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Xenogears UNCUT

One of the biggest "talking points" that fans have debated over the years since Xenogears' release is the somewhat rushed nature in which the game - and most importantly, the story - was presented throughout the second disk.

The Xenogears UNCUT section of Xenogears: God and Mind has been produced in order to document to support our claims that the Xenogears we know and love is not the entirety of what we were meant to experience.

System Files [ Out takes from script, etc ]
Thanks to the contribution of the people at SadNES cITy who have been working on the massive undertaking of extracting all text-based content from the game's actual system files. This has resulted in over 650 files featuring dialogue and text, some of it not actually present/or censored within the game itself.

Debug Room [ deleted scenes / "new" areas / hidden extra's ]
The Debug room - a section within the game reserved for game testing by the developers - makes it possible to almost instantly jump to any location or scene within the game, including certain parts that were cut from the final playable version.

Xenogears UNCUT Discussion
Check out our Forums for discussion on the information featured within this section.

It is widely agreed that due to budget problems, lack of time, or perhaps merely a desire to forego work on Xenogears in favor of other projects, production on Xenogears was ultimately cut short, and the creator's original vision for the game was never truly realized.

Further evidence comes from within the game itself. Whilst disk one played much like any other RPG (you explore towns, villages, etc as the plot progresses) in disk two, much of the exploration and gameplay disappeared completely, and players were instead taken through large chunks of plot in a sort of "storybook" type approach (you were told what happened). These "story time" parts were interspersed with scenes of dialogue, or a short dungeon which you'd have to work your way through before being taken to the next "story segment". Additionally, in disk two, the world map was largely inaccessible until very near the end of the game, and only one town (already visited during disk one) can be entered (and even then with quite some restrictions).

Although the pacing throughout disk two is presented at near breakneck speed, it should be noted that this has never caused a deviation from the overall quality of the game's actual story - which is, afterall, the most important and memorable thing about the game. What is largely frustrating to dedicated Xenogears fans, however, is the clear indication that there should have been "more" within the game. Rather than being told about Fei and co' visiting the Soylent System, were we meant to actually play through and explore this location as a dungeon, and see the events that occurred there unfold for ourselves?

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