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Xenogears UNCUT >> Debug Room [ Deleted scenes ]

During the development and production of a game, designers often include a "Debug Room" within the game's code. The Debug Room allows any area of the game to be tested, viewed, and even some settings (event flags, items, party members, character stats, etc) to be changed. When a game is completed, the Debug Room is disabled, but its code remains buried within the game disk, meaning that it can still be accessed. The Xenogears Debug Room is a conveniant way to view and play through any part of the game's story. But, most interestingly, it provides access to a few otherwise unavailable deleted parts. This section of Xenogears: God and Mind aims to document all known extras that have been discovered within the Xenogears Debug Room. For help/if you have more questions about the Debug room, click here for the FAQ.

Deleted Lacan Flashback

A flashback from 500 years ago, in which Lacan is first commisioned to paint the portrait of Mother Sophia. It is logical that this scene takes place in Shevat. Near to the Shevat palace, there is a 'library'. The 2 rooms look very alike. The 2 nuns present appear to be of Nisan origin, and the man stood to the left of the room is probably from Shevat.

The scene lasts about 20 seconds. In it, Lacan steps forwards and says: "a... portrait?" Then the screen fades out. The flashback was positioned between the many Lacan/Sophia scenes that are played near the end of Disk 2, it is therefore logical to assume that before it was removed, this extra scene was intended to be played during this point in the game.

View screenshots of the deleted Lacan/Sophia flashback sequence, or check out the System files [1] and [2] which feature dialogue for this removed part of the game which has been ripped straight from the disk.

Deleted Babel Tower Destruction

There's quite a lot of evidance to suggest that Gate 2 -Babel- (see in-game script) was intended to be a lot more involved than it ended up being. It seems that Square didn't get around to putting any extra playable parts onto the disk, but there is a sequence that implies that Billy failed to aim his shot at Babel's mirror, and actually hit the tower instead.

Check out the screenshots of the deleted Babel Tower Destruction Sequence or view the Dialogue Script system file, which features text from this removed part of the game, which has been ripped straight from the disk.

"Playable" Areas

In these areas, the character sprites are actually controllable within the game area. The map can be rotated and there is some ability to move freely around the area - cannot enter any buildings, or interact with other characters.

Lacan/Roni Flashback
Roni/Lacan Flashback

Explore Kadomony
Explore Kadomony

Entrance to Zohar
Entrance to Zohar

Explore Nisan
Explore Nisan
(500 years ago)

Explore Nisan Cathedral
Explore Nisan Cathedral
(500 years ago)

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