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Xenogears UNCUT >> System Files

Game files extracted and provided by SadNES cITy - an Italian group that unofficially translate games never before released in Italian. They released their Xenogears Italian Translation Patch on September 10th 2005, and decided to publish on the net the script they dumped from the game.

Furthermore, SadNES cITy have produced screenshots demonstrating how certain words in the game could be edited back to their original Japanese names - "Citan" -> "Shitan", "Ethos" -> "Church", etc. Click here for example screenshots.

Xenogears: God and Mind wishes to extend its thanks to SadNES cITy for providing these files and allowing us to freely post them up here on the site. You can read more about the Xenogears translation project here

The text contained within the files available here was extracted/ripped from the game disk. (This means that originally, the deleted information contained within these files was meant to be used in the game, but was later removed from the final (playable) version). An archived folder containing all extracted files (directories include: "battle script", "battling arena", "chapters", "field" (main script/dialogue files) and "world map"). You can download the archive (.zip format) here or directly (.rar format) from SadNES cITy, here

World Map Locations

As you can see, there are lots of places not included in game or used only in cutscenes, yet there's clearly text written within the system files that was meant for these locations to be accessible from the world map.

Lahan Village
Mountain Path
Citan's House
Blackmoon Forest
Bart's Lair
Bledavik (Aveh)
Nortune (Kislev)
Goliath Factory
The 'Ethos' H.Q.

'Ethos' Dig Site
Babel Tower
Taura's House
Mass Driver
Solaris' Shaft
Point Bethlehem
Hermit's Hole
Ignas' Gate Cave
Soylent System

Anima Relic 1
Anima Relic 2
Supply Ship
Duneman Isle
Road to Nisan
Ft. Jasper

The Kislev border... Here's where the danger begins.

Both "Soylent System" and "Golgoda" are not new areas - as these are both places you do see in the game -- you just don't get to explore them. "Point Bethlehem" is entirely new. It is not a location mentioned at any point during the game.

View the original extracted world map file

Chapter List

The finished version of Xenogears features 59 chapters, and a final epilogue. The file extracted from the Xenogears Disk features an additional 9 chapter names.

01. Lahan Village
02. Mountain Path
03. House On a Hill
04. Fallen Shadows
05. Attack on Lahan
06. Into the Woods
07. Girl in Forest
08. Broken Silence
09. Path to Aveh
10. Dazil
11. Desert Attack!
12. Stalactite Cave
13. Pirate's Lair
14. Operation Aveh
15. The Tournament
16. Margie's Rescue
17. Road to Nisan
18. City of Peace
19. Recapture Aveh
20. Desert Despair
21. Kislev Capital
22. Brave Battlers
23. Sewer Horror

24. Battling Champ
25. Gear Dock Raid
26. Night Purge
27. Secret Weapon
28. Escape Ignas
29. Adrift at Sea
30. Men of the Sea
31. Friends Again
32. Betrayal
33. Ramsus'Attack
34. A Young Priest
35. The Orphanage
36. Reaper's Ship
37. Burning Souls
38. Ocean Floor
39. Deep Sea Girl
40. Babel Tower
41. Sky City Shevat
42. Intruder Alert!
43. Raid of Shevat!
44. Protect Nisan!
45. Gate1 -Margie
46. Gate2 -Babel

47. Gate3 -The Deep
48. Into Solaris
49. Escape Solaris
50. Lone Wolf
51. Krelian's lab
52. Tears for Fears
53. Fall of Solaris
54. Shevat's Move
55. Broken Ties
56. Shot Down!
57. Break the Seal
58. Soul Vessel
59. The Stars Know
60. Above Mahanon
61. Paradise
62. Promised Land
63. Waiting Death
64. Merkava Calls
65. Dreams...
66. Fallen Star
67. Xenogears Wakes
68. First and Last

View the original extracted chapter list file

Game Script/Dialogue

There are over 600 dialogue files on the disk, and the majority of them remain true to the final (playable) version of the game. There are a few variations - a few entire deleted scenes, removed dialogue segments, and a censored comment, which can be viewed from the list below:

0606 - Main Xeno Debug room
0612 - Lahan destroyed, text block 28 was deleted.
0624 - Lahan Bar, there is some text here which is not used in game.
0632 - Chief Lee's: check text block 1. (This text actually features at the end of the Playable Demo of Xenogears which comes with Parasite Eve)
1440 - Babel Tower, 'mirror room', there are some strange dialogues... it seems like Billy could miss twice or more times the mirror when using Ft. Jasper cannon. (See also: Debugroom Deleted Scenes section.)
1488 - Text block 41 was censored with an <Opcode 2>, Jessie makes a pun about "being excited"...
1570 - Ft. Jasper, control room. This file too contains dialogues about Billy missing the 'Babel Mirror' two or more times. (See also: Debugroom Deleted Scenes section.)
1596 - Ignas Gate (battle with Shakhan), Emeralda talks, even though she isn't in the party yet.
1844 - This file is used during the Krelian-Elly 'meeting' in Golgoda, but contains lots of text used in other Eldridge-related cutscenes and Grahf and Krelian's speeches are translated in a different (and more 'complex') way from the ones shown when playing.
1944 - Kadomony. Elly talks!
1956 - Sophia commissions her portrait. Deleted from game, this scene can only be reached via the debug room. (See also: Debugroom Deleted Scenes section.)
1958 - Alternative version ( slight variation of text ) of file 1956. (See also: Debugroom Deleted Scenes section.)
2018 - Inside Deus, (final dungeon) Elly talks.

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