherits the duty is just a matter of probability, Fei.
That Miang over there and I are the same existence. We are all parts of Deus... All caretakers of humans."

[Scene cut to in front of the crucifix behind Rico.]

"Let us end this discussion now. Deus has awakened.
I am one of the parts that composes Deus. Hence, I must become one with it."

"Elly! Why did it have to be you?
If Miang is a part for Deus, why did it not happen earlier...?"

"It's still not enough for her just to have awakened.
Although she may be Miang, she still isn't the 'true Miang'."

[Citan turns towards Krelian.]

"The 'true Miang'...?"

"Let's go, Krelian.
All that is left to do is to vanquish this planet's civilization and return it to how it was.
Then I can complete my unification with the final fragment of Deus... the 'Zohar Modifier'...
The power reactor that fell upon this planet and became our genesis, and now, our apocalypse..."

"The eradication of civilization!?
What is the purpose of doing that!?"

"Who knows...? The creations of god will someday be a hindrance.
That is why they must be eliminated. I am just programmed to act in this way..."

[Krelian walks around to behind the crucifix platform and turns towards Elly.]

It is time for the awakening of the true 'mother'."

[Elly jumps off the platform towards Krelian. Camera pan up. She walks up to in front of Krelian on his side and turns back to the group.]

"Please... wait... Elly...!"

"Farewell... Fei. May you have a peaceful 'awakening'..."

[Camera pan up slowly from the group. Elly turns. She and Krelian walk towards the organism. Scene fade. Stop music.]

[Begin music: "Omen"]

[Scene opens behind the three Omnigears, now with their pilots in them again. The entire area begins to shudder. The tubes are released from the organism and it plunges into the pool slightly deeper. Scene cut to above the organism on the front and the side. The crucifix platform can be made out. Pan in closer. The organism sinks underneath the green liquid in the pool. Scene cut to behind the organism as it disappears. The Gears are seen on the opposite side.]


[Weltall-2 jumps into the pool after the organism! The black, blue and green flashes begin again and a low rumble develops.]

"Wait!! Fei!
Do not release the system!!"

"Citan, wait!!
We are only endangering ourselves! Let's get outta here for now!!"

[Flash black. Scene change. Stop music.]

FMV 22: The Resurrection
[Above a plain, the ground rumbles. The Merkava slowly rises above a mountain range in the distance. Fade to white. Scene fade.]
[----END FMV 22----]

FMV 23: The Cleansing
[A white red-hot beam is fired from the center of the Merkava onto the earth and the resulting fire begins to spread out on the ground below. The beam continues and rotates around in a 360 degree fashion, covering everything below in a blanket of destruction. Scene fade.]
[----END FMV 23----]

 Chapter 55: Promised Land


Chapter 57: Dreams


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