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Xenogears: The Complete Script

Part 25
Chapter 58: Fallen Star

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[Begin music: "The One Who is Torn Apart"]

[Scene fade in on the nebulous.]

He broke through his carbonite encasing...
'Id'... Fei took his Gear Weltall and went in search of Zohar.
We followed Fei's trail.
Eventually, we arrived at the location where Zohar had fallen to earth... so very long ago...
Nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to see there...

[Citan fades out of the chair. Scene fade.]

[Set party to Citan/Bart/Billy]

[Stop music.]

[Scene fade in on the glacier Lacan was walking up 500 years ago. Fenrir, Andvari and Renmazuo are on it. Camera behind the group as they walk up the glacier. They stop.]

"What is that...?"

[Camera pan up to reveal the large hole from before. The Gears walk towards it. They stop at the edge. Camera pan around to in front of the side of Fenrir.]

"This must be the place..."

[Scene change.]


[Scene opens in a blue background. Fei is following the Id kid and another image of Fei. Camera behind Fei. The pendant swings in the background.]

[Begin music: "The One Who is Torn Apart"]

[The present Fei runs towards the other two.]

Wait for me!

[A light flash, and Fei is blocked off from Id and the other Fei by a slightly black barrier that can just barely be seen. The pendant disappears.]

This is as far as you can come.

[The Id kid turns around to Fei.]

From here on is my world. You can't enter.

What do you mean?

You're a subordinate, fake persona... that's why.

A subordinate fake persona?

Yes... He has part of my memories from back then...
He has sealed away the very meaning of my existence...
my drive... my motivation... my subconscious -Id-.
Because of that, I became a basic, blank persona.
And on top of that, I constructed a new persona based on my experiences since then...
That is what you are now!

Him? You mean father?

You call him father?
He who never did anything for you?

[The Id kid turns towards the side.]

It was because of his cowardly behavior...
If only he had been able to protect me...

[The Id kid turns back to Fei.]

If he had done that... mother wouldn't have died...

[Fei moves a step towards the Id kid quickly and shakes his head.]

Didn't my mother die right after I was born?
What really happened to my mother? Tell me, Id!

You don't need to know. You'll only disappear soon.
Along with your basic persona, the 'coward'.
I'll rule my being through the power of the Existence.


[Camera rotate around to behind the Id kid, panning a wide circle.]

Of course you don't know. But it is etched in my metempsychotic memory.
Your persona is fake, so you'll never stand on the 'stage' of consciousness.
You'll never be able to take charge of the memories from our past lives.

[Fei extends his hands urgently towards the Id kid.]

I know the dreams and hallucinations! I've seen them many times!

[Fei stops.]

Them... I showed them to you on purpose.
To break the seal, I chose to weaken the power of your existence.
If your mental energy is weakened, I can become free to do as I wish.


There are still things inside you which you haven't been shown yet...

[A sound like a Gear landing is heard. The Id kid turns halfway towards camera.]


[The Id kid turns back to Fei.]

Someone's coming! It's probably your friends. They must have followed me.

[The Id kid turns around and walks towards the direction he previously faced. Fei moves up a step quickly.]

Where are you going?

I came to reestablish contact with the Existence.
To tie together all the threads of your memories since ancient times... and then cut them off...
That is the fate of the Contact... All is ready. It's time for the true awakening!
I will eliminate all those who were full of hypocrisy from the very beginning.

[The Id kid and the image of Fei begin to fly up and out to the right. Fei moves up a step quick and looks up at them.]

Wait! Wait for me, Id!

[Scene flash black immediately. Stop music.]

You just stay here and observe!


[Scene opens in a large green glowing ice cavern. Fenrir, Andvari and Renmazuo descend from the ceiling. Snow descends from the ceiling. Pan with them as they land. The group begins walking and then stops after a couple of steps towards the right.]

"W, what is this...?"

[Scene change.]

[Scene opens above a strange pillar shaped structure with red rock sticking out of it. Fenrir stands in front of it. Camera above and behind the structure.]


[Heartbeat sound. Scene fade/switch. Everytime there is a heartbeat sound here, the center of the structure pulsates. Scene fade in behind Fenrir. Heartbeat sound. Scene fade/switch. Scene fade in on the top rear of the structure revealing some wing-shaped outcroppings. Heartbeat sound. Scene fade/switch. Scene fade in on the left side of the midsection of the structure where a transparent orb with orange liquid flowing through it is seen. Something is in the orb, but it is hard to make out. Heartbeat sound. Scene fade/switch. Scene fade in above the structure on the side. Heartbeat sound. Scene fade/switch. Scene fade in in front of the whole structure directly. The stone covering appears to be in the shape of a Gear. Heartbeat sound. Scene fade/switch. Looking in closer at the center of the statue, underneath the red transparency it appears a Gear is sitting with its arms on its knees. Heartbeat sound. Scene fade/switch. Scene fade in in front of the large orb in the center below the Gear, which only takes up about half of the center "orb". Decrease duration between switches. Heartbeat sound. Scene fade/switch. The scene fades out and Fei fades in on black for half a second, then he fades out and the scene fades back in. Heartbeat sound. Scene fade/switch. Scene fade in behind Fenrir.]

"Fei!? This must mean this is Weltall's transformed appearance!?"

[The orb pulsates with another heartbeat sound. Camera pan and rotate to the right. The orb pulsates, every time making a heartbeat sound. Rotate up and to the right of the structure. The pulsating begins to speed up. Scene cut to the top left front side of the structure. Scene cut to the top right front of the structure. Scene cut to above the structure and pan down it as the pulsating picks up speed. Scene cut to a distance shot, then fade/switch to a further distance shot of the structure.]

[Begin music: "The Wounded Shall Advance into the Light"]

[The orb shatters and slowly reveals a large red Gear. Scene cut to the floor as a volcanic eruption shoots out of the floor. Scene cut to another section and pan right quickly, as more fiery rifts in the floor open. Scene cut to another rift opening. Scene cut to another side of the floor. More fire shoots out of the floor. Scene cut to another part of the floor. The ground trembles. The ground then bursts and shoots forth flame into the air. A rectangular red object moves out of the floor with an eye in it, very similar to the design inside the Anima Relics. Camera pan in closer as the red Gear lands slowly on top of it. Stop music.]

[Begin music: "Knight of Fire"]

[----Battle mode----]

[Battle: Fenrir/Andvari/Renmazuo vs. Id]

[After some lethal barrages between Id and Fenrir's group, Wiseman's Gear jumps down in front of Fenrir's group! Scene cut to in front of Wiseman's Gear and pan back to behind Id's Gear.]

"Are you okay?"


[Camera rotate around to behind Wiseman's Gear on the side looking out at Id's Gear.]

"It's already too late!
Assist me! For I am about to... exterminate Id."


[Scene cut to in front of the strange rectangular object, which is the Zohar Modifier. Camera rotate and pan up to in front of the side of Id's Gear.]

"Zohar is Deus' core.
The slave generators and Ether... it's the source of all their energy.
After attaining its power, the freshly awakened Id intends to annihilate this world!
The contact with Zohar was meant to have been done after unifying Fei's true personality!"

[Camera rotate to behind Id's Gear. It moves up to Wiseman's Gear.]

"Hah!? Keep back!"

[Scene cut to in front of Id's Gear on the side.]

"Hmm, you again? You are always getting in my way.
But I cannot be stopped by you. You who couldn't even protect his own wife and son!
You cannot even bear to show your face to your son.
That's why you wear a mask, isn't it... Khan!?!"


[Camera rotate in close to the head of Wiseman's Gear.]


[Camera pan down, rotate down and pan back up and away from Wiseman's Gear several feet.]

"That's right!
This man is Fei's... no, I mean, my father, Khan Wong!!"

[Wiseman's Gear slumps from the waist up and droops its arms. Scene fade.]

[----End battle mode----]

[Scene opens in front of Wiseman's Gear. Pan in closer. Scene fade/switch. Scene fade in on the cockpit. Wiseman has been replaced with the martial artist from Fei's dream (see Chapter 7, FMVS 9 and 10). Otherwise known as Khan!]

"What happened to Fei... Id!?"

[Scene cut to behind Khan's seat looking out at Id's Gear.]

"Too bad. The new personality of Fei that you gave birth to...
... and all that work that your persona did to make him one, perfect, unified whole has been wasted.
He will be swallowed up by me!"

"I won't permit it! I will destroy you first!"

"As if you could... sissy! Mother died because of your cowardly behavior.
And as a result, he ran away from that reality by entering into his memories!
And now I continue my existence bearing all that hatred.
You wouldn't be able to imagine what it's like!"

[Scene fade/switch.]

[Scene fade in above Khan's Gear. Pan down to the left to behind it on the side.]

"I wasn't simply working to unify Fei's personality, you know!?
All that you and I feel... the sadness, the hatred... Even though he also experienced such things...
Fei needed to be encouraged to build himself up in order to be able to comprehend all of this.
Fei should be able to understand all of your feelings now!
But now you want to erase the one who understands you... to kill Fei! What is it that you want?"

"Why ask me such a thing now?
My purpose is the same as his... total destruction! That and that alone!"

"Is this world so bad a place... that there is only hatred inside of you?"

[Id's Gear flies up in front of Khan's Gear.]

"You're the ones who made me this way... You and that woman! Admit it!"

[Id begins firing noisy Ether beams at Khan's Gear one after another. Khan's Gear moves into a defensive mode. Camera pan to the side behind Khan's Gear. Fenrir, Andvari, Renmazuo and the Zohar Modifier are seen in the background.]

"Argh...! Fei...!! Can you hear me?
Please take this fist full of memories I am giving you...
Become one... with yourself... and with me!"

[Khan's Gear rears back and charges towards Id's Gear offscreen. Camera pan up to above Fenrir's group at a distance.]

"Fei!! Where did the real you go?
Remember! Were you not going to help Elly?"

[Camera pan up and away. Scene fade. Stop music.]


[Scene opens in blue. Fei is floating horizontally as if he's in water, bobbing around from side to side. A purple background is seen on top of the blue one when Fei floats in that direction.]

[Begin music: "The One Who is Torn Apart"]

Yes... This is inside Id.
A world filled with hatred and sadness.
That's all that's here... Yes... Now I understand, Id.
Why you hate the world.
Why there is nothing inside you... Nothing...
Nothing was given to you... Deprived of... all the happy memories...
And yet... It feels pleasant... It almost feels good...
Now I get it...! There's no need to resist.
I was originally just an existence that was created as a cover to hide Id.
So it would be better to return to that place...
Let's come together...
To wipe away everything... Including ourselves...

[A soft high-pitched hum is heard. A teal light envelopes the scene.]

Remember! Were you not going to help Elly?

[The teal light fades quickly.]

Elly? That's right...! Elly...!

[Fei quits bobbing and rights himself. The purple portion of the scene disappears.]

I've got to save Elly!

[Scene change. Stop music.]

[Scene opens in a dark room with the film of the kid kicking a ball around with the woman (see Chapter 17). The woman is now revealed to be Karen. The kid version of Fei sits underneath the screen staring at it. Fei stands in the foreground. Camera behind Fei.]

What's this place...?

[Fei walks up closer. Camera pan around to behind the small kid on the side with Fei in the foreground. When the voice is heard, Fei turns towards camera.]

... What's he done now!? He only called you in here for his own sake...

[The Id kid walks up to Fei. Camera pan down to behind the side of the Id kid.]

This is inside the shell of your basic character, the room of the 'coward'.
I'm sure you've been here many times before.

[Fei turns towards the screen and takes a step in that direction.]

I see... I remember now... In my dreams...

[The Id kid walks up to just behind Fei on the side. Camera rotate to behind Fei on the side.]

Everything despised and unwanted he pushed onto me, while he shut himself up in his own little shell... the 'coward' Fei.
The basis for our personalities.

[The small kid, who now appears to be holographic, stands up. The "coward" turns towards Fei and the Id kid. Everytime the "coward" appears in the black screen with the other two, he is holographic.]

[EDITOR'S NOTE: We shall now refer to the small Fei as the coward during the personality meetings. (What a concept, huh? :P)]

Who are you? ... Ah, you're my...

[The coward turns back towards the screen.]

Hey... let's watch this together! This is my most treasured possession...

Hah...! By repeatedly replaying the times he was full of happiness, he lives in his own happy little world.

[The Id kid walks away. Camera rotate to behind Fei on the side as he turns towards the Id kid.]

While I'm still alive only because of what's in those left over dregs.

[The Id kid turns to Fei. Camera pan up and away.]

Here! I'll show you... 'everything' about me.

FMV 25: Countdown
[The film sound continues. A screen counts down from 10 to 2 and stops.]
[----END FMV 25----]

[Begin music: "The One Who is Torn Apart"]

[Black screen.]

Our's was an ordinary family.

[Scene opens in a small house. A Young Fei sits at the table. The door opens and a younger Khan shows up. Fei jumps off the table and runs to him, jumping excitedly.]

A strict but reliable father.

[A younger Karen walks in from the side. Fei runs over to her and jumps some more.]

A kind and loving mother.

[Karen and young Fei run back towards Khan. Scene fade. Black screen.]

Up till then, it was complete happiness.
But one day...

[Karen and young Fei fade in on the black screen. From here on, whenever Karen appears on the black screen she is illuminated in a brownish light.]

Mother suddenly changed.

[Young Fei runs towards Karen but a pendant sound is heard and he stops immediately. Karen doesn't respond but turns slowly towards young Fei. Young Fei backs away confused. The camera rotates around Fei like a clock to his side. Scene fade.]

She was like a totally different person.
From that day on... 'Fei' lost his home.

[A door fades in on the black screen. Khan walks up to the door and walks through it. Young Fei runs up behind him as he walks throught he door. Fei stops at the door after Khan has left.]

Father was away often.
He had some important work.

[Fei turns around and begins to back up slowly towards the door as Karen walks towards him. Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on a laboratory with a table. Karen walks in with Fei.]

When father was away from home, 'Fei' was taken to a place with mysterious machines.

[Scene fade/switch to a side view of the laboratory as Karen walks in alone. An Executioner uniformed guard is stationed there. Karen walks to the far end and turns to the window.]

Inside there were many strangely dressed people.

[Scene fade/switch to in front of Karen at the window. Pan back to above Fei who is strapped to the operating table, on the opposite side of the table. An examining light partially obstructs the view.]

Many types of probes were injected into 'Fei's' body, as the start to some kind of experiments.
The tests caused Fei much pain.

Mom, help me!

[Scene fade to white immediately. Fade in above the operating table on a corner facing Fei.]

What are you doing!?

[Scene fade to white immediately. Fade in at the window in front of Karen. She doesn't move.]


[Scene fade to white immediately. Scene fade in above the lights on the operating table. The view of Fei is completely obstructed.]


[Scene fade to white immediately. Fade in on Karen's side. Camera pan to the right to the head of the examining table again.]

Mother didn't come to his assistance.
Young 'Fei' had no way of resisting.
But he was able to endure.

[Scene fade. Black screen.]

Eventually, the experiments became unbearable.

[Scene fade in on the laboratory. Three Battlers stand in the room at the end of the operating table. Karen is not in the window.]

Many people gathered around 'Fei'.
These people had a high compatibility with the Anima Relics.
This psychic contact with Fei was to force him to awaken.

[The Battlers flicker and fade out.]

But no one could make contact with 'Fei'.
The power drawn out of 'Fei', regardless of his will, destroyed them all.

[Darken scene.]

This is unbelievable! Mother allowed this to take place...?
Psychic contact? What do you mean by 'awaken' me?

[Darken scene deeper.]

To awaken god, everything had to be in perfect order, with nothing lacking...
Things divided in the past must become one complete whole again...

[Scene fade back in. A conglomeration of people have shown up where the Battlers were previously.]

Countless people died before Fei's eyes.

[All of the people flicker and fade out.]

Men, women, the old, the young, even demi-humans...
Suffering, grief, fear, ecstasy... A variety of emotions and words lingered...
And tumbled about Fei like broken dolls...

[Scene fade.]

It was a scene... from hell!

[Scene opens in young Fei's house. Karen and Kahn are facing each other at one end of the table. Young Fei stands on the other side of the room looking at them. Camera behind the table on the opposite side.]

In front of father, she acted normally.

[Kahn walks to the door. Young Fei runs up to him.]

When Fei tried to tell father about mother's strange conduct and the experiments, father's mind was taken up by his work and he didn't really listen.

[Khan laughs heartily. He walks out the door. Young Fei looks after him.]

He thought it was just childhood fantasies.

[Camera pan in towards the door. Young Fei turns towards Karen. Scene fade. Black screen.]

But he didn't have to endure the pain much longer...

[Young Fei fades in sitting on the black screen, facing camera.]

'Fei's' subconscious discovered a way to escape from the trauma.

[Camera rotate around Young Fei to the side. The Id kid appears and moves out of the Young Fei, facing him from behind.]

He formed a separate persona to deal with things he didn't like or couldn't bear.

[White flash. Rotate to behind the Id kid as Young Fei moves off the screen in front of him.]

He removed himself from out of harm's way.
My role was to have all the things he hated forced upon me, the moment they arose.

[The Id kid illuminates red and turns slowly towards camera on the right side. Camera pan in closer.]

From the time of my division from him, I was dominated by hatred.
That hatred naturally turned into destructive impulses.

[The Id kid fades out. Black screen.]

I wanted to destroy everything.
Mother, father, the entire world...

[Young Fei fades in on the black screen. The screen is darkened. Karen and Kahn also fade in facing Young Fei. A light shadow envelopes Karen. Khan turns towards Karen.]

Finally, father noticed mother's odd behavior, but it was already too late.
I had completely separated from that coward... my original self.

[Camera pan down to the Id kid and Fei on the black screen. Camera behind Fei.]

The puppets were broken... and...
'Fei's heart was too...

[Lighten scene.]

What would make mother do such a thing...?

Mother repeated the experiments to study the power she knew existed within me.
Yes, that woman... mother, was Miang.

That's a lie!

No, it's true.

[A loud sound and Fei and the Id kid disappear. Black screen.]

Mother was Miang.

[Scene change.]

[Scene opens in the cavern on the front side of Khan's Gear. Pan to the right to see Fenrir's group.]

"That's right... Karen had become Miang."

"What is that you say?"

"It's nothing special. Miang does not have only one host body.
Miang's roots are sealed in the genes of all women. Any one of them could become Miang."

[Camera rotate to behind Khan's Gear on the side looking out at Id's Gear.]

"It just happened to be mother's turn.
Only Elly was 'special' originally!!"

[Id's Gear fires another attack on Khan's Gear. Khan's Gear backs up with an evasive move.]


[Khan's Gear counterattacks. Id's Gear fires a few more Ether shots and Khan's Gear retreats. Camera pan to the side of Khan's Gear with Citan's group in the background as well as the Zohar Modifier.]

"Karen, -Miang-, noticed that Fei's memory time axis had increased 2 or 3 fold.
She then became convinced that Fei was the 'Contact'!"


[Darken scene. The Id kid speaks from offscreen.]

... Yes, I was the Contact. That's why HE called out to me...
And why the time had come...

[Scene change.]

[Scene opens on the lawn in front of Young Fei's house. Khan is kneeling in the foreground. An ominous figure stands before him. It's (guess who) Grahf. Young Fei and Karen stand near the house on the front side looking on. Camera pan back to above the scene.]

Stop it! Cut it out!
Dad! Dad!

[Young Fei turns to Karen and starts pushing at her.]

Mom! Help dad!
Hey, mom! Why aren't you helping dad?
Dad... Dad's gonna die!

[Camera pan down to above the side of Grahf close up.]

Grahf came seeking the power that exists within me.
To return to his own body.
You understand now, don't you...? Grahf is... Lacan.

[An image of Lacan moves out of Grahf and moves slowly to his front side.]

We, his descendants, who inherited his lingering thoughts and memories from him, know only too well...
Divided 500 years ago... He would become a part of us both...
Lacan became Grahf. He destroyed everything on the face of the earth.
He then mastered how to possess the bodies of others by dwelling in their minds.
He was probably enabled to do this after his contact with the 'Existence'.
The bodies died but Lacan's spirit continued living by possessing others.
He had come that day to return his soul, at last, to the perfect reincarnation of his physical body...
The body of 'Fei'.

[Camera pan down revealing that the scene is a still. Pan down to reveal the Id kid and Fei. Camera behind Fei. The scene is darkened.]

Father... fought him.
But he couldn't protect mother or I.
He pitifully fought on while coughing up his life blood.
Grahf made a mockery of father, and mother would not even help him when he needed her the most.
As for their son... 'He' couldn't take what was happening any more...

FMV 26: Flashing Back
[In a gray shot, Young Fei releases Ether power, blowing up the house. As he does, Karen raises her hands. Some groans of pain are heard from Khan as he and Grahf are knocked back by the Ether. More Ether power is released in yellow and one bolt in red. Grahf gets knocked flat. Karen looks on with her hands at her sides, her expression unchanging. The FMV is cut off here.]
[----CUT FMV 26----]

[Black screen.]

He gave into his feelings and released his power. And as a result...

[The pendant sound is heard. The pendant fades in silent and still, lying on the black screen.]

... Mother died.

[Camera pan up and to the left towards Young Fei kneeling on the black screen, trembling.]


[Camera pan up to the shuddering "Coward" as Fei and the Id kid look on. Camera on the side of Fei.]

And 'he', off-loaded the results of his actions onto me.
To avoid taking the responsibility for killing mother, he used me as a shield.

[All of the personalities turn red. Fei and the Id kid turn to each other. Pan towards the Id kid as they fade out slowly.]

"I also killed mother."

[Scene cuts in to a still of the young Fei with blood on his face in shock. Pan back slowly as the Id kid and Fei face each other. Pan to the right to reveal another screen on the other side of the "room" with the coward sitting there watching the FMV of Young Fei playing ball with Karen.]

He pushed all the bad things onto me... but kept all the memories filled with happiness and mother's love to himself.
And he shut himself away with those memories inside his own little shell... forever. This is the place.
What you see before you, is what he made. He just keeps hanging on to those memories.

[Camera pan in closer to behind Fei on the side.]

That's what this is...

[Fei looks at both sides of the room twice and then walks towards the Id kid and shakes his head.]

Stop it! Just stop it! This... These scenes...
Are these all there is to us?

[Fei looks down.]

Enough already! There is nothing here! Just a world filled with deception and pain...

[Camera pan towards the Id kid. Scene fade. The projector is still heard.]

It can't be helped. This is our world... This is 'everything'...

[Stop sounds.]

[Scene opens in the cavern behind Khan's Gear. Pan to the left and rotate to behind Khan's Gear on the side.]

"I was a fool. It was all my fault.
I was so busy with my duties in Shevat that I didn't notice Karen had changed.
I couldn't save you when you needed my help."

"Save me? ... Hah! Why bother saying such nonsense now?
It's not going to change anything!
The only thing you can do now is die by my hand!"

[Id's Gear charges and thrusts a fist into Khan's Gear directly. Khan's Gear doubles over the fist. Rotate to the side of the Gears with the other three in the background.]

Even still... I'll show... you... that I can... save you...!"

[Camera pan back and far away over the range to black screen where the three personas of Fei are placed on it. The coward sits looking away. Fei takes a step towards the scene. The Id kid stands behind him.]


[Fei turns to the Id kid.]

Stop it! Id! Father has done nothing wrong!

[The Id kid turns to the coward.]

I know. This one is the real culprit.
Mother and father had no choice.

[Both of them turn towards the coward and then Fei turns back away from camera. Stop music. Scene change.]


[Scene opens in front of Young Fei's house. Normal Fei stands in front of it. A ball comes rolling out and hits Fei, stopping it. The coward runs out after it. Fei turns to see the coward, who is not holographic in this scene.]

Thanks. Pass it back to me. I'm playing with mother.

[Fei turns towards the house. Camera pan down and rotate to look up at the house. Camera behind Fei.]

This is not... reality!!

[As Fei speaks the next batch of lines, the camera moves in and out quickly with flashes of white towards and away from the house from different directions as he spouts each line.]

It's all lies!
It's all fake!
It's all a trick!!
All of it! All of it! All of it...!

[Scene fade.]

[Black screen. Fei and the coward appear. The coward is holographic again, and he runs towards Fei and starts pushing at him. Camera behind Fei on the side.]

No! Get out!
This is my room!
I thought you would always be with me!

[Fei shakes his head. Camera pan back to reveal the Id kid watching the goings on.]

Why won't you see reality?
Happiness... Sadness... Aren't these all parts that combined to make the whole?
Why won't you show him? Why don't you also show Id what you always watch!

[The coward stops pushing and turns away from Fei.]

No! That's mine!
I don't want to show it to the person who killed mother!!

You should talk. You're the one who killed mother!

[The coward turns to the Id kid.]

No I didn't, you did! I did not kill her!
Mother didn't care for you... Father didn't notice either...
That's why you killed her!
I didn't kill her! I didn't! I didn't...!

[Fei moves towards the coward. Pan in closer and rotate to Fei's side. The coward turns to Fei.]

Knock it off!!

[Fei looks down and then up again. He shakes his head.]

... 'We' killed mother. It's no one's fault but ours.
It's not because she became Miang or because father didn't notice.
Don't look outside for the reason. Don't blame anyone but yourself.
Yes, mother was Miang, and I know that you suffered. No one could have endured it.
But you can't push it onto Id alone.
We are all one person. We must all become one. Right? Fei...

[A still opens behind the coward. Camera rotate to face the still. The still replays FMV 25. Start projection sound again.]

Walk on your own two feet! Face up to the reality that you don't want to see!
Show them to Id. Everything you took for yourself...

[Restart FMV 26.]
[Back-half description of FMV 26: Young Fei looks on helplessly. All of a sudden Karen's face changes and fades in and out several times and her expression becomes much more worried. The red ether beam is headed directly for Fei. Fei looks up in shock and then looks down wincing, preparing to absorb the blow. But Karen jumps and takes the blow for Fei. Fei doesn't realize this, because he's looking down. Karen screams in pain. Karen's blood squirts onto his face. Fei looks up in disbelief. The Pendant of Nisan falls from Karen's neck as she falls to the ground at Fei's feet. She opens her eyes and looks at Fei like a normal mother would look at her child. Fei is stunned and unable to move. The sky becomes blue. The Miang factor is gone. She looks at him with compassion and then collapses on his shoulder and closes her eyes. The pendant falls at Fei's feet. Scene fade.]
[----END FMV 26----]

[Begin music: "The One Who is Torn Apart"]

[Scene opens on a still of Karen with her normal "Miang-less" look at the end of the FMV. The projection sound continues. Fei stands in front of it. So does the Id kid. Camera pan back to behind the Id kid. The coward is looking at the still behind Fei.]

Lies! That woman... This scene... All illusions he made up!
I, my consciousness, can see through this trick. I won't be swayed!
I...! I...!

[Fei walks towards the Id kid and stops several feet in front of him.]

Id... that's enough! Doing that isn't going to solve anything.
Mother saved us at the last moment. That is the truth. Right?
The reality isn't all grim, Id...

[Camera pan back to behind and above the Id kid on the side at a distance.]

My power... couldn't save anyone. It only destroyed.
I thought that I could only make a connection with others through destruction.
So I had to destroy it all. People... The world... Even Elly...

[Fei shakes his head.]

No... That's not the case.
We can save others just as our mother, despite being Miang, saved us.
Our power... can save people... We can save Elly!

[The Id kid turns to the still and walks towards it a step. Camera pan back further a few feet and pan down.]

... That's a first. Mother being so warm...
To me... she almost seems... too warm...

[The Id kid walks back towards Fei. The coward turns to Fei as well. Camera pan in close to Fei's side.]

Fei. Take the memories I have within me. You must know what it used to be like up until now.
Know our identity... about who we are. Then figure out what ought to be done.
Our integration is not yet complete.

[Scene fade to white. Stop music.]


[Scene fade in on a plain. It is raining. Pan to the side to reveal a caravan of people holding a large throne. Emperor Cain sits on top of it. Pan around the throne to the front of the right side as the caravan moves on. Three light balls appear from the throne. A woman who looks exactly like Elly is running in slow motion away from the caravan as the camera pans away. A lightning ball is released from Cain between the other three lightning balls. The throne crackles with electricity. As the camera pans back another Fei look-alike, but wearing a white robe instead of the usual clothing, is running with "Elly." The lightning ball turns into a comet and heads towards the fleeing duo. It passes through Elly and she reacts. The Fei look-alike runs towards "Elly."]


[Elly crashes to the ground in a heap.]

[Begin music: "Distant Promise"]

[Camera pan in closer. Elly gets up from the waist as her friend kneels by her.]

Abel...! Live...!

[Blood begins to flow freely from Elly. Abel looks down. Scene fade to white.]

[Scene fade in on a circular chamber with Emeralda nude in the test tube. All of the other scenes in this part are tilted. Scene cut to the doorway. Another Fei look-alike in a lab coat has his hands on the window. Outside, another Elly falls down on the floor and turns towards the Fei character from the waist up. This one is in civilian clothing. This is the same scene that was played earlier in Zeboim (see Chapter 34).]

... I just can't... hand our child...... over... to you...

[Scene cut to the opposite side of the hallway to reveal six soldiers with their guns trained. Scene cut to behind Emeralda in the test tube. Scene cut to behind Elly as she looks on. The entire area begins to shake.]

... Live...!

[Scene fade.]

[Scene fade to white.]

[Scene fade in on the room of Sophia. Sophia sits in the chair as Lacan paints her portrait. Camera behind Sophia on the side. Scene fade to white.]

[Scene fade in on the smoking hull of Sophia's ship as she pilots on her kamikaze attack. Camera behind Sophia's seat on the side at a short distance.]

"Lacan! Live!"

[Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on the barren aftermath of Sophia's sacrifice. Camera behind Lacan at a short distance. Krelian stands above everyone else looking in the other direction.]

If god doesn't exist in our world, then... I will create god with my own hands!

[Scene fade to white. Scene fade. Black screen.]

"... What... is... this... place...? ... My execution site...?"

[A red figure who resembles Id is just barely seen being made out sitting with his hands in his face. Scene fade.]

[Scene fade in on the barren aftermath grounds again. Camera away from the group looking at the people on the ground. Krelian and Lacan are both gone.]

"... Why do you turn on me? I thought we were friends!"

[Scene fade/switch.]

[Scene fade in on top of a large Gear above the aftermath grounds.]

"Who... is it...?"

[Scene fade/switch. Scene fade in on the aftermath grounds. No one is there now. Pan and rotate to the right. Stop panning.]

"Did I... cause this...? What has happened to me...?
What... have... I... become...?"

[The screen fades to white with a high-pitched sound.]

... Live!

[Scene fade immediately. Scene fade back in on the far mountain range. Scene fade in under a huge Gear... Grahf's Gear. A person exactly like Id is seen standing there.]

"... I will live...!"

[Scene fade/switch to in front of the Gear behind Id/Lacan on the side. "Id" fades out and Grahf fades in in his place. Grahf turns towards camera.]

"Even if I go to hell, I will live till the end of this world.
And if the world does not come to an end... I will destroy it with my own hands!"

[Stop music. Scene fade to white. Pan back away from the scene. A powerup sound is heard. Scene fade.]


[Scene opens on a greenish watery floor. A high-pitched sound is heard eminating, like a memory cube. Something causes a shimmer just off screen.]

... Fei... Fei...

[Camera pan back to reveal Fei standing on the floor. He looks to his right, his left and then towards the object.]

Who is it? Who's calling me...?

[Camera pan down and rotate up to reveal the source of the shimmering: a large yellow and white glowing object floating above the floor. It is speaking. Everytime it begins speaking, a high-pitched memory cube sound is heard.]

I... am... Har...

What is this light...?

I... I reside in Zohar. I am the beginning and the end. The first and the last.

[Camera rotate around Fei to side view slowly as he looks up at the object of Har. Keep rotating behind Har. Camera rotate around both Fei and Har slowly throughout scene.]

... God?

God... Some would refer to me as that. From a certain point of view, it is right to view me as such. But at the same time, I am not. I... am also a part of you.

A part of me?

I am defined by how people observe me. You are actually talking to a virtual version of me that you yourself create... I am 'your perception' of me.

[Fei looks down and shakes his head. Then he looks up again.]

I don't understand what you are talking about. Who, or what, are you?

In one word...... EXISTENCE.


In actuality, I do not have a physical form. I am an 'Existence' of a higher dimension. A place you cannot perceive... But in terms you understand, it is a world where everything acts as kinds of waves...
It is the source of this four-dimensional universe... The place where time and space is controlled... The fluctuating void... The 'Wave Existence'.

What does such an 'Existence'... have to do with me...?

Long ago, a 'modifier', or a pseudo-perpetual, infinite-energy engine was created. That engine was named 'Zohar'.
That reactor was created by an ancient people from another planet to attain what is considered to be the ultimate energy possible within this four-dimensional universe.
Eventually, those people used that same engine to create the ultimate inter-planetary invasion weapon, 'Deus'... Zohar was used as its primary source of power.
But the unexpected happened... During the connection tests of Zohar with the newly completed Deus, the engine started to examine infinite potential phenomena...
Requiring energy, the engine connected this dimension to the higher dimensional space. As a result, that reactor 'merged' or 'synchronized' with the wave existence in that higher dimension... ME.
I 'descended' from the point of contact created by the machine through the 'Path of Sephirot', or the domain you are in right now, and incarnated in the four-dimensional world.
After I 'advented' to the four-dimensional world, in order to stabilize myself here, I had to exchange, or materialize, my form and enter into the 'modifier' engine...
In other words, I became bound in 'Zohar'... the 'cage of fleshly existence'.
Since the time I was bound in Zohar, I have always wanted to return to my own dimension... And I came to a conclusion.
I had to reverse the process I went through to arrive here. I must be released by the one who instilled within me a special feature of this dimension - the 'will'... That one is you.

Decided it was me? A special feature??

Yes. I was given a special attribute of a human by you, the Contact, when you observed me... I was given... a mother's will.

A mother's will?

I'm sure you remember. After my descent, you had contact with the modifier engine, 'Zohar'.

FMV 27: Contact
[A young Fei look-alike stands in a huge chamber. Scene flash to a shot of the Zohar Modifier opening up and releasing energy. Scene flash to the eye of the modifier. Scene flash to inside the eye and a shot of Har trapped in a device inside the eye. Scene flash to a test tube nearby where inside a test tube, a nude figure of Elly is in suspended animation.]
[----END FMV 27----]

[Scene fade back in on the watery green area above Har. Pan down to behind Har on the side with Fei still looking up.]


[Camera pan down a short distance more.]

As a contact, being but only a child, you defined my existence with your desire to return to your mother. Thus I came to prepare the mother's will... That will is Elhaym.

Elly's disposition was influenced by me?

Yes. My will was incarnated through a bio-computer which was vital for Deus. After combining with me, the bio-computer evolved its functions, and that bio-plant generated a central element. That is her.
I was split by your contact. My physical form or flesh stayed in Zohar, while my will went into Elhaym and my power went into you. That's why I waited to unite with you. And now, it is fulfilled.
My only remaining desire is to break this 'cage of fleshly existence'... In order to do that, I must become perfect by combining with Elhaym, as well as my other split physical form, 'Deus'.
The only way to return to my original dimension is to destroy this physical body. In the four-dimensional world, Zohar is perfect, so in order to destroy Zohar I need the strength that was attributed to you...
Zohar can only be destroyed by the hands of the 'Contact'.

[Camera pan back and away slowly to a long distance. Har floats in the center of the room when the camera stops.]

What about Elly? If Zohar is destroyed, what will become of Elly!?

[Scene cut in slightly closer.]

Zohar and Deus are one. She is bound to the system by another's will to become one with me. In order to release her, it is necessary to destroy that very system that serves as the Deus weapon...
However, having been created as a weapon, the Deus system seeks to unify itself with all of you for a different purpose than that of mine.
Originally, her release should have been performed by me, the one who desires to retun back to the higher dimension... But, I am also bound to the system just as she is, so I am unable to participate.
You are the only one who can release her from the spell. Just as Deus and I are inseparable, you and her are also inseparable.

... Alright. I'll destroy Deus and the Zohar modifier. And I'll save Elly.

You have experienced much loss and deprivation in your life. It is very tragic.
Our contact, and the resulting transference of power and will between you and I, most likely played a factor in splitting your personality.

I disagree. I can't blame anything or anyone besides myself.
Regardless of what may have happened in the past, with the passing of time the cause becomes more remote.
It is a problem that comes from within myself, that I myself must deal with...

[Camera pan in closer to Har and move over to above Fei on the side.]

I see... You have managed to accept those tragedies, to tolerate all things, to comprehend and find where you stand in this world.
If you have succeeded to do all these things, I am sure you will succeed in what awaits you now.

[Har begins glowing and sounding on a constant basis.]

To liberate all of us... Use... the... Xe... no... gears... des... troy... Zohar...

[Har begins to disintegrate from sight. Fei takes a step up.]

Wait! There's more I need to ask you...

[Scene begin fading white.]

The system... is awakening... Ask... her... later...

[Scene fade to white.]

[Scene fade in on the cavern. Har's sound begins repeating at a steady rate. Camera in front of the side of Id's Gear as white light begins to eminate from it. Powerup sounds are heard. Id's Gear flies up slowly and back and a ring of light eminates from it. Scene fade to bright white. The sounds stop. A power release sound is heard. Fade back in. Id's Gear has been replaced with a smaller Gear. It is white with blue stripes and red trimmings. It has a spikey back. The Gear descends to the ground. Camera pan in close to the Gear. Scene fade. Black screen. A Gear's cockpit is heard opening.]


[Begin music: "Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People"]

[A cockpit door is heard opening. Scene opens in Khan's cockpit as Fei walks into it from the front. Khan is slumped over in his seat. Fei walks up to him. Camera behind and above Fei close up on the side. Khan moves back in his seat slightly.]

"Dad! Are you okay?
Dad! I'm sorry... this is all my fault..."

[Camera rotate around Fei slightly and pan in slightly closer.]

You've returned to your own self... You've become one..."

"Yes, thanks to you all. If all of you hadn't called out to me..."

[Khan shudders.]



"Don't worry... This is good... This is, after all... I..."


"You and..."

[Stop music.]

[Flash scene black. Flash scene back in, dark red tinted, and scene cut to the side. A high-pitched sound is heard. Khan immediately is replaced with Grahf!!! Grahf grabs Fei by the neck.]

[Begin music: "Grahf, the Emperor of Darkness"]

You and I must become one!!!

[Camera pan in closer to behind Fei on the side slightly as he begins struggling in Grahf's grasp.]

"Huh!? G, Grahf!? What's going on...?"

"Ha ha...
'I' reached the limit of the body I possessed, on that day 3 years ago...
'I' required a body that would tide me over until your true awakening.
That is why 'I' acquired the body of your father.
Regardless of your awakening, your merging, and the inherited memories you had acquired...
... there was no way for you to know of this, since you had lost your memory at that point...
At the point in which 'I' merged with your father."

"Impossible...! What about Wiseman...? What about father...?"

"Of course they were just parts of me... I couldn't hold on to Khan totally.
His ego was far stronger than I imagined. When my control weakened, he showed himself to you as Wiseman."

[Fei begins struggling harder.]


"You have awakened. This body is now useless to me.
Now I must return to my original body... the reincarnation of my body that you inhabit."

"Stop it...! Dad...!"

"I hear you, Fei... You see, he and I are one. I am Khan, Khan is me.
He has become one with me, so you too should open your heart and unite with me.
Then we can go on to eliminate everything!"

[Fei stops and steadies himself in a determined way.]

"No... I... can't... allow... you... to... control... me!"

[A Gear shift is heard. Scene fade to white.]

[Scene fade in behind Grahf's Gear which has now replaced Khan's. Pan towards Fei's new Gear, the Xenogears. Fei hovers in front of it, enveloped in a ball of white light, at about head level with his Gear. Scene cut to behind Xenogears on the right side. Pan and rotate left past Xenogears. Energy begins to eminate from Xenogears. A Gear cockpit is heard opening from the front side and Fei appears to have floated into the cockpit. Xenogears brings its arms down. Pan towards Grahf's Gear.]

"Hmph. Protecting your master? Then so be it.
I'll merge with both you and your machine then. Now come, Fei! Fight me!"

[Camera rotate and pan to behind Grahf's Gear on the side at a distance. Pan back to see Xenogears.]

"It's no use! I know you're Lacan, and that you're a part of me.
But that doesn't change you being my father. I could never really fight you!"

"You're so naive!
Why don't you understand that your naivety is what killed Sophia, what killed your mother 'Karen'?"

"I already know that! That's why I swore never to run away again...
... that I must rescue Elly. So don't get in my way! Wake up! Open your eyes, father... -Lacan-!"

[Camera rotate left and pan to behind Grahf's Gear on the left side. Fei's friends look on the in the corner of the background.]

"If that's the case... then fight me! Fight me!!!"

"I can't!"

"I see... Then there's no choice."

[Grahf's Gear turns towards the Gears of Fei's friends. Camera rotate to behind Grahf's Gear. The Zohar Modifier is also seen next to them.]


"Since you are so unwilling to fight, I believe I'll have to use them as bait."

[Camera pan in closer behind Grahf's Gear.]


[Xenogears turns to see Fenrir's group, then hovers up closer to Grahf's Gear quickly.]

"Stop it!
Don't we have the same memories? Can't you also remember that sadness you felt way back then?
Why then... why must you destroy everything? If we stop Deus, won't this all be over!?"

[Grahf's Gear turns to Xenogears. Camera rotate slowly and pan left to in front of Zohar, with Grahf's Gear and Xenogears standing on one side of it each.]

"You still don't understand... even after your contact with the Existence?
I came to understand after my contact with the Existence that, even if Deus was destroyed...
... as long as humans still inhabit this land, Miang... Elhaym, will be born time and again.
Then all living things may as well perish along with Deus itself. That's the only path to freedom.
The path to release us from the eternal cycles of life, the tragedies of history and the spell of fate!
Once I awaken Deus as a weapon, I'll obliterate all living things...
Then I'll use your awakened self and that machine to return everything to nothing...
That's what I concluded.
Miang and Elhaym... are not just Deus' mouthpieces. That 'woman' is its main body!
Why can't you see that?"

"That's not true. She gave her life for me by shielding me from harm!
Her eyes weren't Miang's! Mother came back at the last moment!
Miang, mother... even Elly, were all humans born on this planet! Deus doesn't matter!
You'll see... I will bring Elly back!
Father... No, Grahf -Lacan-! If you won't back down..."

[Scene cut to in front of Grahf's Gear. A sound is heard and it spreads its wings lightning quick. Scene tint to light red.]


[Scene cut to in front of Xenogears on the side. White wings are extended from the back of Xenogears with the same sound.]

"Then I have no choice...!"

[Scene cut to in front of the Zohar Modifier. Pan back to behind the side of the squared off Gears.]

The time has come to truly become one!

[----Battle mode----]

[Battle: Xenogears vs. True Weltall]

[Xenogears has little trouble dealing loads of damage to True Weltall. Suddenly it doubles over with its hands on its knees. Camera pan in closer to Grahf's Gear on the side.]

"Nnnuuahh... Ghaa!"

[----End battle mode----]

[Scene opens behind Xenogears on the side in the cavern. True Weltall floats in front of the Zohar Modifier a short distance away, reeling. Camera pan over to the right a couple feet in front of True Weltall.]

"Why don't you finish me off?
If you don't get rid of me, then you cannot get what you want."

"It's alright... dad. I understand. You are not Grahf.
You are my father. You and Grahf are one. Your will and purpose never change.
I knew that once we fought. But let's stop now. Our objectives should be the same.
It is the same as our becoming one. We don't have to fight."

[Scene fade to white. Stop music.]

[A high-pitched sound is heard. Scene fade in on Fei's cockpit on the side. Suddenly his body begins to tremble. The memory cube sound begins to resonate at a steady clip.]

"Arrghh! What...!? My body...!?"

[Scene cut to behind Fei's cockpit looking out at Grahf's Gear.]

"Zohar is after you! The last piece to combine with Deus' system.
It seeks to unify with you... the first to have been divided from it."

[Scene cut to behind Xenogears on the side.]

[Begin music: "Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People"]

[Grahf's Gear lands in front of the Zohar modifier. Camera pan in close to in front of True Weltall.]


[Camera rotate to the left to True Weltall's side.]

"This is what Lacan wanted all along. After all, I'm an imperfect existence.
It was inevitable that it would come to this... considering what had happened in the past.
Lacan's imperfect secondary contact with the Wave Existence split his personality into two.
Eventually his body died, but the original Lacan transmigrated...
Bringing the destiny of becoming a Contact with him, he was reborn as your present body.
The remaining persona, just his desires, lived on separately by possessing the bodies of others.
That is Grahf... that is me.
I may have inherited Lacan's will, but I'm not the same as the 'Contact Lacan'.
It is impossible for me to make real contact. There would be no true melding and release.
Even though our bodies may be different, I am still half of you. That fact remains.
Although I'm imperfect, I can merge temporarily with Zohar, and thus may be able to buy you some time.
This is the only way I can be one with you."

[Camera pan slowly back to behind Xenogears on the side.]

"This is all I can do. Deus' system will start to look for you again.
Before then, you have to destroy the newly perfected Deus and this Zohar modifier.
You're the only one that can destroy the physical barrier that encases god's body."


"As you said, that was Karen.
Through many generations, Miang is beginning to break free from her bounds.
Now that Elhaym has merged with Deus, she has all of her memories back.
All the memories from her original birth as the Contact's complement up to her current transmigration.
That includes all of the lives she has lived as Miang, and her substitutes, over the centuries.
And of course, that includes your mother's memories too."

"Mother's memories...?"

[Camera pan in closer to in front of True Weltall on the side.]

"Fei, cut away all the binds on mankind...
You should be able to do that now. Save her and all the other women bound with her!"

[A rumble begins. Camera pan and rotate to the right past True Weltall as it raises its wings. It floats up and attaches itself to Zohar as Zohar begins to rise out of the ground. Scene fade to white slowly. Fade music and sounds except for rumble.]

I'm begging you Fei...

[When the scene is nearly white both Zohar and True Weltall fade from sight. The rumble subsides. Scene fade back in. True Weltall and Zohar both have disappeared from view. Camera pan back to behind Xenogears on the side. All that is left is the rift Zohar erupted from. Scene fade/switch.]

[Scene fade in on the ground in the cavern. Xenogears stands at the edge of the screen. Citan and Bart stand in its shadow. Fei walks a few steps away from them in front of them. Camera above the front side of Fei at a distance. Fei looks down. The pendant sound is heard.]

"What's this...?"

[Fei kneels.]

"This pendant...
Is this Sophia's... or my mother's...?"

[Fei stands up.]


[Fei turns back to his friends.]

"It's nothing... I'm just talking to myself.
I'm sorry, for all the trouble I've caused everyone. Thank you all so much!
Anyway, let's get going! There is little time left now... for me... and for our planet!"

[Scene fade slow.]

 Chapter 57: Dreams...


Chapter 59: First and Last


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